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Submission + - Court: Government Bought MS Illegally (

anon mouse-cow-aard writes: Quebec's government broke the law by buying software from Microsoft without considering offers from other vendors, the province's Superior Court has ruled. The plaintiffs were awarded... their legal costs. The Government has to... um... keep all the illegally obtained and installed software and not do it again, pretty please?

Submission + - Lifelike Japanese robot can laugh, smile (

anon mouse-cow-aard writes: uncanny, unschmammy valley. Check out the NHK video where you can see the expressions.
Its more like a "surrogate" than a an android. Medical application is to have someone to listen to
patients, so humans don't have to... that sounds, ah... useful...

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Worthy open source donations?

anon mouse-cow-aard writes: Everyone knows that free software people work for glory, but cash does help with sundry details. If you had a couple of hundred bucks and felt the need to give back to the open source community, where would it do the most good?

Submission + - CardSpace... open enough?

anon mouse-cow-aard writes: Well, a few weeks ago MS promised an open identify framework, and sent some specifications to OASIS. The Eclipse people seem to like it so Java should one day have tools for it and I'm a fan of the seven laws of identity. They feel right, but will this be version of embrace, enhance, and extinguish (they kind of skipped a step by proposing the standard themselves, so it's the other people that embrace, before MS enhances...)

Now, pre-Vista, MS is starting to really push. at a privacy commissioner convention and continuous press coverage. So: is this thing open enough that others will feel safe enough to embrace? Or will that be the last thing your LAMP stack ever sees?

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