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Comment What goes around comes around.... (Score 0, Troll) 237

"We hired a guy to go through and audit and get us legal, but he didn't work out," the business owner said. "So we fired him and that's when he went and ratted us out."

What, are we supposed to feel sorry for the business owner aka software pirate? Watch out, here comes the clue bat...don't fire people who you hire to clean up your illegal messes. What is it with incompetent business owners who blame their employees. If you don't have the competence to manage your company's finances without breaking the law, maybe it's NOT the guy you hired who isn't working out.

Submission + - The CPU redefined: AMD Torrenze and Intel CSI

janp writes: "In the near future the Central Processing Unit (CPU) will not be as central anymore. AMD has announced the Torrenza platform that revives the concept op co-processors. Intel is also taking steps in this direction with the announcement of the CSI. With these technologies in the future we can put special chips (GPU's, APU's, etc. etc.) directly on the motherboard in a special socket. Hardware.Info has published a clear introduction to AMD Torrenza and Intel CSI and sneak peaks into the future of processors."

Submission + - Best community-blogging software?

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've recently moved overseas and it's come to my attention that my friends and I are horrible about staying in touch. I've decided I'd like to set up some kind of community/multi-user blog since I have some spare space and bandwidth on my current host. I first wanted to try a customized LiveJournal install, as it has the ease-of-use and default community aspects that would make it ideal, but sadly that only works on a dedicated host, which I don't have. Basically I just want to clone the Friends page or Community page that LiveJournal has: a simple, clean interface that shows X number of the most recent posts at full length plus an avatar for the user who posted them, with easy posting capabilities. It seems like there should be something out there which would accomplish this, yet my searches have come up nil. Aside from having to heavily modify an existing program or creating one myself, is there a solution available for my needs? Thanks."

Submission + - Send your dreams to yourself in the future

oplala writes: "Dreaminder is a website that enables people to write down their dreams — and send them to themselves in the future. On the date they specify, they will receive their dream in their inbox. At that point, they have the opportunity to compare the life they live with their dreams and see how far they've come.

Main idea behind Dreaminder is to offer a place for reflection, help people figure out what they want to do with their lives and remind them of their dreams. You can also read what other people are dreaming about."

Submission + - IT Mill Toolkit 4.0 beta 2

Anonymous Coward writes: "IT Mill has released the second public beta version of the IT Mill Toolkit 4.0. You can download the Toolkit from IT Mill's website at

IT Mill Toolkit is a server-side Java web framework. It includes a variety of components and widgets that help in building complex business web applications in Java(TM) language.

This version includes tested Ajax support for many new browsers. Tested environments include Opera (ver 9, Mac), Konqueror (ver 3, Linux), Camino (ver 1.0.3, Mac), and Nokia Series 60 3rd edition smartphones. Ajax auto-detection has now been tested with non-Ajax browsers including older Internet Explorer versions and Lynx.

All Toolkit components support Ajax-based interaction/rendering and limited web browsers are supported by standard HTML page rendering. This makes IT Mill Toolkit to support almost all the different web browsers in the market today. For technical details and features see:

IT Mill Toolkit may be integrated into existing Java EE applications easily. It can also be used in creating rich user interfaces for SOA applications.

IT Mill Toolkit is the fourth generation of IT Mill's web technology. First applications based on this technology have been in production since year 2001 and they are still API-compatible with the new Ajax-generation components.

IT Mill Toolkit can be freely used for evaluation, development and testing purposes as well as small production websites. Furthermore, free licenses are available for educational purposes. All versions include the Java source code.

IT Mill will release the final 4.0 at the AJAXWorld Conference and Expo in New York in March 2007."
United States

Submission + - Government gaffe helps NSA Wiretapping Case

titotitozzz writes: "Ryan Singel at Wired reports: It could be a scene from Kafka or Brazil. Imagine a government agency, in a bureaucratic foul-up, accidentally gives you a copy of a document marked top secret. And it contains a log of some of your private phone calls. You read it and ponder it and wonder what it all means. Then, two months later, the FBI shows up at your door, demands the document back and orders you to forget you ever saw it.

The case has been added to the EFF's wiretapping suit against AT&T. It may circumvent the government's present circular argument that the current plaintiffs have no documentation which proves that they are being surveilled and that the government doesn't have to provide said documentation because it would be considered a 'state secret' (and therefore inadmissible in court)."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - DIY Laptop *literally* from scratch!

Brietech writes: Ever felt like building your own laptop from (almost literally) scratch? This is a microcontroller-based "laptop" built from the ground up from a handful of chips and other hardware found lying around. It runs a self-hosted development environment, allowing the user to write and edit programs in "Chris++" on the machine, and then compile and run them. The carpentry looks like it could use some work, but it's a neat project!

Submission + - Desktop quad-core CPUs compared

Dr. Damage writes: Intel and AMD have both showcased their high-end desktop quad-core solutions, but those are pricey and sometimes power-hungry. Both CPU makers offer arguably more attractive solutions that cost less and yet are more energy efficient. The Tech Report has tested that concept by pitting five quad-core desktop configs against one another, including the less expensive Core 2 Quad Q6600 and Athlon 64 FX-70. The tests include benchmarks in 64-bit Vista, Folding@Home in Linux, and a novel way of measuring the energy used to render a scene.
Linux Business

Submission + - Choice or Chaos? The Cost of Linux Fragmentation

AlexGr writes: "Freedom of choice is one of the great benefits of Open Source Software in general and Linux in particular. This freedom gives consumers the ability to select, without fear of litigation, what software they will use and how they will use or modify it. As a principal, this freedom is extremely valuable. However, a couple of announcements this week seem to indicate that market value of freedom of choice has dipped considerably. The biggest hurdle Linux adoption faced this week wasn't Microsoft, it was an enemy from within: Linux fragmentation."

Submission + - TeamSpeak, Ventrilo - Are there Free alternatives?

syrion writes: "Due to a hack currently going around, a TeamSpeak server I regularly use is getting repeatedly hosed. I'd like to help fix this issue with a more secure alternative, but I'm not so knowledgeable about the VoIP landscape. Are there any alternatives? Can something like the GNU telephony stack help — and are there tutorials on how to set it up?"
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Retail versions of Leopard: truth or consequences

budenny writes: Question: when Leopard is released, for the first time (presumably) we will have retail versions of OSX available for Intel. Not upgrades, not versions bundled with my new hardware, just retail versions. What do people think the consequences will be? Will Apple in fact release retail versions? How long will it be before they run on any Intel machine? Will Apple release Leopard for Dells etc? Is this a turning point?

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