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Comment Re:No incentive to develop for Echo beyond "Neato! (Score 1) 210

i think the key for the apps will be integration to other systems. it makes sense for nest to add alexa integration. for sonos. for lifx. etc.
its minimal work to enhance a product you are already heavily invested in.

i agree, most of the current apps are Hello World and silly. And i agree, there is no market in Alexa only apps.

Comment Its about finding the right apps (Score 1) 210

i agree that most of the alexa skills are useless. they are junk. read them, they are like joke tellers or useless trivia.

but some are very useful. i think the key here is (as someone said above) we have 25+ years of GUI experience and about 2 of voice as UI experience. Give it some time.

A lot of these posts are mixing up alexa/google home and siri/phone. those are very different use cases. I don't like siri on my phone. i love alexa. we have three and use them all the time. but its about finding the right apps.

things we use them for all the time:
                      cooking timers
                      turning lights on or off
                      sonos integration!!! (right now this is a hacked version but native integration coming 2017).
                      alexa's native music selection is very slick
                      weather/current temp
                      simple calculations and conversions
                      adding things to amazon shopping list (she is wonderful at this, too wonderful, i think they dedicate way too many CPU cycles to this vs. other shit)

however its the right apps. lots of those skills are dumbassed.

IMHO. I've been building apps for 35 years on every platform possible (mainframe, unix boxes, mobile devices, pcs, etc). I think the voice UI is going to explode. We are going to look back in 5 years and be shocked at the use of voice as a UI. again IMHO. your mileage will vary

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 181

and how is this different from the value of a specific green piece of paper we all agree has Value.
but is basically just fancy paper?
paper a bunch of people this is valuable.

that said, i hate buying pokemon cards for my son. he gets so excited about them and thinks they are so valuable because this one is a Mega or this one is an Ultra. Its just ink saying that. how does that provide value.

same can be said though for baseball cards, stamps, ART!, really so much in our economy.....

Comment Re:There is no security in health care. (Score 1) 99

this reminds me of a story

years ago i was working at a very large, very prestigious hospital in boston. at the time they had no guest wifi. i needed a network connection so i set my laptop on a the nurses workstation and handed her one end of a long network cable and asked her to unplug the printer and plug in my wire. which she promptly did.
i was not in a lab connect, i was in a suit. i didn't know this nurse and she had no idea who i was. she simply removed one cable and plugged in mine.
needless to say, i was stunned.

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1) 274

i disagree with the statement "people tend to not value things that they don't think costs them anything".
i went to school basically free. i had to pay 10% of instate costs at a big 10 school.
we grew up poor and it was really the only way i was going without monster loans.
i can tell you i sure valued that education.
i consider the consequences, they are a nice life based on my degree and education.

Comment old news (Score 1) 166

how is this News?

many other healthcare systems are built on mumps, not just VA and EPIC. Notably Meditech is also mumps based, having rolled out of MGH the founders of MT took mumps with them. Judy Faulkner (from epic) then rolled it from MT created epic and drug around mumps with her. IDX (now GE) is also heavily into mumps. its everywhere. here she is talking about using mumps http://www.modernhealthcare.com/article/20150314/MAGAZINE/303149952

the new bread of healthcare apps have pretty much moved away from it.

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