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Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: Muni-WiFi and EarthLink

It appears ISP EarthLink is becoming a major player in the wireless networking arena. With Muni wins in Philly, Anaheim, and an offer in New Orleans they could easily become competition for the telcos themselves. We can learn from EarthLink... If your business becomes out dated, change. They seem to be doing this...

Journal Journal: The downside to Google's muni-wifi plans

So Google wants to get into providing muni-wifi huh? So if muni-wifi access is gonna be free in San Francisco, who exactly is going to be supporting all these users? Is there a massive Google call center we don't know about? Why should San Francisco choose Google over a company that makes a similar offer such as EarthLink or Cingular? Being Google just isn't enough reason to choose them over a company with experience in handling average joe sixpack as a customer...
User Journal

Journal Journal: Driving me nuts

Boy some people calling into tech support drive me nuts. Christ you have to be a real asshole or really f'ing clueless to get escalated all the way to me. I don't get the joy of dealing with any harmlessly clueless people or dealing with people I can just chuckle at because they yell and scream a lot. The assholes I deal with conference in their lawyers onto the call because they want to sue. I mean really... at this point... is your DIALUP connection really worth what you're paying a lawyer to sit on a Tech call with me. I HATE you more then you'd ever think... When our company's lawyer comes up to me and tells me to make a best effort to resolve your issue so we can tell your lawyer to piss off, this really ruins my day. Thanks :)
User Journal

Journal Journal: Phone Line Deregulation

Boy I think deregulation of the phone lines sucks. I dislike my telco service and I dislike my cable service. Neither offers the upstream service I'd like. We'll forget about speed caps and usage limits for the time being... but really who does this benefit? It doesn't benefit the independant ISP's... Competition has forced SBC to keep slashing its pricing... now theres no incentive for them to do so... so how does this benefit consumers? Well... I guess only time will tell how badly this effects everyone...

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