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Comment Re:Is GTMO closed? (Score 1) 372

On one hand we have a man with 10 year perfect record for truth telling

Two points here:

  1. I know of no human being on the face of this earth this sentence describes.
  2. You can only assert this in a public figure's case if you personally grant yourself the right to define for the entire world what "truth" is. This isn't the set of Fox News; you don't get to do that.

If you are worried about trying to find some kind of official corporate "truth" in the allegations against him, that's exactly what we humans created courts for. If you don't trust the courts in this particular case, that's your prerogative. But you don't get to substitute yourself for them.

Submission + - The backlash against self-driving cars officially begins (

Paul Fernhout writes: "An organization that advocates for professional drivers has urged New York to ban self-driving cars from the state's roads for 50 years. The Upstate Transportation Association fears that self-driving cars will eliminate thousands of jobs and damage the local economy."

Comment Re:Stop calling Snowden a whistleblower (Score 1) 372

Snowden swore an oath to uphold the constitution when he took his job at NSA/CIA, not an oath to protect the illegal activities of the agencies he worked for

Well, technically he also swore an oath to not divulge classified material when he was granted the security clearance that gave him access to that information.

Comment Re:Human females are going to have to do the same (Score 1) 106

Because it is so dangerous for a man to get married and have children due to unfair family law. MGTOW. Look it up

While MGTOW is a little interesting, way too much of it is butthurt whining. But the point is taken that an increasing number of men who would make good mates for a woman have done a risk/benefit analysis, and decided that it is not worth it.

And that is kind of a problem. It's a passive avoidance, it isn't illegal. It's like avoiding smoking by not smoking. And as VR and "sex dolls" become more realistic, will only become worse.

What is worse, while stable prudent men decide to pursue their careers and keep their assets, and avoid relationships with females, the jerks and abusers won't change at all.

Comment Re:Pleasant surprise (Score 1) 166

I think their pretty happy with the US's issues with TPP too. Personally, I have some huge issues with TPP of course...but it is a policy to restrict China trade-wise and even rumors of the US abandoning it has allowed China to do various maneuvering.

And if someone gets a little too frisky with China, and pulls some really dumb move, China owns something like a third of the total foreign held US debt. (don't hold me to that exact amount, suffice to say it is a Yuge amount)

Although China needs the US as badly as the US needs China, if we try to bluster our way into something stupid, just calling the debt will make for a rather unpleasant time as the world economy topples.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 166

Aaaaand what percentage of the earths surface is covered by the UK?

That's the "Looked out my window and it was cold this morning - Take that golbal warming douchebags!" theory that he's spouting.

Now that can be of some utility. For instanceI can note that it was a fairly cold winter two years ago here in the Northeast of the US. Okay.

But the part of interest is that the other 15+ winters this century have been warmer than normal. That's a lot more interesting than "soundbite" weather.

If I wanted to play the UK denier's game I would note that I was outside doing yardwork last week in a just jeans and a T-Shirt as the temperature hit 60+ degrees F. But that was weather.

A little more interesting is that during what is statistically the coldest part of the year, it is not going to dip below feezing here for the next week. A little more more interesting, but still weather.

But with that trend continuing for years and years? Now it has become extremely interesting.

The ability of politics to trump science and the laws of physics is remarkable. It's called the "Neener-Neener effect.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 212

It was clear he had taken company computer without permit and destroyed property(the data within) that was not his(even if he had assumed he could take it and wiped it at once just to not have anything of the school),

Is it?

I mean, as a sysadmin, he might have a work laptop at home in case he needed to access work from home. Given he was FIRED, I doubt there was enough time to go and reclaim and return all hardware. Heck, maybe security accidentally packed it into his box - it's not like he's going to have time to examine and make sure all his stuff is there.

And if I discovered I still had the work laptop at home, it would be entirely reasonable to wipe it to eliminate any possibility of using it to access work materials illegally. Even the contents of the laptop I no longer have legal right to, so I should just wipe the entire drive to protect myself. I might even video it with the current date to show that at no time after the wipe I had access to company data.

And after you're fired, you're under no obligation to help your former employer. Hell, it might be a fight for the final paycheque which you're owed. And even then many employers will probably try to use that to get your final help (which is illegal).

The important thing is the guy was fired.

Comment "Mozilla is more than just a browser" (Score 2) 168

Yeah. It's a shitty "brand design" company now with a legacy browser they're hell-bent on turning into Chrome with a slightly different face.

They've become a company almost totally devoid of technical excellence and mutated into some hippie-activist commune that takes almost a year just to come up with an emoticon-ized version of their logo.

A complete waste of a company...

Comment Re:liar (Score 3, Interesting) 372

Wired claims that Assange revealed his endgame some years ago.

Want to Know Julian Assange’s Endgame? He Told You a Decade Ago

Essentially, he believes that even though our system of government is based on an adversarial relationship between political parties, between defense lawyers and prosecutors; between plaintiffs and respondents, among candidacies of opposing viewpoints, participants (or in his parlance, co-conspirators), should not be allowed the privilege of discussing and formulating strategy out of earshot.

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