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Comment Re:China Might Try It (Score 1) 144

Face it.
You are an idiot.
Having UBI, as your parent proclaimed, China might try soon, has nothing to do with a planned economy.
How could it? How should it?

I'm a programmer. The ice in my fridge is colder than yours.
You see!? Two statements that having nothing to do with each other. No conclusion possible from one to the other. Both even might be false, or true, who knows.

Regarding the paretn. China does not need UBI, yet. The evonomic growths is much to fast. They likely will invest into education, as they did the last 70 years, instead.

The first UBI nation likely is a Scandinavian one, Netherlands or Germany. Possibly Japan.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 406

Sorry, was this a WIRELESS connection? And they had the users grandfathered in when their contracts expired? With unlimited accounts? Something doesn't match anything I've ever experienced. Wireless connections that I've been aware of always has enough limitations on them that I never seriously considered them.

However, my assertion was that in a monopoly situation the monopoly holder does not have the ethical right, and should not have the legal right (and often doesn't) to unilaterally change the terms. This case is a bit of an edge case, as the users are operating under an expired contract, but I believe that if it is a monopoly situation (Wireless? and Unlimited? Something doesn't match.) then they should need the approval of a utility commission or some such. If it isn't a monopoly situation, then the reasoning doesn't apply.

Comment Re:Welp, I know what I'm going to do. (Score 1) 144

So you're telling me I can get ~everything~ I want and need to consume.
Nope, the article tells you, you get UBI ... universal basic income. That might be $800 or $1200, depending if you live in a 'government assigned flat' or want one from the free market.
For everything you want you have to pay from that 'income'.
If you want more than you can afforrd with that income, you have to work.

Plain and simple. No idea why you ask dumb questions. (Yes, I know. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. However, your question was very close to the dumb site)

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 144

East germany never had a particular low standard of living.

North Korea is a millitary dictatorship.

And your remark about China: back way off on the commie central planning

You see? It is not communism, that is the problem, but the hybris lies in the men or commitees who think they can plan a nations economy 5 years ahead in every detail ... which basically means: your argument has nothing to do with UBI, or communism.

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 144

Why is playing games 'not useful'?

You don't know if the mates you play with are workers or 'relax' (a term in a SF story I read as a youth, relax, the non working class living from UBI only)

Also: if you play youo oay your subscription or at least buy the game, so you contribute to the workers producing the game, marketing it, and running the infrastructure, and if it is a online game you contribute to the internet infrastructure and the hardware vendors involved as well as the power companies etc.

Your idea what is 'usefull' seems pretty outdated.

If I live from UBI alone, I still have to buy my car, tax it, fuel it ... if I chose to have one, or buy my local public transports tickets, if I chose to use them, or buy a bicycle and maintane it ... or at least have to buy my shoes.

Just because one is living from UBI alone, he is not cut out of the way how the economy works.

Comment Re: Eugenics (Score 1) 85

As homosexuallity is not a genetic trait ...

Sorry? What are you actually asking?

Parents tinkering with stuff that is unrelated to anything?

On the other hand if it was a genetic trait, I - as a superiour ruler - would treat everyone to be bisexual and would demand every second sunday a official holiday with a mandatory orgy to attend for everyone above 30.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 420

As with any section of the population there will be criminals among the refugees and economic immigrants.
It is open for debate if the percentage is higher than in the original population and no, they don't suck up 'huge amounts of public money'.

The problem lies more with the economic immigrants abusing the asylum systems to gain entry.
The immigrant problem the likes of Boris complains about (other EU citizen) is a non-problem, mainly caused by too low wages, too little housing and too generous benefits in the UK, all problems caused and maintained by his Tory government, not Brussels.
As the UK (the über-Tory Maggie Thatcher!) had signed up to the EU including the free movement of capital and persons these people should not even be called immigrants.

Although I'm right now in the UK I am living in The Netherlands and I can tell you the people he is complaining about are net contributors to the UK economy, not leaching on it's benefits, similar can be said about the Hispanic immigrants to the US that Trump rallies against, like without them the average American lawn would be a wilderness.
Those that Wilders and le Pen are afraid of (immigrants from Africa and the Middle East) need better chances at integration, including more pressure on them to actually integrate or else be send home.

Another EU problem is when we tore down the internal borders we conveniently 'forgot' to transfer part of the thus generated monies to a joint border protection on the outside. Brussels would like such but the individual member states are reluctant.

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