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Comment Re:Making America Great again - with wind power! (Score 1) 316

But before that it produced more energy and ran longer than the german multi million dollar 1980s disaster called Growian.
Seems you are bad in history.
First of all, Growian was not a disaster. It was a research project.
Secondly, its result is what powers now Germany. The big wind mills we have in our days are based on that research.

Comment Re:where is your brain? (Score 1) 316

So the peak power vastly overstates their average contribution.
That is nonsense as the peak power production of wind mills is usually no where stated.
The nameplate on the windmill: is the power it produces at a certain wind speed. And if that wind speed happens to be common, rare or or often exceeded is a question of the place where the wind mill is placed.

BALTIC I and BALTIC II, the two research wind plants in the baltic sea of e.g. have capacity factors of over 100%. Because typical wind speed is over the course of t a year 50% of the time significantly above the rated wind speed of the turbines.

So you got your CUBE argument completely wrong. Nameplate capacities are usually underrated because they are for low wind speeds and kinda a "guarantee" of the manufactor. In RL a wind mill placed at the right spot will always have CFs above 80% and up to 400%.

Comment Re:Let me know when ... (Score 1) 316

The issue is that power capacity comparisons overstate the total amount of energy you get out of the renewable generation equipment over the long haul because coal generation c^Ha^Hn^H could run near capacity all the time and renewables (excluding water power) only a s^Hm^Ha^Hl^Hl^H some part of the time.

Cough cough fixing that for you:
most coal power is load following. So over night it is near to zero, just enough to keep the plant warm, not even generating electricity. In the morning around 6:00 the first plants slowly get ramped up and in half an hour gaps the other plants follow till all load following/balancing/peak plants are around 80% around 12:00 and hold that plateau till perhaps 18:00. Then the reverse process is starting, gradually, the most expensive plants first power down so that till roughly 2:00 at night all coal plants are sleeping again.

So, unless you have a coal base load plant, its CF is no big difference than a solar plant or wind plant. Only difference is: it is dispatchable.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 2) 316

AC it actually becomes very cost prohibitive very quickly over very long distances
That is wrong. 1.8k miles is not a long distance. The rest of the world has far longer transport lines and copes well with them.
and more electricity is lost due to resistance and heat.
That is wrong, too. Fatally wrong actually. AC lines lose less power than DC lines due to heat and resistance.
However AC lines lose more power in total, because of: radiation. AC lines induce power magnetically into surrounding "things" and that is the reason why they have a relatively high loss in relation to similar high voltage DC lines.
And if we talk about AC versus DC we are talking about very very high voltages starting at about 1 million volts.
All of Europe is interconnected with 380kV lines from the north sea till east siberia. And Siberia and 3rd world countries like Kasachstan have 1.1MV AC lines for interconnection/transport. Kasachstan e.g. is about 6000km wide from east to west and 3000km hight from north to south. That is roughly a quarter or a third of the USA. And that is a country you look down on ...

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 316

They sure don't produce much energy in a Northern winter.
First of all, most of the north (in europe) has no winters anymore.
Secondly, it depends how far north you go ... germany e.g. does not have a polar night if you are thinking about that.
From the second point follows: solar panels that are aiming due south, only miss the fraction of sunlight in early morning and late afternoon that they would get in summer. In other words, the middle part of the power curve is nearly the same. Unless the sky is cloudy, obviously.

The record day where most power was produced by renewables in Germany (around 50%) was a sunny and windy early January day. I believe a 6th (church holiday). Percentage of renewables was around 50% ... but because of the holiday and vacations etc. the industry was offline.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 1) 316

There are two kinds of colonies.
a) I sent a troop of settlers to a different island/land and they found a city and consider themselves still citizens or at least of the same nation than me. Example would be the greek settlements all over the Mediterranean
b) I sent even more troops and conquer another nation and call that a colony. Like India being a colony of the english empire or Cameroon and Namibia being colonies of germany.

In case of b) the local natives never where citizens of the empire occupying and controlling them.

So your parent was completely right, but perhaps he should have chosen imperialism instead of colonialism.

Perhaps you should visit one of the oil harbors under US or European "control"? Nothing goes there if it is not sanctioned or is even initiated by the big oil bosses. Corrupt governments, lack of democracy, that is what the oil companies want and use/abuse.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 316

No they will explain us that nuclear is "cleaner" and that we should have build nuclear plants during the previous 10 years (which would not have changed much over those 10 years as they would have been under construction and not producing power).

If we had started 10 years ago building thousands of nuclear plants world wide, we probably had a few finished in 5 to 10 further years, though.

I for my part find the gradual migration by simply adding more renewables more convincing and successful.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Well, then obviously you are doing it all wrong.
What is a Wifi Profile and why do you think a Mac needs one?
Why and what should a Mac synch with AD? The AD is needed to hold his info and password, thats it. There should never be any reason to synch something up to AD.

OTOH, the OS is going downhill. Mysterious "suddenly it does not work anymore" is happening now quite often. Either intentionally by Apple when they ditch something the old OS could do easily or due to bugs.

I would prefer they fixed bugs instead of issuing new versions of the OS now every 6 months.

Comment Re:Moving goal posts (Score 1) 354

I doubt that.

Glancing over the wikipedia article he seems quite a sound scientist.

Perhaps he was wrong quoted in media.

No serious scientist ever claimed that the sea level already could have risen a meter. That is absurd. Regardless how quickly the temperature would have risen. The ice needs some time to melt. That is a no brainer.

So no idea why people like you use phrases like "New York City was supposed to be under water by now.
" to discredit the AGW scientists when it is obvious for anyone that such a thing is impossible.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosaurogenic Global Warming (Score 1) 354

Either seriously advocate the eradication of between 50-95%
First of all, who rated this insightful has nothing learned from the third reich, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc.
Secondly, if the remaining X%, depending how many you cull, don't change their lifestyle, the problem is only postponed.
Thirdly: instead of "killing" people you simply can help them to reduce CO2 output to ZERO. Problem solved.
Bottom line I have to point out: you are an idiot.

Comment Re:That will piss off developers and power users (Score 1) 521

That actually should be no big deal.
Vi(m) should be able to do that out of the box (macros!). After all the keys simply wil be F1 - F12 or the will be a setting to use an Fn key that makes the 'stipe' behave like F-n keys.
ESC it self would not be gone, ctrl-[ is ESC, but on a german keyboard, that is close to impossble to type (ctrl-alt-5 or ctrl-alt-shift5, don't remember ... I'm on an iPad and can not check) so writing macros that need ESC is till possible.

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