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Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 367

The way how you end of the no fly list is a secret.
Hence yo can't challenge it in court. Who cares if browsing history is included?

Just a year ago a "muslim" family from -london wanted to fly to the USA. With an american airline. All bookings went fine. When they wanted to board in Heathrow, the Airline did not let them board. Two old mother and father with 7 kids. They payed for the flight alone 25,000 pounds. They where on a "no flight list" which the Airline "aparantly" was not aware about. Until they wanted to board. So far no refund for the flight tickets.

How an old couple with lots of kids can be a terrorist threat, no one knows

The Airline likes to keep the money ... interesting, too, isn't it?

Comment Re:I don't mean to belittle this (Score 1) 175

Thermal plpamts have an efficieancy of about 45%. So a 1GW electricity requires about 2.25GW heat. How much that in Joule is, you need to google.
Regarding global warming we want to stop it at an average increase of about 2 degrees Celsius. In relation to that +2 degrees, the output of our electric power plants based on heat, can't be measured not even estimated, or do tou want me to write a number like: 0.00001 degrees C?
Most countries cool their buildings by intelligent design of the houses. Or if they have AC they only cool a few rooms. It does not make any sense for most people to sit in a 18 degrees cold room when it is 40 degrees outside.
As long as it is inside around 25 degrees and not particular humid I switch the AC off ... regardless of country or temperature. Usually I book rooms without AC ... significantly cheaper. And that those rooms even exist settles my point :)

Comment Re:Feed the good gut bacteria (Score 1) 253

If you eat 10 food weight in fibres (as food is mainly water anyway) you double or triple the calory intake if you have the wrong gut bacteria.
I think for links you have to google yourself, but it is known since over a decade.
so I'm really doubtful what you've mentioned is problem in the real world.
Only for some super fat with the wrong gut bacteria. I guess it comes with eating to much proteins, as such bacterias are usually living in the guts of cows and sheep etc.

As for proteiens, a body building up muscles under heavy training can convert about 1g per 1kg body mass into new muscles per day.
As long as you eat to much carbs and fat, the body is not really burning proteins, so eating more than a few grams per day is not necessary (you only need enough to replace dying cells)

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 175

Strictly speaking: a fossile plant designed to follow the load curve of the day, that means gradually powering up around 7:00 in the morning, reaching a measureable power output around 9:00 in the morning, going up to about 85% of max around 12:00 and shifting back and forth between 87% and 93% between 13:00 and 17:00 and then slowly perform the reverse shift in output: has the exact same CF as a solar plant.
50% of all power plants in germany are load follwing. Their CF - in summer at least - is the exact same as a solar plant.
CFs are irrelevant.
Relevant is what purpose you want to fulfill with your plant: base load, load following, balancing power, reserve power etc.
Load following plants have CFs around 35% ... for the simple fact that no one needs their 'potential' power the rest of the day.

Comment Re:I don't mean to belittle this (Score 1) 175

a state of the art coal plant is 35-40% efficient, how much heat is being produced to create 1Gw of electricity?
I'm getting tired about the dumbness of the /. crowd.
The amount of heat is always the same. Regardless if you convert/extract 1% or 100% into electricity.

In relation to the insolation by he sun, all heat mankind produces and releases into the atmosphere is so low you can't even measure it.

Aircondition ... aircondition? Except for the US, no one is using such absurd amounts of energy for AC.
Solar power curves coincident wirh human needs because of: coffee machines, toasters, ordinary over day use of electic stuff, computers, washing machines ... everything. Sure, you could run the washing machine at night, on a smart grid even. But blaiming or praising AC and the load curve fitting with solar power is just plain stupid.

Comment Re:Feed the good gut bacteria (Score 1) 253

Most people suffering from 'wrong gut bacteria' have gut bacteria that split fibres into digestable carbs.
So your advice to them: is wrong and makes it even worse

High fat/high proteine diets can work, as the body only depostes the fat in big amounts if the level of cholisterine is high, and for that you need: sugar. Or easy to digest processed carbs.

Comment Re:My own theory (Score 1) 253

Even though I never wanted to believe it, eating less calories than you actually burn during the day plain does work.
It is beyond me why people can not believe in simple logic, but need some 'believe'.
However as you figured it is not simply less calories intake, it is necessary to change your diet, e.g. eating more salad.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 175

I wonder if you could find a way to make solar panels work at night for less than 2 mil per MW?
I don't get why people on a tech site like /. are so dumb.

This is a POWER PLANT, not a home roof solar installation.
Half the POWER PLANTS connected to the grid are IDLE at night, because NO ONE needs the power.
Why you expect a solar POWER PLANT to produce power when a huge deal of the conventional plants are idle, is beyond me.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 175

I don't get why people on a tech site like /. are so dumb.
This is a POWER PLANT, not a house hold solar installation.

I wonder if you could find a way to make solar panels work at night for less than 2 mil per MW?
At night half of the POWER PLANTS at a grid are IDLE, because NO ONE needs the power. What ghe ruck is wrong with a solar plant not producung any power when no one needs it anyway?

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