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Comment Re:Oh boy. Another scam. (Score 1) 58

America did not invent copyright law, only the brain dead american variation they invented.
Go google ... oldest copyrights are assigned to Albrecht Dürrer by the Pope at that time.
During Roman tiimes there where law suits about copy catting designs ... pottery usually ... or glasses.

Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 306

Vasectomy is not permanent.
You can revert it and the likelyhood of success is something like 85% if you are younger than 60 and it is not longer ago than ten years.
There are new vasectomy ways which are 100% reversible.
And no, condomes don't change the feeling, actually with their plenty of variations of extra juice in them they can be quite usefull to intense your feelings or calm them a bit down (depending on the additions in them) to last longer ... the later is pretty usefull if you are a young adult.

Comment Re: iOS sucks! (Score 4, Informative) 70

I only was once in an apple store, but it was an amazing experience.

That was in Paris close to the Louvre, I forgot my iPad charger at home, so I bought a new Charger and a canle.

While I was looking through the different chargers and picked what I wanted a lady approached me and aksed if she could help me, and I said, no I have all I want.

So she said "ah, oki, want to pay in cash or with card?" So I replied "with card", and she said: then you can pay right away here (without me needing to go to the cashier)

So she took out her iPhone 4, made a photo of my credit card, and asked a seond later: "you have this email adress?"


"Do you want a bill as PDF to that eMail address?"


"And this is credit card is keyed to your iTunes Account?"


"Do you want to be billed via the iTunes Account?"


Actually I should have asked her when she finishes working ... she was about my age but typical french, strict hair in a bunny, dark skin and hair, in a small black dress. Likely with ancestors from north africa.

Annyway, I avoided the queue at the cashier, payed where I was standing, got a 'real bill' via email ...

The shop was full with 'servants' like that, probably 30 - 40 people serving customers. In france it is typical that shops have a bit more 'clerks' or workers than in germany ... but that topped every thing I ever have seen before.

Of course there was a chill out area, with free WiFi etc. too ...

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 680

Neither will a solar minimum have any measurable cooling effect, nor will a solar maximum will have a measureable warming effect.
The difference is just to low and any 'random' weather effect is 10-100 times stronger, e.g the exceptional cols summer in germany. Untill a few days ago it was like'10 - 15 degrees Celsius below 'average' or 'expected' temperature. That is a factor of like 400 bigger than the solar variation.

Comment Re:Why is teen pregnancy bad exactly? (Score 1) 306

When we were a species of hunter gatherers, the sole role of girls was to stay home, get married, have babies.
Extremely unlikely.
Much more likely they gathered together with the mothers and followed the hunting men, carrying what ever they needed to make camp where the men killed the prey.

Comment Re:The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 680

Wrong on all accords.
Right now it is much warmer than during those times.
The viking graves are not under permafrost, otherwise we would not dig them out or know about them.
We are farming right now in Greenland, more than mankind ever did.
You are just an idiot.

Ah, and regarding wine: we are growing wine again in the UK since the late 1980s, get out from under your rock, idiot!

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