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Comment Re:Why Fox? (Score 2) 393

Your examples make no sense.
Americans are to poor to fly overseas to get healthcare they can not afford in their own country.

As I said before, only 'super rich' fly to the USA for treatments. And to be super rich or does not really matter how poor the country is you come from.

The rest of your post makes no sense either. In europe everything is centered around 'health care'. Foreigners flying to europe have by definition no 'health care' but need a private contract with the hospital or doctor they want to seek. Same as if they visit the USA. Why would one fly to Denmark for dental aid? Hu, every country on the world has good affordable dentists, facepalm! I fly to Thailand to fix my teeth, or I could fly to Greece or Tunesia. To combine a vacation with treatment for the same price it would cost me in germany. However: I have a private health insurrance. If
I had a tooth problem, they pay up to $4000 per year. As I take care of my teeth, they never have to pay anything.

The parents of an american friend of mine actually live close to Paris, they are from Camerun. They both get Hepatitis and cancer treatment ... so yes: rich people do fly to Erope to get treatments.
The story is quite funny, as she was with her parents she needed a routine operation. As she is from Camerun and her family has 'residentship status' she would be operated 'for free'. But as she was a director of an american mutual-funds bank, her health insurance insisted she flys back to the states. They refused to pay any followup treatments if anything would go wrong in the hospital in Paris.
So she got a first class flight and an operation in Washington that costed far over $10,000 ... would have costed less than $1000 in Paris (plus stay and food etc. ofc. in both cases)

The USA might have a few specialized institutions that are above European level (in terms of quallity of service), but most certainly not in numbers that are in any way relevant.

The first heart transplant was not done in the US ... you are watching to much Dr. House. Do you know where most US soldiers are treated that get severly wounded somewhere on the world?

Hint: not in the USA ....
Answer: In my country ... should be not be hard to figure which it is.

Comment Re:So backwards... (Score 1) 197

No, there is no flaw.
Perhaps you might check the dictionary what a flaw is.

In case of autonomous cars, e.g. you could do it like a human does, drive slower. Surprisingly, that is exactly what an autonomous car is doing.

So, with better visuals, it would drive slightluy faster than it does without. The limit is likely the slippery of the road and not the vision. So, there is not much to improve ... and there is ni flaw.

The flaw are humans that don't slow down in bad weather conditions.

Comment Re:Why Fox? (Score 1) 393

Why you are such an idiot is beyond me.
Some rich people fly to the USA for treatment, because they are rich and come from second or third world countries.
No one from Europe would fly to the USA for treatment, unless he is an rich idiot.
Why should I apply for citizenship in Denmark or France is beyond me. I'm european. I can freely live in any country in the EU I want. In Denmark, Norway etc. healthcare is free and payed by tax money. Facepalm.

the problem with our Health system
You would be better off if you accepted: you have no health system, facepalm.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 0) 197

If aomated cars are programmed to avoid accidents at all costs, how did the Tesla run into the trailer?
The Tesla was not an autonomous car. It was on autopilote, which basically means: stay in the lane and keep the speed, avoid running into a car in front of you (on the same lane), it is not able to react on crossing traffic.

How did a google car turn into a bus because there was a sand bag in it's lane.
I don't know about that accident.

Automated cars can only be programmed to avoid accidents at all costs if the people programming them can preconceive all accidents.
This is nonsense.
I suggest to take a course about software development aka "programming"

Comment Re:Why Fox? (Score 4, Interesting) 393

Don't you think that living in a country that has the most expensive "treatment industry", and before Obama basically no "health care" as in the sense of "making it possible for everyone to actually consult a medical" is rather ridiculous?
What is so complicated in simply looking how other countries doe it, e.g. France, Denmark or god forbid China? And copy the good parts?
How one can be against healthcare and claim to live in a first world country is beyond me.

Comment Re:So backwards... (Score 1) 197

If humans where good in avoiding accidents we had not so many accidents in the first place.
And "avoiding an accident" implies: there is an accident about to happen, and only by luck/precaution/whatever the other involved party can avoid it. When all cars are autonomous accidents are only thinkable in the most obscure situations, I can not even imagine one right now (obviously software/hardware failure is an option).

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 197

Firstly an autonomous car is not driven by a (strong) AI, barely half of the algorithms count as weak AI.
Secondly, it is of course programmed to avoid crashes/collisions at all cost.

What else? Why do people believe otherwise is beyond me. Even if no one is injured, the hassle with the insurances to get the damage to the cars sorted is something no one wants to have.

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