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Submission + - Feds Walk Into A Building, Demand Everyone's Fingerprints To Open Phones

An anonymous reader writes: Forbes reports that the Department of Justice was issued a search warrant to gather the fingerprints of all the people present at a California residence, including residents and visitors.
The memorandum included "authorization to depress the fingerprints and thumbprints of every person who is located at the SUBJECT PREMISES during the execution of the search and who is reasonably believed by law enforcement to be the user of a fingerprint sensor-enabled device that is located at the SUBJECT PREMISES and falls within the scope of the warrant."

Comment Re:"Now available to download" link (Score 1) 175

All fonts = 472.6 MB.

That's for all of them. Individual fonts are reasonably and typically sized. Bear in mind, having these many more glyphs for so many languages does require them to be bigger.

Noto Sans: 657 KB (4 styles, 581 languages)
Noto Serif: 838 KB (4 styles, 581 languages)
Noto Mono: 69.5 KB (1 style, 209 languages) # this should have had 581 langs

Comment Re:"Now available to download" link (Score 4, Informative) 175

1. On the emjoi's fonts there's "Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers" - WhyTF is that not called "live long and prosper"? Some fonts are described by how they look while others are described by what they mean. A bit inconsistent but I guess that's more of a Unicode consortium issue.

2. Some of the hand emoji's like "White Left Pointing Backhand Index" are all called "white..." even though they've clearly done the race/skin tone colour spectrum ala whatsapp.

2b. The colours are a second unicode code (emoji modifier sequence) on the emoji ranging from U+1F3FB (white/pale) to 1F3FF (black/dark). (Btw, that's counter intuitive to programmers since RGB colour codes have "#00" being dark and "#FF" being light.) P.S. I haven't decided if the skin colour aspect of emoji's is racist or not. There may be some people who found the default yellow emoji's racist.

Answer to #2:

Names of symbols such as BLACK MEDIUM SQUARE or WHITE MEDIUM SQUARE are not meant to indicate that the corresponding character must be presented in black or white, respectively; rather, the use of “black” and “white” in the names is generally just to contrast filled versus outline shapes, or a darker color fill versus a lighter color fill. Similarly, in other symbols such as the hands U+261A BLACK LEFT POINTING INDEX and U+261C WHITE LEFT POINTING INDEX, the words “white” and “black” also refer to outlined versus filled, and do not indicate skin color.


General-purpose emoji for people and body parts should also not be given overly specific images: the general recommendation is to be as neutral as possible regarding race, ethnicity, and gender. Thus for the character U+1F777 CONSTRUCTION WORKER, the recommendation is to use a neutral graphic like (with an orange skin tone) instead of an overly specific image like (with a light skin tone). This includes the emoji modifier base characters listed in Sample Emoji Modifier Bases. The emoji modifiers allow for variations in skin tone to be expressed.

Comment "Now available to download" link (Score 4, Informative) 175 You're welcome

Came across this a few days ago when I borked my Slackware upgrade. Everything went fine except GUI login; X kept crashing because I deleted the fonts it was trying to use. One of the google search results was Noto.

All fonts = 472.6 MB.


Interviews: Ask Martin Shkreli a Question 410

Martin Shkreli has agreed to answer your questions. Shkreli is the co-founder of the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management, the co-founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of the biotechnology firm Retrophin, and the founder and former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. Shkreli has been active on Twitter about a wide range of topics, including the 2016 presidential election. Most recently, he expressed interest in buying 4chan.

Ask him your questions here, and we'll post the full interview with Shkreli's answers in the near future.

Comment Re:The Real Reason Car Dealerships Are the Worst (Score 1) 261

IANAL, but the part that probably wouldn't go well is insurance; even though Tesla can continue to give it the "new car" warranty which it currently does.

Tesla could make a car used by driving it for, say, 100 km (62 miles)* either on the road or in the factory. And then sell it as a used car to get around the law (if the used car law works that way). Thing is insurance payments would not be as low as for a new car and the insurance coverage would also not be as high. There might also be an issue with the car having a previous owner in order to be considered used. They could somehow make Elon Musk the previous "owner" on paper for all Tesla cars . But once insurance is in the picture, the ins companies probably wouldn't agree to cover it like a new car and other car manufacturers, dealerships and car owners would cry foul over gaming the system that way; which they rightfully should.

* Not sure if there is a minimum legal distance for a car to be considered new. And what "used"-ness factors still keep a car legally new? For instance, if a new car owner returns their new car after a month with no damage or noticable wear (for a nearly full refund?), can that car still be sold again as a new car or does that make it used car?

Comment The Real Reason Car Dealerships Are the Worst (Score 4, Informative) 261

Adam Ruins Everything - The Real Reason Car Dealerships Are the Worst.

Summarising the vid: dealerships have pressured/lobbied Congress (in the US) to pass franchise laws. Which make it so you can only sell new cars if you're a car dealership. And there are dealership "territories" so it's illegal to open a new one in another dealership's territory. So car manufacturers in most (all?) states can't sell directly to customers.

(Though I'm not quite sure how Tesla has been able to sell cars directly to customers in states other than Michigan.)

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