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Comment Good Luck With That, PA (Score 1) 60

Pennsylvania sues IBM as Indiana sued it in 2009. I am still amazed how IBM can still milk the giant cow that is state government. I guess too many politicians, in Pennsylvania as in Indiana during the Mitch governorship, are so old that they can remember the days back before 1990, when IBM was the computer company.

Comment Re:Regardless, This Is Asking for Trouble (Score 1) 886

I should add that GenCon is so big, and the relocation of such convention take so long, that it would be more cost-effective to wait until the contract expires and make a new contract with another city (say, Seattle) ahead of time. Be patient.

I should also add that the type of businesses that were clammering for the anti-homosexual law — caterers and photographers — are not the same type as those that serve GenCon conventioneers. The law would not have an effect on conventioneers, anyway.

Comment Regardless, This Is Asking for Trouble (Score 3, Insightful) 886

It will be sad to see GenCon migrate to Seattle, where it would be far more welcome than in Indianapolis. But the Indiana General Assembly's act of antagonism will cause a loss of customers and business, which should be enough cause for GenCon to claim breach of contract on the part of the Indianapolis Convention Bureau, even if it was not its fault. And the law itself will be litigated over. Lawsuits will be flying this summer in Indianapolis, not cosplayers flying to Indy.

Comment The myth is not its basis (Score 1) 305

I do not know how 'red wine' got inflated to 'any form of hooch', and 'resveratrol' to 'ethanol'. I guess it is typical human folly in which the red wine story was transmuted into an excuse to get totally wasted ... with help from the 'alcohol industry'. (Since when do you need an industry to help you get drunk?)

It is the red wine, taken in moderation and with food, that is supposed to be healthful: Not Pabst nor Thunderbird nor Jack Daniels taken with the bottom of the bottle up in the air.

Comment Efficiency is irrelevant (Score 1) 448

Using the comparison of cable television with the airline industry is foolish, as this Techdirt article reveals. Efficiency (by which I assume they mean profitability) is irrelevant if the only customers the cable industry has left are the sports nuts. In this country, there should be enough of them to keep the industry going, I suppose.

Submission + - UN: US Pot Legalization Violates Treaties (reuters.com)

schwit1 writes: Moves by some U.S. states to legalize marijuana are not in line with international drugs conventions, the U.N. anti-narcotics chief said on Wednesday, adding he would discuss the issue in Washington next week.

Residents of Oregon, Alaska, and the U.S. capital voted this month to allow the use of marijuana, boosting the legalization movement as cannabis usage is increasingly recognized by the American mainstream.

"I don't see how (the new laws) can be compatible with existing conventions," Yury Fedotov, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told reporters.

Comment Just Give It Up (Score 1) 116

Trusting in Oracle (or any other company of that kind) is your first mistake. When you realize that mistake, you sue Oracle. Well and good. Now you want to salvage the mess that Oracle made, and you need their help? That is even more foolish. Why should Oracle help you now? Just give it up already, swallow the cost (and the pride) you already paid, and go on the Federal site.

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