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Comment Re:Typical conservative machinations (Score 5, Insightful) 84

How's this: Get the BBC to start broadcasting over the internet in the U.S., and *I'll* pay your licence fee for you.

In fact, if iPlayer + Live TV was available for a monthly fee anywhere in the world, I'll bet BBC would be so flush with cash they could abolish the domestic fee.

Comment Re: Was he under oath? (Score 2) 78

Here's a question, if a warrant were required to use a Stingray (it is, in some places) and if the Stringray intercepts everyone's calls, shouldn't the warrant have to cover all of the phones that would be affected? And if that's the case, how could you possibly justify searching the communications of someone you know isn't a suspect?

Imagine if the police said they wanted a copy of every bank statement issued by Bank of America in the last ten years, because they had evidence that the proceeds of a robbery had moved through that bank. Now imagine they wouldn't tell you how long the irrelevant information would be kept or what they would do with it. Of course, in reality, the police don't tell judges that they're using a Stringray, and they certainly don't tell them what extraneous information they'll pick up. They also don't obtain a warrant, but they do get a court order. I wonder if there's even a prohibition against the police department selling the information they collect to a third party.

Unless there are very strict rules about what the police can use the information they captured for and how long they can keep that information, yes, I'd rather let the robber get away. It's only money.

Comment Re:Fuck him (Score 1) 182

He's incorrect in assuming that anything can be done to stop people from using math. Whatsapp is *just* an app, and anyone can write an app that implements this functionality. That means it's impossible to prevent bad elements (terrorists, criminals, whoever the FBI feels like investigating) from using encryption.

Besides, encryption isn't necessarily required for terrorist attacks. The Paris attackers used burner phones, and I doubt the IRA ever used encryption during the Troubles.

Comment Re:Google likes to hose hardware (Score 1) 268

Excellent point. This really does seem like a "vote with your wallet" thing. I've got a Nest cam (purchased when they were still Dropcam). I'll keep it as long as it works, but I'm not going to pay their monthly fee, because I'm not going to pay a company that feels it can just shut it down at any time. I swore off Sony when they took linux support out of the PS3, and I've long since switched from Android to iOS.

Google/Nest shouldn't expect to make much progress in this space, now that people know anything they buy will be abandoned a couple of years later.

Comment Re:wow, they have a real accountable democracy (Score 1) 228

Before taking office, he held a 50% interest in a firm that was a creditor to the Icelandic state. He sold that interest to his wife for $1 to avoid disclosing that interest. The holding was hidden in a Panamanian shell company.

This wasn't a "join checking account". I have no idea why you would think it was.

Comment Re: Doctorow's Law (Score 1) 28

Meanwhile, I'm glad they finally released the update so that I could install it. My iPad kept prompting me to install iOS 9.3 but then told me that it couldn't. Even today, I couldn't use the OTA update mechanism and instead had to plug in the iPad (I almost never connect it to my Mac) and update using iTunes. All because some idiots couldn't remember their iTunes password.

Comment Re:Audio jack? (Score 1) 113

Apple is now selling phones they expect their customers to keep for a year and then return to them (the "iPhone Upgrade Program"). They made all sorts of little tweaks to the 6S to increase their resale value so that Apple isn't left with a huge stack of unsellable used phones. I think it's unlikely that you'll see delicate iPhones unless they end that program.

However, it seems like curved glass would be unusable in a case that protects the screen from cracking. I don't use a case for my iPhone, but many, many people do. I'll buy the OLED theory, and I'll buy the smaller bezels. Two things I don't see happening:

1) Curved screen on an iPhone
2) A radical redesign in an "S" model. They might switch to OLED in an S model though.

Now, the iPad series might get curved screens eventually. Those have entirely different usage parameters.

Comment Re:Because so far they are the only ones assaulted (Score 0) 663

I think a crazy conservative is much more likely to shoot Trump than a liberal. If it's Trump v. Clinton then there's no conservative on the ballot, and the Republican party will be seriously damaged by the campaign. Plus, a good number of Democrats are happy to see Trump wreck the Republican party. I assume Trump will lose a general election badly. If enough Republicans stay home then Trump might not win a single state, and it would take less than that for him to fail to get 270 delegates.

The idea of a heavily armed audience at a brokered Republican convention is a truly terrifying concept. It really could turn into a firefight, and then the national guard has to be called into combat in an American city. And if you think that's ridiculous, consider what you would have said of Trump being the Republican nominee for president two years ago.

Comment Re:Should Google aim their penises while they piss (Score 2) 28

This extension does something completely different than what it claims to do, and makes no mention of this extra "feature". That should be enough to have it taken down. Google has made it essentially impossible to install extensions from outside their "store". If Google makes no representations about the quality or safety of the extensions in the store, then why not let sites host the extensions themselves?

There's practically no information in the store to base a decision on other than the name of the author and a description. If extensions were hosted on their own sites you could at least know what organization created the extension by verifying the HTTPS cert of the site. With the store model you're trusting Google to verify the information in the store.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 454

If you're allowing the ad network to place content on your page ("content" meaning anything visible to the user, or code executed by the browser) while disclaiming responsibility for that content, then you've handed control over content to the ad network. It's one of the internet's more unsavory innovations, and practically unheard of anywhere except internet advertising.

What I'm saying is, getting rid of the worst business practice you had doesn't make up for all the other bad practices that you allow to continue (the list is longer than just ads). I frankly don't care, as I use an ad blocker, and I only find myself going to sourceforge for projects that are so old that they haven't been maintained for years.

What I don't understand is, if no editorial control is exercised over the content of the ads, then why isn't there porn? Certainly it's profitable to advertise, so if it's an open submission process then at least some of the ads should be for porn. If not, then someone somewhere must be checking these ads for content. Why aren't they filtering out scams?

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