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Submission + - Game Uses iPhone Sensors To Create New Gaming Expe (

andylim writes: "RJDJ has created a new game called Dimensions that uses all of the iPhone's sensors to create an augmented gaming reality. In other words, instead of playing a game only using the touchscreen, Dimensions lets you use sound and movement too to progress through the game. "Dimensions is different. It's designed to be played in parallel with your normal life and it gives you a very personal experience that adjusts to your environment and actions." Could this be the future of iOS gaming?"

Submission + - Is This The Future Of Bedtime Stories? (

andylim writes: BoingBoing has written up an iOS app called Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime that let's you remotely read stories to your children. As some of the comments point out it's a sad video, "Oh god...that was just about heart-breaking. The little girl, listlessly pawing the screen, clearly missing her Father, who has been rendered a disembodied voice...ugh." That said, the use of technology is very cool. Is this the future of bedtime stories?

Submission + - Star Wars Augmented Reality iPhone Game

andylim writes: THQ Wireless is set to release an augmented reality iPhone game based on Star Wars, that will see you firing the Millennium Falcon's big gun at hordes of TIE Fighters as they zoom around your current real-world location. The Death Star is also included as a background option. See the video of it in action here.

Submission + - Google's Japanese 'Mobile Girl' Commercials

andylim writes: It turns out that Google Mobile might not be as popular in Japan as it is in the US. So Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo were tasked with creating an ad campaign to set the record straight. Instead of just coming up with a bunch of boring ads though, Wieden+Kennedy created a 'mobile girl' named Mobaco and put together an series of unusual short films that show how useful Google Mobile is.

Submission + - Apple Tablet Guru Reveals Favourite iPad Apps

andylim writes: Michael Tchao, one of the developers of the Apple tablet Newton, was poached back from Nike for a VP of product (aka iPad) marketing role — and he's just disclosed his favourite iPad apps: Heart Pro 3D, Flipboard, Sound Prism, Marble Mixer, Edition 29 Architecture, Financial Times, Photo Cookbook, Labyrinth, The Elements, Starwalk, Pianist Pro, Brushes, Tab Toolkit and Scrabble.

Submission + - RIM Doesn't Want 200 Fart Apps

andylim writes: Just when you thought it was safe to dev a fart app for a BlackBerry, RIM's VP of platform product management, Alan Panezic, is making it clear that that's not want RIM is looking for. "We don't need 200 fart apps in App World. Those are apps you'll use three or four times then never open again. You're not looking at ads, clicking on ads or buying premium upgrades, and the app isn't adding any value to your device." Turns out RIM wants 'SuperApps', ones that keep you coming back for more because they add something to your life — be it ongoing entertainment value or doing something for you. Most importantly for developers, these are the apps that will garner the most revenue; whether it comes from premium upgrades, in-app advertising or additional-cost content.
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Lucas set to release 3D Star Wars beginning 2012 (

kaptink writes: Hold on to your light saber — because George Lucas' celebrated Star Wars saga is expected to be released in 3D, beginning in 2012.

All six of the franchise's titles will be released in 3D by 20th Century Fox, which also released the original films, beginning with Episode I: The Phantom Menace, in early 2012, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After 2012, each subsequent movie would be released in order, in consecutive years.

Lucas has said that his intense experience seeing James Cameron's 2009 3D mega-success Avatar convinced him that his own Star Wars franchise was ready for 3D treatment.


Submission + - Plane Finder App Identifies Planes In The Sky

andylim writes: has written up an iPhone app that lets you identify planes in the sky: "Point the camera at a plane and you'll see the flight number, aircraft registration, speed, altitude and how far away it is!" It's based on an existing service called Plane Finder, which tracks planes using something called ADS-B — the signals transmitted by commercial airliners with all this data the AR adds augmented reality into the mix.

Submission + - Flash Available For iPhone. No, not that one.

andylim writes: Developer Pocket World Software has released an app called Flash for iPhone and iPad. But it's not what you'd like it to be unfortunately — it's a photography app that talks big in its App Store blurb, promising that it "automatically calculates the ideal lighting and brightness settings for each individual pixel, optimizes it to the highest possible quality degree, and amazingly, does it all without draining your iPhone’s battery like most other [inferior] camera apps." Wonder what Adobe will make of this?

Submission + - Should Apple gamify the iPhone and the App Store? ( 1

andylim writes: According to, apps like Foursquare and MyTown are already gamifying your social life, wrapping the idea of points, badges and levels around your social life. So what if Apple took the idea of gamification and ran with it? Applying it to the App Store, and everything that you do with your iPhone. You’d have your general Apple profile, a running points total, achievement badges and ranks to progress through: from iNewbie to, say, iNinja. You’d get points for downloading and/or buying apps, points for rating and reviewing them on the App Store, and points for sharing recommendations via Facebook and Twitter, etc. What do you think, should Apple gamify the iPhone and App Store?
United Kingdom

Submission + - BBC Finally Launches Mobile Apps

andylim writes: Earlier this year the Newspaper Publishers Association complained to ministers and the BBC Trust that a new BBC smartphone service would distort the market. The BBC responded to the criticism by postponing its plans while it looked into the business case for the new services. But now it's finally launched its first two apps for the iPhone and iPad and it plans to launch apps for BlackBerry and Android phones later this year.

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