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Comment Re:HERE lies Windows Phone (Score 2) 101

I'd be willing to bet that 95% of Windows Phone users have never heard of "Here Maps" before. I hadn't. Even Here Maps said that they aren't bothering because most users are perfectly happy with the built in mapping system.

I was unaware there was a built in mapping system for Windows Phone. I never heard of Here Maps/Drive until I got a Lumia 920. They are hands down the best map/navigation apps out there, imo. Nokia had a lot of top-notch apps for Windows Phone. It's too bad no one else did. If you have never used them, and they are supported on your device, I strongly recommend you check them out.

Comment Re: Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 0) 786

Using hot-button/controversial topics to generate clicks for ad revenue, and then crying when the result is your host gets brought down under the pressure is a bit ironic. SJWs cry for attention and then complain when they get it.

If Bruce truly cares about this issue, perhaps he'll donate all profits from his clickbait article to a charity of his choice.

This is about money and publicity, not social reform.

Comment Re:One Woman's Experience (Score 1) 786

When there's not, I have developed a strong skill in suckering such blithering idiots into cul de sacs of their own ignorant reasoning, until they are reduced to mumbling to themselves. But, why should I ever have had to DEVELOP that skill?

Because you are a strong person that recognized that overcoming adversity is part of being successful, and developed a strategy to do so.

We are all born the same way, and discover our gender as we grow up...but, due to family influences (e.g., drunken men abusing their wives, "men of the house" who want their women "barefoot and pregnant"), some males grow up with a tacit belief that women are, somehow, inferior to men.

No, we are not all born the same way or into the same circumstances. We are born into a huge variety of different environments and with a complete genetic toss of the dice. You play the cards you're dealt, and hopefully try to do the best you can. Or you can just fold. Expecting everyone to be dealt the same cards is just unrealistic. In general, the more a person has worked to overcome adversity or "injustice", the more I tend to respect them. It's the ones that cry "waahhh, the world is not fair!" that I look upon with disdain.

There's a name for these people: They are BIGOTS (and it often extends to other differences, like cultural heritage, skin color, education, that are patently irrelevant to judging whether the person is "human" or not).

All people are bigots. We're all guilty of bigotry and prejudice at some point, some more so than others perhaps. Trying to eliminate it is an exercise in futility. Recognize it and deal with it (which to your credit, it sounds like you have), but get down off your high horse if you think that you have never been intolerant towards others who have had a different opinion than yourself. I am not saying "yay, bigotry!"; I am saying that it's just a part of life.

Fortunately, not all men are chained to this philosphers' wall, drawing conclusions from shadows and accepting them as fact. There are many men who exhibit humanity and treat ALL others with respect and dignity...and they are a delight to work alongside. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered by the dolts, in my experience.

Welcome to planet Earth. Someday we'll all live in a Utopian society where we'll all be drinking that free bubbalub and eating that rainbow stew. Cherish the good people, and try to work around the bad ones.

Comment Re:Colour me apprehensive. (Score 1) 94

Quite honestly, I don't see how it's possible to travel to another star system (let alone back). So I guess sci-fi audiences should write off any sort of movie involving interstellar travel. Even if it were possible via wormhole or warp drive or whatever other invention, the relativistic effects are pretty much never accounted for.

But instead we're quibbling about how scientists would act on another planet.

Comment Re:Colour me apprehensive. (Score 2) 94

Look, every sci-fi fan is in the same boat. However I don't understand the level of vitriol towards Prometheus. It's not like every other movie in the Alien franchise didn't have parts that sucked. Molecular acid...xenomorphs...the entirety of Alien 3....I thought Prometheus was a step back in the right direction after Alien 3 and Resurrection (which was at least better than 3). I am continuously amazed at the hatred towards it. It's a great movie.

Ridley Scott has been one of the few movie directors/producers to embrace sci-fi with any amount of success. He is clearly a fan of Philip K. Dick. Let him do his thing and give it a chance.

Comment Re:Colour me apprehensive. (Score 2) 94

Yeah, I suppose the critters should have instead launched out of eggs and melted through their helmets. /sarcasm

All movies require a certain suspension of disbelief. Still, I will take "two crewmen in a first-contact situation taking their helmets off, running off like ninnies, getting lost, and contaminating themselves." over "Roman emperor fights a gladiator."

Comment Re:Why I don't read Slashdot any more (Score 1) 426

Most people "outside the bubble" as you put it are probably uninformed and have no idea what flash actually is or that alternatives exist. It is up to proficient, informed and educated people to drive new and better technology forward. If all you care about is watching mindless shit on Hulu, than there are literally hundreds of viable solutions to do so. For christ's sake, the article was in reference to a new (albeit the last) version of flash for linux.

Please leave your landline number, and I'll be happy to call you when HTML5 is the no shit standard. Since not everyone has moved on to cell phones, skype, instant messaging, facebook, twitter and email yet, I assume this will be the only way to reach you. Or maybe I could just send you a messenger with a clay tablet or papyrus scroll.

Comment Re:And the winner is...... (Score 1) 403

I love my Xtreamer. Best $99 I ever spent. I use it solely for streaming media from my file server, but it has some sort of capability for internet streaming as well. It'll play any format/container I've thrown at it. It's small and quiet. The company is very good about making updates/bugfixes available. I have absolutely no use for Apple or Google TV.

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