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Comment Re:Electric for the Win? (Score 1) 432

there simply is no other source beyond fossil fuels to provide the amount of energy we consume, with the exception of nuclear. i would love to see investment in nuclear power, but i don't have any illusions that it would not require heavy subsidies from the government to become a dominant source of electricity.

i guess if you are willing to take all those CO2 tax dollars and invest in nuke power, i could get on board. it's probably ain't gonna happen any time soon though.

Comment Re:Electric for the Win? (Score 1) 432

if there was an economically viable answer, we'd be using it. wind and solar is a joke at any sort of scale, and nuclear comes with its own baggage. then you have the battery manufacturing/disposal to consider as well. it's also worth noting that chevy takes a significant loss on every volt they sell (the OP's vehicle).

Comment Re:Electric for the Win? (Score 1) 432

So we need someone like Trump to convince people that electric vehicles work? Pretty sad when you think about it considering I've driven a Volt for 3 years and it's been a great car. Ironic isn't it. What's next, Trump says global warming is real and suddenly everyone who's a climate denier changes?

I have never needed convincing that electric vehicles work. I just don't think they are a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Especially considering most of the electricity to power electric vehicles comes from.....FOSSIL FUELS!

Comment Re:Never that specific program (Score 1) 569

But any time you stop using a hard drive you should clean it. I have probably 6 hard drives on a shelf in my house because I've replaced them with larger or faster drives. Each one has had the free space randomized twice and then set to all zeros afterward. Bank info, taxes, official (unclassified) work files, all of those have been on them in some variety at some points, and if they are ever disposed, I don't want any of that to be easily recoverable. I have never used it to destroy evidence when it was requested by investigators, as I am not a wealthy and powerful person, I would end up incriminating myself by doing so.

This was my thought as well. I will say up front that I don't like Hillary and I think she's unquestionably guilty of mishandling classified information, but I think it's entirely within the realm of reason that her server was wiped as a matter of standard procedure vs something more nefarious. I wouldn't put it past her to have it wiped to prevent anything she doesn't want us to know, but I would hope that anyone involved in government IT wipes drive as a matter of SOP.

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

I blame the media hysteria that has mischaracterized the nature of recent police shootings. There is a good chance she was afraid that she would be shot anyway and saw the shotgun as a means of postponing the inevitable

I don't even care anymore. What I thought was interesting about the article was the govt shutting down her Facebook, especially the implications it might have in other countries. Not only that, but I am curious why LE did not try to negotiate with her (and even others that were allegedly influencing her) thru Facebook rather than shut her off. It was a 5 hr standoff, why not try it at least? Maybe this pussy millenial is more influenced thru social media than direct interaction.

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

so are we just going to ignore that the cops fired first?

Not at all. Nor should we ignore that she pulled a loaded shotgun, pointed at them and verbally threatened to kill them first.

i do blame everyone involved here.
from her comments (not in the summary) it seems she ascribed to the sovereign citizen movement. which is utterly stupid.
but then the cops also fired first, to no effect, prompting her to return fire, and then the cops fatally shoot her.
i don't think they were unjustified necessarily, but i will fault them for creating the grounds for justification by firing first.

kinda like instigating a fight, and then killing the person "in self-defense"....ala a certain Florida resident named Zimmerman.

Again, what about her responsibility in all this? She got a traffic citation, didn't pay it or show up for court, a bench warrant was issued, and in the pursuit of a more serious warrant against her boyfriend who lived at the same address, tried to do their job and arrest her. They didn't go there to kill her, they weren't even there for her in the first place, but since she was there and had a valid warrant, they just were trying to do their job. It's no excuse to pull a shotgun and threaten to kill people.

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

A person in the street brandishing a knife at a distance is nowhere near the threat that a loaded gun is in the same hands.

21 feet.

I believe that is the number. At 21 feet, a person with a knife who you are holding a gun on can charge and stab you before you can shoot them.

Quibbles about the exact number of feet aside (it's not off by more than a couple of feet) that is just the fact. It may seem odd, but it's true.

I have never heard that metric, but I believe you. I did also suggest that tasing him would have been the ideal solution. Cops used to tase the shit out of anyone that gave them queer looks, I am not sure what happened to the practice. I am pretty sure a taser would have dropped him on his face.

Still, even with a firearm vs a knife within even 10 feet, you have infinitely better odds of being able to deflect a guy with a knife than a 450fps bullet. You might get cut. They could have handled the situation much differently in the knife case. With a shotgun pointed in your face, the only distance that matters (within reason) is trigger pull.

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 1) 447

You just offered me $20 to go punch a cop in the face.... If you fail to see that it is illegal to hire people to commit crimes for you then you are in the shithouse now.

Bring it. I'll do it again. I, Eric Andersen, will pay you $20 to go punch a cop in the face. Hurry up and call the thought police!!

Comment Re: Wait for it... (Score 1) 447

Because she had mental issues? Because she thought that if they served a warrant against her, she'd lose her children. I don't know, and it doesn't matter. Nobody was in danger until the police came. The police killed someone, rather than backing off. The "crime" was a traffic stop. No spin. Yet no reason for the cops to rush in. White people get hours, and teargas. Black people get bullets.

If it was just a traffic citation, she should have either paid the fine or submitted to arrest. What did she think was going to happen about losing her children when she pulled out a shotgun on a cop? Nobody was in danger until she resisted arrest, pulled a weapon and threatened to kill the police. The police were doing their job. It sucks she died, especially for her kid(s).

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 2) 447

Keep in mind when this country was founded, armed police did not exist (those were called soldiers, and if they enforce law, that would be called martial law).

Ah yes, the good old days...Back when blacks were property, women couldn't vote or own land, there was no such thing as religious tolerance, and we burned witches at the stake. /sarcasm

If you ever bothered to take a low-level US history course you would also know that state militias and federal troops routinely enforced the law all the way up to the 20th century.

Comment Re: FB should did it (Score 1) 447

Because her life mattered. She was obviously mentally ill or suicidal.

The Facebook users egging her on were either murderers or accomplices, depending on her mental situation at the time.

Either way, It is important that this behavior is deterred: the FB users are a danger to society, and our justice system needs to make sure they do not get away with their actions which directly contributed to the chain of events causing the woman's death.

Ok, you got me. Good troll

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