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Comment Re:Whatever Wal-Mart has. (Score 1) 232

>"got his watch snagged by a kelp stalk and 'ping', off goes the watch "
May I suggest you look at something called a "Nato strap" My beater watch came with one and as I looked into it they seem to have been invented to prevent this sort of goat roping. I have not yet knocked off one the the pins but it is only a matter of time. Maybe someone else has an experience with one.

Comment Re:patek philippe world time (Score 1) 232

I went with the Omega X-33. It is a tool watch, but it is a luxury tool. The count down timers were the deciding feature and I use them regularly. It will take a punch, I can wear it in the shower or in a down pour, is flight certified by the ESA, and the Solar Impulse modle is just beautiful to look at. Another alternative to consider would be the Seiko SKX that Redford wore in 'All is Lost'

Comment Re:Sequestering (Score 1) 186

>I've wondered whether we should start putting carbon back into the ground, and whether this is feasible
Calcium Carbonate is an alternative to plastic and plants. It has worked in the past. Disclaimer, I am a classically trained rock licking geologist. The CaCO3 will be in the form of the lifeless bodies of dead things accumulating in sea bottom ooze, not that different from 'the ground' although once it becomes carbonate there is no going back. Some places will be too deep, some marginally to acid but there are large parts of the world that could support accumulation. Someone with a calculator can work out the volume of 30 gigatonnes of CO2 converted to CaCO3.

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