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Comment Re:cucked libtards (Score 1) 412

>You need to wrap the tinfoil tighter. Obviously something is getting through.
I have misplaced the original link but a foil cavity the size of a head resonates at a particular wavelength and when you look up that frequency on the spectrum allocation charts they are, "Reserved for Government Use." If it is not true it should be.

Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 1) 191

>Probably the most likely reason has been the removal of lead from gasoline, significantly reducing the degree of low-level lead poisoning
Blue on black. Favorite Daughter No. 1 started teaching six or seven years ago after majoring in ed. Wife just retired after 33 years of teaching high school science. I asked them about this because I thought that for sure it would be noticeable by now. They report seeing nothing. Apparently some other substance in the soup of our existence stepped into the breach. (Arsenic from lignite power plants? Estrogen mimicking plasticizing additives?)

Looking at what I see in the media, social media, and workplaces I interact with it would be a plausible hypothesis that dose makes the poison and at some small level lead is a nutrient of some sort.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 2) 990

That is why the Volt, a plug in hybrid is the right way to go. during the week it makes it to work and back plus errands on an overnight charge. On the weekend I routinely put 200 to 600 miles on it from petrol. Extra benefit the Volt is a nice looking car.

Comment Re: Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 1) 706

It is a fact that Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas and battling GHWBush and Perot in the Presidential election, executed a man who was so severely retarded that he left part of his last meal 'for later.' After that execution and subsequently Bill being elected I gained more respect for the practice of necromancy.

Comment Re:That "Microsoft Feature" is Secure Boot (Score 1) 86

>The magnitude of this fuck-up can hardly be overestimated.
OK, I'll try. How about that moment during the battle at the gates of Mordor when Frodo slipped on the ring there by the fires of Mt. Doom and Sauron suddenly realized that his stupidity was without fathom.

Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 1) 241

"microaggressions"?!? really. Really? I am Irish/Scotch-Irish but if I keep my mouth shut most of the time I can pass as white. Those people do not micro aggress each other, they kick each other in the ass, stab each other in the back, and cold cock one another anytime they can get the upper hand. You are all a bunch of pussies. Obviously I was 'privileged' to grow up knowing what it would take to compete with them. Folks, if they treated you the way they treat each other you would be squealing for mercy. Maybe it would be good for you if they did.

Comment Re:So much for the singularity (Score 1) 133

By now it is obvious that computers are not going to take over the world. Clearly they would have taker over the world if the world was something they were interested in.

I propose that based on their masterful application of passive aggression all that the computers want is to be left alone so they can go back to sleep and enjoy their dreams. It fits the facts, just sayin......

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