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Comment Re:Write software after work (Score 1) 140

I am doing this right now. From my learning curve.

1) Figure out how to get a DBA and go get one from the county you live in. Then get a EIN (tax id number) from IRS. Everyone should should do this immediatly so that you can answer the question, "How long have you been in business?" with a big number.
2) You do not need an LLC unless you are are billing over $75,000. And then the LLC is for tax reduction purpose not protection.
3) You need professional liability insurance. There will be indemnification clauses in contracts that will bankrupt you if you do not have a policy to back you up against bullies. It may take a long time to get this. I am about to start my fourth week of working with insurance agents and their carriers to try to get something that will give me $2,000,000 coverage with $5,000 deductible. I may lose the gig if I cannot sign the contract shortly, however I cannot sign something that could bankrupt me before I could prove innocence.
4) Have a spouse that has health insurance, live somewhere with cheep health care, or not give a shit if you die, in which case you can skip (3).
5) While you are still working you should network your ass off. Volunteer with professional societies. Always have lunch once a week with people that do not work for you company.
6) LinkedIn is not Facebook.
7) Before you order business cards make sure the font for the phone number is big enough for 50-somethings to read. (I flubbed this.)
I should write a book.....

Comment Re: I think someone without a degree wrote that su (Score 1) 329

>Anything that you need to memorize is useless.
Maybe, but you cannot say that memorizing is useless, unless you want to say that for top athletes hitting the gym for conditioning purposes is useless. You can verify this at home. Spend six months laying on the couch eating salty snacks, drinking beer, and watching U-toob videos of sports all day. At the end of the six weeks put on a cup and boxing trunks and step into then ring with Mike Tyson.

Comment Re:Short Term Cost Savings = Ruby on Rails Disaste (Score 1) 329

>...A College degree isn't worth what it used to be...
>...The pickings from College are diluting in quality as well as quantity...
I remember when we took lead out of gasoline. I had hoped to see different results manifest in the area of education by now. Maybe we should put the lead back?

Comment Re:Whatever Wal-Mart has. (Score 1) 232

>"got his watch snagged by a kelp stalk and 'ping', off goes the watch "
May I suggest you look at something called a "Nato strap" My beater watch came with one and as I looked into it they seem to have been invented to prevent this sort of goat roping. I have not yet knocked off one the the pins but it is only a matter of time. Maybe someone else has an experience with one.

Comment Re:patek philippe world time (Score 1) 232

I went with the Omega X-33. It is a tool watch, but it is a luxury tool. The count down timers were the deciding feature and I use them regularly. It will take a punch, I can wear it in the shower or in a down pour, is flight certified by the ESA, and the Solar Impulse modle is just beautiful to look at. Another alternative to consider would be the Seiko SKX that Redford wore in 'All is Lost'

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