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Comment Re:Mining in harsh environments (Score 1) 97

>Do asteroids have mineral resources that are worth exploiting?
I have been assured by people that have walked-on-the-surface-of-the-moon cred that at current prices for rare earth elements a 1km asteroid would have a value of $990 trillion. The thesis was that even if the glut dropped prices by a factor of a hundred you were looking at a shit load of jack.

Comment Re:Amateurish and ill-considered (Score 1) 510

No child left behind. Teachers only teach to the test because the administration is graded only on the test. Not on the test, not taught.
You should get out a little more, but please thank what ever deity you hold sacred you are not married to a teacher or that many of your family are in the public education business. And I mean give thanks at least once a day.

Comment Re: Management (Score 1) 210

The only reason you are there it to take all the money they will give you. As long as they put kibbles in your dish wag your tail and say Arf. It will sink in when they stop and you leave them a present in the middle of the carpet in front of the sofa.

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 1) 519

>Public schools in the US are beholden to teacher's unions
This is just wrong. My wife's school, and the schools of the wives of my cow-orkers treat teachers worse than Wal-Mart associates are treated. The only thing education in Texas is motivated by is standardized test scores - period. Teachers unions in Texas cannot even raise safety issues like faulty fume hoods or leaking gas jets in science labs. The football team comes in second followed by groveling before helicopter parents.

I know you will not believe that but others from around here can chime in.

Submission + - What besides Star Wars deserves our money?

ananamouse writes: I think the last straw was seeing about every Disney character there was dressed in Star Wars Halloween costumes on the cover of most of the breakfast cereal boxes in the store yesterday. *I* will not be spending my money to see this movie. It will come on for free on late night UHF is a few years. I can wait. You do what you want with your time an money, but for me the Disney marketing-jive has jumped more sharks than George Lucas could imagine and they need to know it.

So, what else to go see that weekend? Movie phone ( has some alternatives that look interesting; "Extraction" should have a lot of action, a movie about a girl with a gun in a car has possibilities. Does anyone else feel this way? If so chime in with what you will be doing with you time and coin to make a statement.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 138

>I'm actually now against democracy but haven't got a solution
Try this: One dollar, one vote. For every dollar you send in in taxes you get a vote. The rich tax evaders will be disenfranchised as will those on the dole. One could have a bicameral legislature where one chamber is one dollar one vote, and all spending bills arise there; the other is one anus one vote, treaties come from this body. Bills must pass both.

Comment Re:Total Waste of Funding (Score 1) 91

>Hm. Try reading a source that disagrees with your cherished belief. Be brave.
I have next to me a publication, "Galveston Bay Geology" published by Houston Geological Society, 1969. I am looking at it now. There is a chart that shows that 22,000 years ago sea level was almost 450 feet below what it is today, and that 70,000 years ago sea level was 100 feet higher than it is now. When I hear winy sniveling out of snot-nosed south pacific islanders like, "What will the butterflies do?" I can only respond, "They will do what the fuck they did the last time this happened." By the way, I measure hydrate stability for a living. That extra 450 feet of seawater is stabilizing way more hydrate than a few degrees of temperature will destabilize. Actually, it is both chilling and pressurizing, both of which stabilize hydrates.
Take a dose of your own medicine.

Comment Re:Ban Bitcoin (Score 1) 52

>Democrats would embrace bitcoin if they knew how to run a proper server, but alas the top Democrat can't even get her email server sorted out properly
Huh? It looked to me like, "Donate to my foundation and the information you want will show up where you can steal it." You are talking about really smart people, evil, but very, very brilliant.

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