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Comment Re:Good idea (Score 0) 366

Since when did Bill Gates and Warren Buffet turn into Climatologists? Why do rich people, politicians-- people who by definition have bigger carbon footprints individually than some small towns, always seem to have the audacity to give "lectures" to people on how to think/feel on this topic.

Comment Re:Wow.... (Score 1) 115

There are 2 reasons people still buy windows after windows 8, 8.1, and now 10. First they are fimiliar with it and they don't know any better. These are your casual users who have ran windows most of their lives, and aren't techie types. Second, is the power users, who DO know better, and know that Windows is going DOWN HILL in more than 1 way, however, are tied to it due to other software they they need to use. Whether it's proprietary business software, or niche software that ONLY runs on windows, or they develop windows software and want to test their apps on windows natively.

The casual user can leave in most cases, and some did years ago to Mac when Mac got "trendy". The rest of that group just don't realize where things are going and what is in store. These are the types of users that will buy Windows Cloud, and not realize that it can't run actual windows software. Just like RT fooled a lot of naive users into it until they couldn't run any normal windows programs.

The rest of us, that are power users, who are locked into windows due to other factors, are stuck for the moment. Wish I could give Linux a try, but I run too many applications created by hardware manufacturers in my industry that it would be a compatibility nightmare, or I would have to do as the Mac guys do, and run windows in a VM anyway.

Microsoft has completely lost my respect since Satya Nadella took over. Nadella needs to be fired before he ruins all the divisions of Microsoft and it's too late to turn back to what Microsoft was good at. Never thought I would miss Balmer...

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 131

Proper backups would be able to go back to a certain date and recover the data from before the files were locked out. Even if one set of backup data was completely lost, an older backup set should have been available to get back 99% of the data minus maybe very recent changes, and even that is normally considered a worse case scenario in restoring backups.

It's best to be able to get up to the minute backups, or roll back file versions. But the reality is, you might be so screwed that you have to go back to a "known good date" and deal with the loss of the data from that date to current date. Preferably this span of time is only a day or two, or as little time as is feasible.

Comment Re:Comcast (Score 1) 243

That's is similar to the plan I have, but the prices seem a bit different. I only have data plan through them as well (no TV/Phone). On my bill it shows the base 25Mbps plan (normal price $60). Then the speed bump increase to my 220 tier (which is normally +$30). Then a discount for 1 year contract taking -$30 from my bill. So about $60-$70/mo... Some taxes and such but not sure what those are (not much with just a data only plan compared to TV+Phone).

Off contract my plan will cost $90, so not sure if the rate schedule is different here than where you are, or what? I'm hoping I can get the contract price for longer once my original one runs out. But I made sure to know how much it was going to be normal price so I didn't get surprised later on.

Submission + - Boeing Unveils New NASA Spacesuits For Starliner Austronaut Taxi (space.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The NASA astronauts who fly aboard Boeing's new spaceship will wear sleek, blue suits that are lighter, simpler and more comfortable than the bulky orange gear of the space shuttle era, company representatives said. Unveiled today (Jan. 25), the new "Boeing Blue" spacesuits for the Starliner capsule weigh about 20 lbs. (9 kilograms) each with all of their accessories, compared to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) for the old space shuttle suits, NASA officials said. Other advances include touch-screen-sensitive gloves, more-flexible material and soft helmets that are incorporated into the suit (rather than the hard, detachable helmets of the shuttle era). The Boeing Blue suit, and the one that SpaceX develops, will help keep astronauts safe in the event of an emergency during trips to and from orbit. The suits are not designed for spacewalks; the large, bulky "extravehicular mobility units" that astronauts use for this latter purpose are already aboard the ISS. "The spacesuit acts as the emergency backup to the spacecraft's redundant life-support systems," Richard Watson, subsystem manager for spacesuits in NASA's Commercial Crew Program, said in the same statement. "If everything goes perfectly on a mission, then you don't need a spacesuit. It's like having a fire extinguisher close by in the cockpit. You need it to be effective if it is needed."

Submission + - DOW Jones cracks 20,000 for the first time (foxbusiness.com)

bobbied writes: The Dow Jones has been on the rise since Election Day adding almost 1,700 points. It nearly broke the psychological 20,000 barrier on January 6, 2017, missing it by a fraction and falling slightly. However, since Trump took office the Dow has been steadily gaining ground and today broke though the 20,000 level for the first time ever.

Submission + - $7B School Improvement Grant: Greatest failure in US Dept of Education History? (aei.org)

schwit1 writes: The final IES report on the School Improvement Grant program is devastating to Arne Duncan’s and the Obama administration’s education legacy. A major evaluation commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by two highly respected research institutions delivered a crushing verdict: The program failed and failed badly. (The Washington Posts article by Emma Brown does an exceptional job recounting the administration’s $7 billion folly.)

No matter how the researchers crunched the numbers, the abysmal results were the same. SIG didn’t improve math scores. Or reading scores. Or high school graduation rates. Or college enrollment. SIG didn’t improve elementary or secondary schools. It didn’t help schools in Race-to-the-Top states or non-Race-to-the-Top states.

Submission + - Microsoft won't fix the most frustrating thing about Windows (cnet.com) 3

schwit1 writes: Maybe you're delivering a presentation to a huge audience. Maybe you're taking an online test. Maybe you just need to get some work done on a tight deadline.

Windows doesn't care.

Windows will take control of your computer, force-feed it updates, and flip the reset switch automatically — and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, once it gets started.

If you haven't saved your work, it's gone. Your browser tabs are toast. And don't expect to use your computer again soon; depending on the speed of your drive and the size of the update, it could be anywhere from 10 minutes to well over an hour before your PC is ready for work.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the single worst thing about Windows. It's only gotten worse in Windows 10. And when I poked around Microsoft, the overarching message I received was that Microsoft has no interest in fixing it.

Submission + - George Orwell's '1984' Hits Bestseller List Again (theguardian.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Sales of George Orwell’s dystopian drama 1984 have soared after Kellyanne Conway, adviser to the reality-TV-star-turned-president, Donald Trump, used the phrase “alternative facts” in an interview. As of Tuesday, the book was the sixth best-selling book on Amazon. Comparisons were made with the term “newspeak” used in the 1949 novel, which was used to signal a fictional language that aims at eliminating personal thought and also “doublethink." In the book Orwell writes that it “means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." The connection was initially made on CNN’s Reliable Sources. “Alternative facts is a George Orwell phrase,” said Washington Post reporter Karen Tumulty. Conway’s use of the term was in reference to White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s comments about last week’s inauguration attracting “the largest audience ever”. Her interview was widely criticized and she was sub-tweeted by Merriam-Webster dictionary with a definition of the word fact. In 1984, a superstate wields extreme control over the people and persecutes any form of independent thought.

Submission + - Using VPn in China is now officialy a crime (hardavenue.com)

Trachman writes: The Chinese government has recently blocked access to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which are the “roots” of the internet. Then internet users in the country have started to use private networks and VPNs, as a solution to bypass the restriction.

According to the new regulations and rules announced by the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the use of VPNs will be banned from March 2018 and the use will be criminalized to ensure that internet connection is ‘healthy’.

Comment Comcast (Score 1) 243

Comcast in the West recently implemented their 1TB cap a few months back (w/ 2 grace periods before charging). Prior cap was listed as 300GB but was marked as "unenforced" on my account.

Service plan is 200 Mbps Down / 10 Mbps Up for $70/mo (promotional 2-years, after that normal price is $90/mo). Pleasantly surprised that they over provision the modem, so on speedtest.net I actually get 240 down / 12 up.

Not speaking to the company as a whole, but coming from ATT Uverse where the fastest I could get was 23/2 (with horrible 33ms ping times) I couldn't be much happier with the speed and performance. I don't much like the cap Comcast has, but looking at my account I haven't used more than 500GB/mo yet (and I'm a cord-cutting family of 5 that streams all our TV watching), so for now, I'm under the cap without limiting any normal usage.

Comment Re:Streaming from the Dark Corners of the Web (Score 1) 209

It runs on the FireTV 4K boxes quite nice, and yes even Fire Sticks (a bit slower though). If you are worried about trace-ability, that is what VPN is for.

As for legality, I won't comment, but consider for a moment, that chances are even if you've pay for "legal" content, there is a high likelihood that you have still probably viewed some of those things in an illegal fashion before anyway. Considering the content makers practically consider the act of inviting a few friends over to watch a movie on PPV or DVD a "public viewing" which isn't covered under the normal fee you paid. Most practical people do it anyway because that's what happens when licensing and laws get too draconian, they start getting ignored.

Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 637

So just because I support requiring ID to vote, you assume I'm a Republican? I am not, I'm registered as an independent.

I'm don't take that stance because of what some crooked republican politician says, and I don't buy the excuses that some crooked democrat politician says either.

Common sense says that we have millions and millions, anywhere from 10M - 30M (maybe more at any single time, but no one is sure) of non-citizens in this country, caused from illegal immigration, overuse of work visas in tech, and legitimate visitors to the US. Our system makes it too easy for those who have no right to vote to do so. How do you suggest we make sure that votes aren't affected by the votes of non-citizens of the US.

This is not a racist question, but a constitutional one. Only an idiot would take a face a value the response of "well, they aren't voting, so don't worry about it"

Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 637

And if your a Military family, you probably have moved all over the US or farther most of your life, but you don't see excuses being made in that case. That's what it is in almost ALL cases against requiring an ID...excuses.

There have even been YT vids of interviewers going around in poor and minority communities asking if they have an ID or DL, and if was too difficult to get one, and I think all the respondents already had one, and quite a few minorities thought it was racist, in and of itself, to suggest that they were too poor, uneducated, or lazy to get one. If price is the big hurdle, then maybe we can cover "State ID" (not driver's license fees), for poor people. This shouldn't cost a lot in tax money to give out. Most people use a DL as ID rather than a State issued ID card anyway. If you get a DL, then it shouldn't be free as I assume if you have a car to drive, you can pay the $20 to get your own DL.

So what if it takes a bit of time, we are talking about a vote that happens every 4 years. Local elections are a bit more often, but either way, you have plenty of time to get one if you want one, it's not like major elections are announced 2 weeks prior to them happening. They happen on normal, routine schedules that can be planned for well in advanced. Occasionally there might be an unscheduled one when some politician dies or is arrested/fired for corruption, or some other unforseen, but in 99% of the cases, there is plenty of time to obtain an ID and register to vote. A Birth Certificate is something you only need to get once, then you keep it, and can re-use it if you move or need to get other documents that require it, it's not a big burden at all.

In fact, I think it's almost better to require at least SOME planning ahead of time before voting. I don't trust that the type of person who registers to vote the day before the election is going to be the type that is fully educated in the people or measures on the ballot. Last minute registration like this reminds of "impulse buys" at a grocery store, which are something you didn't plan, and don't think through very well. This is dangerous when it comes to something as important as voting. Before anyone chimes in about some people needing to register last minute because of their age or something, then this could be solved separately. I'm not suggesting that if you turn 18 just mere days before an election you are out of luck, but if you've had 4 years since the last election, then you have a planning problem, not something else.

People of lower income are also less likely to move out of their districts, so while they may be renters and more likely to change addresses or such (don't know, but that is what is posited by OP), most lower income families and people don't make big moves, but more local, like hey the rent is cheaper over in this part of town, or the next town over, so in many of these cases, they are still within their district. Heck, I've moved 4 times before buying a house, and all of these moves stayed within the same district, so voter registration didn't change except for an address change.

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