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Comment I find this whole topic so bizarre. (Score 1) 488

Nowhere have I read anyone interviewing, talking to, etc, people who do exactly this kind of thing all day - attorneys. This process is literally what electronic discovery IS.

As an attorney who works on these types of issues, 650k emails is a trivially small corpus. Even if they were all responsive, and no duplicates, I would expect a decently-sized team to take about ten days to go through that number of emails. Of course, realistically, in most cases you are going to filter that down by 90% or more before a human being looks over a single email... depending on the process and work hours, a single person can easily look at 1k emails a day, and that's when you're doing legal analysis on them... if all you're doing is figuring out "Bullshit/not bullshit" and kicking it upstairs for further analysis 2k emails is not unreasonable for a 12 hour shift. Although it wouldn't be fun to be doing...

But still, at 100 emails/hour that's 6500 man hours of work if you want a human being to comb through every single email, or a hundred people working one 65-hour workweek, which even gives Comey the luxury of a full day to set up the process.

So when you read some idiot saying that it's not possible to have looked through that many emails... yes, yes it certainly is. A big document review team will comb through a million documents a week or more, and that includes doing legal analysis on them as well.

Comment Re:99.99%, eh? (Score 2, Insightful) 600

You are totally right. Because most of the guns used in America are used to prevent people from being "stabbed by a crazy" or shot by a terrorist.

Oh wait. Yeah, I can live with the 1/10,000 chance because THOSE THINGS NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPEN EXCEPT IN YOUR IMAGINATION. Or do you think the "liberal media" is covering up the hundreds of thousands of people who use guns to prevent themselves from being stabbed in our (incredibly safe) country every day?

(Bears aside - and you're usually not in a quick-draw situation against a bear. Well, maybe YOU are, Rambo, but most of us aren't.)

Comment Re:Postal is an Ideological Fanatic (Score 2) 454

Linking to an article that uses a sentence like this:

"This is just stupidity but it is common of the combination of ideology driven faux-science (see manmade global warming) and gaslighting that the left relies upon to influence public policy."

is probably not going to convince me that POSTOL is the ideological nutcase here.

Comment WUWT has a more FUD take on the calculations... (Score 2, Insightful) 441

What the hell was that inserted for? It was an idiotic point made on a site which clearly has a political axe to grind. It wasn't made well. Anyone claiming to engage in a scientific debate with the phrase "by my own observation" deserves to be laughed out of the room.

This is supposed to be Slashdot, not Fox. Why the hell was this included?

Comment Re:How deep is the rot in Washington? (Score 4, Informative) 682

You... you know the actual story, right? Not just the fox news version?

This isn't an issue of "politicization". The IRS was finally DOING ITS JOB and reviewing the applications of groups applying for tax-exempt status. They thought it would save time to, rather than investigate, just assume that groups with certain key words in their name - among them "tea party" and "occupy" - were engaged in political activity which should deny them that status. Amazing how Fox never reports on any groups OTHER than their chosen ones having had problems due to this, isn't it? Well, it's much easier to change the facts to match your preconceived notions than to change your notions to match the facts. And yelling about impeaching Obama is just so durned much fun!

In any case, the whole issue is about two things - 1. It's bad to profile people, anyone, anywhere, and 2. There is a strong group in Washington that doesn't want the IRS to be doing ANY kind of job, let alone stopping people from improperly receiving tax breaks for influencing elections. The ability to pretend it's some type of political cover-up is just gravy.

Submission + - Bill Watterson (briefly) returns to comics 1

amosh writes: Bill Watterson was the author of the immensely popular "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip in the 80s and 90s, until he retired and removed himself entirely from the public eye. Since his retirement in 1995, he has become a recluse, and has not drawn a published daily comic strip — until now. This week, Watterson came out of exile to draw the 2nd panel of three of Stephan Pastis' "Pearls Before Swine" strips. Watterson has lost none of his style or talent, and a fourth strip — drawn by Pastis alone and published today, June 7 — is a lovely homage to Watterson's ending of Calvin and Hobbes. The Washington Post has the story of how it all happened.

Comment I'll tell you why lavabit was shut down. (Score 1, Flamebait) 304

Lavabit shut down because it was founded by a moron who was more interested in living up to his glorious libertarian ideals than actually living in the real world. I understand that in your Galtean paradise the fact that you had some neat tech was enough, but outside of Ayn Rand's masturbatory fantasies, you need to be aware of the rules of the world you live in. Rules like, "Do not give the finger to a judge." Rules like "If you want something to be secure, you need to have a legal team ready to go BEFORE, not AFTER, you are called into court."

Face it - your glorious security was defeated by social engineering, YOU were the weakest link. Goodbye!

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 0) 403

If so, you're living 30 years in the past. All RMS has done in that time is valiantly fight the good fight against other people on his side who don't agree with 100% of what he says. (Citation: Slashdot's entire history)

I appreciate what he did, 30 years ago. But for my entire lifetime as a tech geek, that is literally all he has ever done. And in that time, other people have done much, much more - and done it without feeling the need to attack people who generally support their cause.

Comment Re:Yawn. (Score 2) 403

Right. That's what Mozilla's well thought out, well argued statement was. Them "Sacrificing their morals."

And after all, it's always more important to attack the people on your side who are not living up to YOUR blessed level of total moral purity than... you know... actually accomplishing anything.

Oh wait, did I say "more important"? I meant "easier".

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