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Comment Re: Elect Trump for Honest Government (Score 1) 524

Trump isn't too big on breaking laws, he mostly just likes to hurt people's feelings. The problem with Trump is 90% his mouth. With Hilliary it's the fact that she honestly thinks that the law is whatever she decides it is at that moment and that it never really applies to her. Hilliary never breaks laws because laws weren't meant for her and she never lies because the truth is whatever she says it is.

Comment Re:A stupid idea made even worse (Score 1) 219

It can be done with a paper system. A rigged paper system is labor intensive and thus harder to handle. Usually large voter fraud in a paper system gets outed sooner or later. They're just now uncovering a lot of vote fraud from the 2008 election by going back and verifying signatures. People are getting charged and going to jail.

Comment Re: Will Internet Voting Endanger The Secret Ball (Score 1) 219

I don't want my vote to be anonymous. The fraud at the ballot box is out of hand in the US, similar to that of many "third world" countries. With the new digital age the opportunities for fraud have been magnified to an incredible degree with the ability to change or eliminate thousands of votes electronically. I think if you want an anonymous vote you should be able to vote on paper and if not then a verifiable digital vote. Leave the option to the voter. I'll vote online only if it's not anonymous. One thing, no fucking chads.

Comment Re: "allows you to download a 5GB HD movie in 40 s (Score 1) 93

That would be nice. I'm guessing they have no plans to include South Georgia in their coverage area in the near future though. I get internet from a local cable company and they're pretty good compared to what they have North of me in Macon. They've got Cox cable who are some seriously greedy bastards. My cable company is pretty limited by the fact they cover such a rural area. I'm paying 100 dollars a month for 75/5 speeds which is high but service is great.

Comment Re:"allows you to download a 5GB HD movie in 40 se (Score 1) 93

I know that it was a long time after 1080p was introduced before there was much to watch. I finally upgraded to a 1080p TV when I noticed I couldn't see the score during live televised football games. Even then a lot of the shows I saw weren't 1080. I do love HD though and I know I'll be wanting a 4K system sooner or later. I just like to wait until it's economically reasonable. Right now I have a 500GB data cap and I think 4K would eat that up pretty quick.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 2) 160

I've never heard of quality well installed asphalt shingles not lasting at least 15 years. My Dad's last install lasted almost 25 and I know the last house I had shingled was in 1995 and although I sold it 6 years ago I just drove by it a month ago and it still has the same shingles on it. I've seen shingles fail through bad installation practices. The set I installed in 95 I sat and watched the men installing it and when they pulled the old roof they started to drive the roofing tacks into the wood. I jumped all over them and made them pull those. Nails will work their way out of wood and cause leaks after time and I wasn't having that. You have to watch contractors because so often the problems they cause wont show for a decade or more and they know it.

Comment Re:I hope they put in an external antenna port (Score 1) 124

I had an Amiga 500 that I used to amaze people with. It had a total of 1MB of ram installed and I had a 3.5 inch floppy disk that would load the OS, a TCP/IP stack with PPP dialer and an IRC client. I could hook it to my 14.4 US Robotics courier modem, dial into my ISP and go online with IRC client. No hard drive needed all off one single floppy. Many nights hanging out in #amiga_warez on Galaxynet.

Comment Re:Waiting to see the potential blowback from this (Score 1) 166

You know, they aren't going to saw Kim's head off with a dull knife. As bad as I deplore the abuse of the law by US prosecutors to compare it to some group of savages picking people at random to slaughter is insane. To think it's in any way comparable demonstrates that you are fucking crazy. In the end of all this crap I'd bet Kim ends up back home minus some property but alive and although he should be presumed innocent by the courts you, I, him and everyone else knows he's guilty as hell.

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