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Comment Re:This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 363


Pretty picture right there. I specifically read the part about forests extending to the South Pole. I thought I remembered that but I haven't studied that stuff in about 3 decades so I did a little research. If you think I'm wrong I'd appreciate some proof. I'm not trying to show you up, just interested.

Comment Re:Junk Science (Score 1) 363

We have started. We produce less now than a decade ago. Still it's not going to be enough no matter what we do. For the next 100 years it's going to be warming. Of course we could have a nuclear war. The resulting nuclear winter and killing off of 95 percent of humanity should cool things right down. I personally think that's a lot more likely than global warming killing us off.

Comment Re:This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 2) 363

Things will happen slowly enough. It's not the first time the world has been hot we know. They've found plant fossils in Antarctica. And we also know it was once a giant snowball. I think we wont see either of those two extremes for quite a while. Now if the oceans rose 20 inches tomorrow things would get dicey.

Comment Re:How dull (Score 1) 87

I think it might make greedy capitalists happy if it would work. What's better than charging batteries with Solar power and swapping them in and out of aircraft. No more jet fuel with all the hazards and transport costs. Not to mention price fluctuations. The only problem is that battery technology is probably 20 or 30 years away from making something like this possible. Still, I wish them luck.

Comment Re: This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 2) 363

It's already too late for all practical purposes. Eventually carbon output will see significant decline but not in time to do much about the next 100 years. That ship has sailed. Big Oil and Coal are on their way out. Everyone knows it, it's just a matter of time. When battery technology gets to the point you can go off grid on a middle class income it'll be the tipping point. Renewables are the future. Not all the coastal people will be fine, not all are rich. Especially in other parts of the world where billions live in potential flood zones. It's going to be ugly there. Florida ain't looking good either. I just retired and I'm about to buy a new home. I'm going to start with 4 panels and work my way up on a solar system. I look forward to not having to shell out 150 to 300 dollars a month. The green part is just cherry on top.

Comment Re:Junk Science (Score 1) 363

Does it really matter whether you believe it or not? You don't have to believe the sun will come up tomorrow either, it does that without your belief. We're on a warming trend, carbon in the atmosphere is causing it and man puts a lot of that carbon there. The only problem I have with the climate change evangelists is their "the sky is falling" hysteria. Life happens and you deal with it. The oceans will rise and we have to prepare for that. It's better to start before it gets really bad because it's cheaper and better that way. In the next 8 decades or so we're going to get sea rise of somewhere around 20 to 30 inches. This wont cause the end of mankind but given all the coastal cities it will cause a lot of suffering and expense. If we wait until they start to flood it will be much worse.

Comment Re:This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 363

Yes the world is getting warmer. That's pretty obvious, all you need is a thermometer. It's going to suck to be on the coast. We're looking at a significant rise in ocean levels somewhere around 20 inches most likely by 2100. It's not the end of the world but it'll suck for a lot of people. Best to start preparing for it now.

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