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Submission + - Why the calorie is broken ( writes: Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley explain how we are still using a century old method for measuring the Calories in our Food AND the calories spent in different human activities. Essentially, there is a very big difference between burning stuff in a bomb calorie-meter and the extremely complex ways our body extracts energy from food. In fact, the exact process of digestion is yet to be understood sufficiently at a micro level, and years from being replicated to any close degree. Plus, the way our bodies spend calories for a given activity is hugely different from the way a car consumer gasoline and dependent on a number of parameters — some of which are not even known currently.
Therefore, balancing Calories IN to Calories OUT is not so stupidly simple as it seems to the underweight layperson .

Comment Re:Depends (Score 2) 315

Yes, I am amazed at some doctors (and others) repeating stuff about calories.

The only way we measure calories in food stuff is to burn it (like a bomb calorie meter), while digestion is an entirely different and extremely complex process.
The two do not have ANY link. One might as well measure calories by e=mc^2 and start asking people to eat accordingly !

The closest approximation to digestion we have been able to make takes up 1000 cubic feet and still does around 10% of digestion like process with boatload of chemicals and pumps. On top of that, it is just able to output a few basic compounds that our bodies use and is not actually able to use any energy from the process but consumes a lot of electricity and chemicals for every pass.

So till we actually understand even half of digestion process, evolved over a few billion years in different animal and then in humans, it is best to just go by whats been done for ages by our forefathers - eat in moderation, exercise a few hours, sleep when sleepy and wake up when you can't sleep anymore or its dangerous to do so.

Comment Re:I Don't Understand (Score 1) 233

And leave out all the thrill and excitement, the sense of purpose & team spirit, bonding etc ? Nah.

Climbing up 3-4 floors from the side of a building and surreptitiously solving and providing answers to your best pal while hiding from teachers, cops etc. balanced on a tiny ledge. Who wouldn't want to do that during their teenage years ?

Comment Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 3, Interesting) 167

Ya, N7 2012 is completely unusable with Lollipop.

But you can download any F2FS (filesystem) Lollipop ROM and it'll be fine again. For some reason F2FS is amazingly fast, at least on N7 2012.

I settled for a ROM called slimkat or something (see here: ).

But even otherwise, on newer devices like N5 etc where its quite fast, Lollipop seems to be a mishmash of fisher price colors, too much wasted white space etc. Windows ME is an apt comparison. Though they may have been aiming for iOS 8.

Comment How ? It doesn't have 3G / WiFi. Needs a router... (Score 3, Interesting) 47

How exactly does it connect "directly to the internet" ? It doesn't have 3G/WiFi capability.

All I can see is that a BT 4.2 device can connect to an 'internet connected' router / phone which also supports this BT 4.2 profile (similar to PAN in BT3 with which we could do an internet tether or file share etc).

How is this "directly connected to the internet" when it is using a router to access the net. And all BT4 devices connected to smartphones are anyway getting data to/fro from the internet - like uploading your running data to a website etc.

Anyone with a better understanding care to explain ?

Comment Re:Did Fluke request this? (Score 1) 653

Well, from those 2 images I can see nothing similar.
Sparkfun's has an entirely different shape than Fluke's. It is slimmer in the center and much wider at one end while Fluke's the same width.
It has very large print on the 3 terminal ports, while Fluke's has only 3 ports with smaller print.
It doesn't have a row of buttons near the top like Fluke's does.
The selector knob is entirely different.

There's no way you can be confused if you see it from a few feet.
Obviously, if you see from 20 feet you are just going to see yellow blobs.
Just because two products are Yellow doesn't mean squat.
In fact, I have never seen a multimeter which is not Yellow Or Black.
US Customs is a pathetic Joke. Just like most other country's customs departments.

Few years back I had purchased an arm laptop (efika smartbook) from a EU company called Genesi.
I was happy when it arrived at my home without any customs duties.
I found it had a manufacturing defect and Genesi sent me a replacement.
This one got stuck in customs for 1 month and I had to go there thrice and payoff random fees & duties.
All because it was correctly mentioned that it is a replacement and price is $0.

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