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Submission + - NewEgg Files for IPO (

amcdiarmid writes: "Consumerist reports (from reuters) that NewEgg has filed for an IPO. ( ( Hopefully their service will go back up, as my last order .. had issues. (as well as two others I pointed there.)"

Submission + - Ultimate BIOS guide

amcdiarmid writes: "I just ran across a very nice guide to BIOS settings. (From Maximum PC of all people!) I read the first several pages, and found a few things I (an old curmudgeny IT type) did not know — and only one thing I think was wrong... (Likely a typo in the "Limit CPUID Max. to 3:" section, I don't think that a Modern OS needs this enabled.)

The thing includes such gems as (paraphrasing) old timers turned stuff off on the motherboards to save memory resources, but since all new motherboards have more than 2MB of memory — it's not necessary unless you need the IRQ's, or want to avoid IRQ conflicts.

At over ten web pages at you might want to just hit the print link: If it's still up after a maximum slashdotting (;p)"

Submission + - New Citrix Hypervisor doubles VDI capabilities

amcdiarmid writes: "The Register is reporting that Citrix has modified their Xen hypervisor to allow for twice as many hosted "Virtualized Machines" on hardware. Typically VDI tops out at ~25 workstations hosted on a server. Citrix is claiming that their hypervisor modifications will allow 50-55 desktops per server.

Considering that VMware just shot across Citrix's bow by making the VMware View 'nix client LGPL to get it into more thin clients — we may have a virtual war on our hands."

Submission + - Mail Server that filters spam before sending?

amcdiarmid writes: "Mail servers with built in spam defeating techniques?

I'm wondering if any mail servers exist that check ourgoing mail for spam. I see appliances & other products that will check for outgoing mail once it is sent, but not email servers that will check for spam on mail accepted to be sent.

At many workplaces (say: mine), people are unhappy with the amount of spam they get. (See if you don't know this.) One says too much, one says too little. (Rinse, repeat, go bald.)

We run a spam-appliance, with (perhaps unfortunately) an Exchange 2003 server. The appliance is OK for me, but my expectations are managed. Some PHB's have expectations that I'm unable to manage. In any case, the spam-appliance assumes we don't generate any spam internally. (Think Intern with a virus. (policy allows it.))

I'm wondering if a mail-server exists that has logic built into the SMTP engine: Effectively pre-scanning mail for spam. Too much of our spam is from FA (false address) and to FA and hits the internal (behind filter) server directly.

At this point, verifying a user exists (asmtp) is not enough. I feel that every email server should have spam filters buit in to check for spam BEFORE sending should be manditory. (Make a law!!!) I have not heard of an engine that works this way (1). Just: Go get Postini, or Abaca, or something that works (for everyone who will refuse to tune it)..... None of which will help with our internally (Say "Soon to be fired intern" and don't ask questions.) generated spam. (1: I have seen one thread suggesting Spam Assasin & piping email through it. Not entirely unclear — but a windows/exchange solution would help me more;.)

Any way, if anyone can help — happy holidays."

Submission + - What happened to HDTV tuner boxes?

amcdiarmid writes: "What happened to HDTV tuners?

For years, we have been told to purchase HDTV capable TV sets. "sure, all you need to do is purchase a HDTV tuner & plug it in..." However, can you find a HDTV tuner device? In almost every case, it is easier to find a HDTV tuner-PCI card for a computer — than it is to find a HDTV tuner box for a TV. (I think the cost of building a quiet computer for this is excessive.)

As an example: If you go to and type in HDTV tuners, you will find the tag line of: Add one of these Hight Def tuners to your HD-ready TV to enjoy free over-the-air HDTV broadcasts. However, if you go into the link — you find two DirectTV units, and a $2000 Sony Media Center 2005 PC.

I really just want to watch sports, and Law and order on the air... I can find a few units at $180 for ATSC, and a bunch that require DirectTV... but what happened to the promised HDTV tuners???"

Submission + - An affordable smart switch

amcdiarmid writes: "I am looking for an affordible smart (managed) Switch for use at home, and at a couple of companies. I would like VLAN (802.1q), Port Aggregation (for uplinks between switches), and QoS/Cos. It has to be reliable, and monitoring (and gigabit) would be nice.

Any Thoughts?"

Submission + - Smart/Managed Network Switch comparison

amcdiarmid writes: "I am looking for a Smart (or managed: E.G. Smarter) network switch for my office. My needs are not great, but since I'm also looking to install new switches for two clients — I would like to get familiar with the interface first.

I have googled for a switch roundup, but historically: switches are either commodity (non-managed) or Enterprise (expensive); no recent roundups show. Since the price switches has been dropping, and "Smart Switches" (e.g. some managed features, but not a complete set) have appeared as a class — this stuff has been dropping in price and is now affordible to small businesses & LAN party hacks. It's time for a new (findable) roundup.

What I am looking for is advice on which switch I should settle on: The features I'm looking for are(at least) reliablity, 24-ports (10/100/1000), minimal management, and features such as:
802.1q (VLANs)
802.1d (Spanning Tree — to avoid broadcast storms when someone puts a plug in the wrong spot)
802.1p (Class of Service)
802.3ad (Port Trunking / aggregation — for uplinks between switches)
Authentication (Radius preferred, Port Based acceptible)
QoS (Quality of Service)
SNMP 1-3 (Snimple Network Management Protocol — I've seen some VM appliances at VMWare that I think could be well used.)
Jumbo Frames

Essentially, I am looking for a switch to handle heavy file transfer; VoIP; Bit-Torrent. The generic use will be File Transfer and VoIP. I would also like to have bit-torrent and ftp traffic assigned to a lower QoS, with VoIP at a higher QoS — and I would like to have un-authenticated clients driven to a seperate VLAN.

The typical smart switch I see at newegg, and CDW starts at about $300 (for example: ches/GS724T.aspx?detail=Specifications OR from D-Link, Linksys, SMC, and Netgear. (SMC switches are a bit cheaper, but I swore off them years ago for bad service, should I recant?) I suspect that the real price for what I'm looking for may be higher, but would like to keep it under $450.

I figure with all the network engineers (and people hosting LAN parties), there must be a lot of experience as to who has a good price, reliability, feature, and service trade off. Lets make that implicit knowledge explicit;)"

Submission + - 1st entirely comp. designed car sets speed record

amcdiarmid writes: Several sources are reporting that the first entirely computer designed car (JCB Dieselmax) has broken a diesel speed record of 236MPH at a speed of 328MPH. British team (Driver: Andy Green, has other records) at Bonneville salt flats.

News reports:
Peterborough Today: px?SectionID=845&ArticleID=1713845
Google News Link: &q=The%20JCB%20Dieselmax

Website for the JCB Dieselmax: ... now stating 350MPH

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