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Comment I think you are stuck... (Score 1) 107

As one other commented noted: there was someone who did this and the report was classified. I attempted to do something similar about 2003: I was essentially told piss off. (Clarification: I was a grad student, looking into seeing how much fibre had been laid around the city, and figure out how much of it was dark.) Initially, I was told that I could pay $10,000 to get a GIS map of the data within my city - but that it would not include some federal lines, just private ones. I seriously considered paying, and went down to discuss it further with the city to see if it would contain what I needed. I was informed that the policy had been changed, and that data was no longer publicly available. (USA)

Comment No. an $85 tablet with content from Churchbuntu (Score 1) 326

I looked at the specs of this tablet yesterday: It appears to be a generic $85 tablet (perhaps less:No CPU specified, HDMI out, does not state if it has a resistive or capacitive screen, no camera, 802.11b/g, does not specify what version of Android.) with some "family friendly" browser blocking; 27 versions of the bible.

If I had to guess, I would say that this is a cheapo tablet (you can get a 1GHz Allwinner tablet with the same specs, android 4.x; a capacitive screen for under $90) with some Jesus-left software in it. Much like some of the Church based versions of Linux.

It appears that you pay an extra $60 for the Churchbuntu software integrated with it. Perhaps I should buy one for my girlfriends mother;p

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 208

I think it's interesting that the Android device he cited is one that widely comes rooted. (eg: I have the Onda version of this device; it comes pre-rooted. In addition many "manufacturers" sell similar A10 tablets with Mali GPUs & there are a number of firmwares on ICS at XDA for them.)

Outside the enterprise, it appears that most (cheap) android tablets come pre-rooted & getting an alternate firmware is relatively trivial.

Comment Nexus 7 not all you want... (Score 3, Insightful) 261

It does not include an external storage device as far as I can tell. Yes I, and some others, do travel to places without cloud access. OK: I want to buy hours of video to keep my kids quiet on a road trip. My cell phone service is lacking where I'm going. 16GB is not going to cut it. I need removable media...

Comment Because they are all bad: Duh! (Score 1) 663

The Linux desktop profileration is exactly because they are all "bad". If one of them was arguably wonderful, it would take the cake home. Since none really are much better than the others, the developers keep trying to improve - with the occasional fork. Some remain popular, some die.

Does anyone see CDE, or IceWM as recommendations in the comments? No: because they are arguably "worse" than the others. KDE, Gnome, and Unity are recommended along with xfce because they are relatively "better" than most of the rest. Expectations change. Devs try to keep up.

You see comments about the Windows 7 interface sucking, and whining about the osX interface as well. From the view of the people who don't like them, it's because there are bad things there. (God forbid a 'nix user open up a terminal interface on a mac, or powershell in winblows...) Hell, if you want, you can run the interface you want via cygwin on windows (if you build from source probably).

Perhaps Linux as a desktop will take off if webmail takes off in the enterprise. But probably not. Outlook-Exchange has always been driving Windows sales in the US, and that lockin will probably be kept via SharePoint if hosted email takes off. If SharePoint does not keep lock-in, I would not be suprised if some sort of tablet took over. Why hasn't Open Office taken over? Because of Outlook-Exchange (in large part). If you get a good word processor, and a decent spreadsheet with a hosted email client - then why not a tablet with a dock (to use a keyboard, mouse, and large display)? It won't work for heavy lifting, but we have servers for that.

Comment Re:They should be called AAA. (Score 1) 108

Is tow truck after piledriver?

No. The Tow Truck architecture is not slated until 2017. there are five versions between Pile Driver, and Tow Truck.

The AMD road map reads: PileDriver, Qbertitecture (Q2, 2013), RadStep (Q2, 2015), then Tow Truck (Q1, 2017).

Comment Re:TL;DR (Score 4, Informative) 324

If you are in the marked for a TV right now: 1) You probably want a larger TV than you think. (It should be like a move it theater...) 2) Smart TV is not really worth an additional cost, as ROKU (or similar) are trivial to add. 3) You probably want to get a 3D TV, because a TV lasts 5-10 years & in two there will be content. 3a) There are 3 types of 3D: Funky battery powered glasses, Passive glasses (like in the movie theatre); no glasses (but you have to be sitting in a specific space, or it won't look right).

Comment Interesting beacuse yesterday ... (Score 2) 123

I was checking the Site to Zone Assignment feature of group policy. I found this posting ( ) where the example was to put (and everything in it) to be the "restricted sites zone."

Comment Auctioned Equipment Response: (Score 1) 148

You probably do not want the equipment from the closed Data Centers: It is End of Live & does not have manufacturer support.

We have virtualized something like ~200 physical servers in our Data Center. Most were End Of Life (HP DL G4 360's and 380's) and were virtualized instead of replaced.

Our main DataCenter (Class 2?) has functionally freed more than 1/2 of it's space, and had departmental servers from "other Server Rooms" (aka: 10'x25' rooms with two racks) moved down there.

Do you really want an old HP G4 server that takes only SCSI drives, and runs a single core processor? I don't. OTOH, next time a cooling unit goes down, the room should still be cooled now ;)

Comment Re:Virtualization (Score 1) 235

Opteron6276 vs Xeon5650\

ESXi Windows Load: 3% faster

ESXi Linux Load: 2% slower

Power delta:

ESXi (what version?) Opteron6275 uses ~25% more power

WindowsR2 Opteron 6275 uses ~3-7% more power. (note, at lower load levels, Opteron uses less power

?? Personal note: If you are using vSphere with DPM (Dynamic Power Management), unused cluster nodes will be powered off untill their resources are needed.

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