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Comment No (Score 1) 388

as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment.

What the hell for? Let's get everything fully automated as soon as possible so we can get the basic income uprising out of the way and we can all do whatever we want instead of what we feel we have to do.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 308

You're only thinking about trying to get the iron back to Earth to use here. Imagine a market where nations and/or corporations are building things in space. All of a sudden whoever has control of raw materials that are already in space and don't have to be shot of Earth's gravity well are very rich.

Comment Re:MVNO??? (Score 3, Informative) 128

Seeing as Straight Talk and similar providers merely piggyback on AT&T's towers if AT&T no longer accept 2G connections that would also cut off carriers like Straight Talk. Interestingly T-Mobile has offered 2G AT&T customers a home until 2020.

Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 637

As someone who has experienced the joy of getting an ID after losing all my documentation in a move I can attest that it can be a nightmare to get a new ID if you currently don't have any. Every form of ID requires another form of ID to request (exception being the birth certificate, your parents can request a copy. Good thing they live forever!) The only way I was able to get my ID replaced was because someone was sympathetic and willing to bend the rules.

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