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Comment You don't dump chemicals into modern pools (Score 1) 180

Disclosure: My father-in-law maintains the pools at a local University.

This isn't like maintaining your above-ground backyard pool whereby you dump chemicals in by the bucket. These modern pools are computer controlled and have constant monitoring by the systems. As the system detects a change in PH or other imbalance, it automatically adjusts what chemicals are needed to be added. For 99% of maintenance it's about topping off the chemicals in the containers that the system draws from. These pools aren't that heavily used compared to those of a waterpark or other community pool which have hundreds (or thousands) of people in them on a given day.

Another example of how Rio screwed up.

Submission + - Family of 'Clock Boy' Ahmed Mohamed files $15m lawsuit against former school (

HockeyPuck writes: One year after 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a “suspicious-looking” homemade clock to class, his family has filed suit against his former Texas school district, the principal of the high school and the city of Irving.

The lawsuit filed Monday claims that Ahmed’s civil rights were violated in the incident that made the 9th grader go viral last September.

Comment Re: So, the Question is (Score 2) 33

The views from the back of a motorcycle are much better for seeing the riders up close than any overhead shot. Flying a drone at "rider level" would be just plain dumb. #EasyTargetForCrazyFans.

The helicopter shots are great for seeing the scale of the peloton, the breakaways, finish line sprints and the scenery, but for seeing a rider up close and the pain in their face, or looking back at other riders. Nothing beats the back of a motorcycle.

Submission + - Criminals set up fake companies to hoard and sell IPv4 addresses (

HockeyPuck writes: IPv4 addresses are now so valuable that criminals are setting up shell companies so they can apply for addresses, then resell them to users desperate to grow their networks. Criminals are doing so because there are no more IPv4 addresses left. Hence criminals' interest in ways to land themselves IP addresses, some of which were detailed this week by ARIN's senior director of global registry knowledge, Leslie Nobile, at the North American Network Operators Group's NANOG 67 conference.

Comment Semi-autonomous cars... (Score 1) 299

Ironically, if you're only driving a semi-autonomous car, "you could end up in court fighting to prove the car did wrong, not you,"

Good luck proving it was the car when the manufacturer turns over 100m datapoints showing exactly what happened in every system for every 1ms for the past month.

"I swear I didn't touch the wheel" will go the way of "my dog ate my homework"

Comment Re:WTF is open source hardware? (Score 1) 83

Although you have a point on RTL, much more is needed to deliver a RTL design to chip level. And most of those designs are also fab-dependant - a 24nm bulk to be manufactured at let's say TSMC is different from a 24nm bulk at Samsung.

There is not much difference between analog and digital here. Unless your plan is to use an FPGA for the digital part - but even there, your luck may vary depending on the FPGA manufacturer and tools.


Submission + - Theranos has major shakeup (

HockeyPuck writes: Late Wednesday, the blood-testing startup, Theranos, said that Sunny Balwani, the company's president and chief operating officer, is stepping down and retiring. Theranos will also be bringing in three new members to its board, including biotech veteran Fabrizio Bonanni. The other two — William Foege and Richard Kovacevich — will move over from Theranos' board of counselors. Theranos has been embroiled in a controversy ever since a Wall Street Journal report questioned the accuracy of its tests. Later, an investigation by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that Theranos' Northern California lab was putting patients in "immediate jeopardy."

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