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Submission + - Criminals set up fake companies to hoard and sell IPv4 addresses (theregister.co.uk)

HockeyPuck writes: IPv4 addresses are now so valuable that criminals are setting up shell companies so they can apply for addresses, then resell them to users desperate to grow their networks. Criminals are doing so because there are no more IPv4 addresses left. Hence criminals' interest in ways to land themselves IP addresses, some of which were detailed this week by ARIN's senior director of global registry knowledge, Leslie Nobile, at the North American Network Operators Group's NANOG 67 conference.

Comment Semi-autonomous cars... (Score 1) 299

Ironically, if you're only driving a semi-autonomous car, "you could end up in court fighting to prove the car did wrong, not you,"

Good luck proving it was the car when the manufacturer turns over 100m datapoints showing exactly what happened in every system for every 1ms for the past month.

"I swear I didn't touch the wheel" will go the way of "my dog ate my homework"

Comment Re:WTF is open source hardware? (Score 1) 83

Although you have a point on RTL, much more is needed to deliver a RTL design to chip level. And most of those designs are also fab-dependant - a 24nm bulk to be manufactured at let's say TSMC is different from a 24nm bulk at Samsung.

There is not much difference between analog and digital here. Unless your plan is to use an FPGA for the digital part - but even there, your luck may vary depending on the FPGA manufacturer and tools.


Submission + - Theranos has major shakeup (sfgate.com)

HockeyPuck writes: Late Wednesday, the blood-testing startup, Theranos, said that Sunny Balwani, the company's president and chief operating officer, is stepping down and retiring. Theranos will also be bringing in three new members to its board, including biotech veteran Fabrizio Bonanni. The other two — William Foege and Richard Kovacevich — will move over from Theranos' board of counselors. Theranos has been embroiled in a controversy ever since a Wall Street Journal report questioned the accuracy of its tests. Later, an investigation by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that Theranos' Northern California lab was putting patients in "immediate jeopardy."

Comment So now I have to pay for a year of vacation? (Score 2) 256

So I just finished raising my kids, and will be helping them with their college tuition (much is coming from scholarships). And now I'm expected to foot the bill for a year while they "find themselves" in Europe, Africa or Tibet?

No doubt there's a whole industry around planning and taking my money for my kids to travel around the world or build sandcastles..

In my day, "gap year" was known as Summer Vacation. #GetOffMyLawn

Comment Go with AAA instead... (Score 1) 460

Only in the SF area would someone be able to afford this... and be dumb enough to leave their gas door open.

Filld charges a delivery fee of up to $5 and then asks the same price per gallon for gas as the least expensive nearby gas station.

For most cars $5 worth of gas will get you atleast 40-60miles. If you're truly out of gas and you need this in an emergency then you should have thought about filling up before you go to the office.

If you joined AAAwith a basic membership you get free emergency fuel delivery as part of your membership. Some levels of membership even include the fuel itself for free and not just the delivery. The basic membership is about $50/year and includes towing, roadside assistance, car battery jumping etc..

Most Auto-Insurance companies also include this emergency roadside service.

Comment Re:OS designers, not the customers are stupid. (Score 1) 391

> Only a moron will design an Operating system that automatically runs software on a USB stick.

Sorry ?

Lots of USB/driver vulnerabilities can be triggered without running "software" on the USB host (PC), in case you don't know. USB stack is quite complex (and the drivers above it even more), so even without the ability of "autorun" on USB mass storage devices, the USB devices (usually non-mass-storage) can inflict potential, severe damage to the target computers.

I can crash many computers (most Windows actually) with a simple USB device running on a cheap Arduino. I can crash many apps in Linux (eventually kernel, too) the same way. All crashes may allow to run code on the target computer, often with high privileges. Read : "may". Not stating that it is possible, but might be possible indeed - many factors influence this.

All without a single executable on the USB device.
All without any filesystem on USB device.
Just an USB device.

Comment Mostly non-essential parts (Score 5, Informative) 44

Looking at the bike itself, the frame is aluminum and the wheels/brakes/handlebars/seat are all common off the shelf parts. So you're not going to be printing anything that is structural. The list of parts you can print are non-essential

-iphone holder
-speaker holder
-cup holder
-mud guards
-motor cable clip
-brake clips

Most of that stuff is $10 and below. So in order to do this, you'd have to first buy their $2400 bike and then a 3d printer. I guess if you already have both of these, you can save $10 on a mud guard by printing one yourself.

I do give the company props for giving out the plans, but i'm not sure anybody is going to buy this bike because of this giveaway.

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