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Comment Re:Life form? (Score 1) 391

So you are saying that a robot that builds cars is not alive, but if the design of the car gradually changes to the point that it no longer is a car but is just like the original robot, at this point the original robot is alive? So the robot came to life at some point just because of a manufacturing process change? This makes no sense to me.

Comment Re:Do beef cows have rights? (Score 2) 288

Only those who fight for their rights have rights.

Not really. Babies and mentally or physically impaired people also have rights.


Robots that are not programmed to know about rights, and therefore cannot fight to protect them, do not.

So if someone programs a robot to lecture you on rights and get real nasty if you don't agree with it, it does have rights? Sounds like just a crazy machine to me and an inhumane disconnection might be in order.

Also, there are many examples of groups of people who are fighting for rights and not getting anything. In the least robot rights should be considered only when human rights are properly figured out.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 459

I smoke a ton of weed and wouldn't care if they made baby food out of it, but it can trigger psychotic episodes in mentally ill people.

Everyday life can trigger psychotic episodes in mentally ill people.
So can odd noises, squirrels, religion and the voices that only they hear.

yeah, those squirrels... they can be real assholes. Especially when they get high on drugs!!! http://blog.etherea.org/archives/000189.html

Comment Re:The deaf are kind of militant these days (Score 1) 694

On the other hand more people who were born with normal hearing are now going deaf and at younger ages because of damage produced by excesive noise (from having earphones too loud, from more powerfull sound equipment at discos, etc). So maybe it could just get worse. Also these implants are not available/affordable everywhere and that could take a long while to fix.

Comment an eclipse at night? (Score 1) 116

The title sure looks strange. I guess for some people the event would occur at their night, but the important people today are the ones who are in daylight at the time and can see it and send photos for the rest of the world to see. Probably some of them are also slasdotters and will also wonder about the eclipse "tonight" article.

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