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Journal alien9's Journal: My New Adventures in Lo-Fi

...or, why don't they want me?

I acknowledged something today.

The enterprises are the same and scenery is remarkably the same. Nowadays, I have been warned and people hardly could surprise me.

I failed... or did I escape?

Java is not the fuss anymore, and would not be that for me anyway. The Blue is a magnificent company, unfortunately I went there the wrong way. Every place can be wonderful when you are focused and points at the right kind of people and activity. I am seriously training myself to tell between delusion and other delusion.

I do not want to use Windows anymore... not when I finally have the means to build a kernel, when I have every software I love up and running with every machine I can get. If you are a potential employer... keep this point in mind. If you are dealing with me you may face the style I am used to. I am a bad poker player, more likely adept of logic than magic. I believe what I can see. And I have a sharp sight. My style is very based on clear goals and astonishing frankness. I don't know how to play and I don't tell jokes.

* alien9 went to a job interview and performed really really bad - and is having some fun.

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My New Adventures in Lo-Fi

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