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Journal alien9's Journal: Is Atheism Intrinsecally Bad For Business...?

Nowadays, religion stands as shelter for people. Maybe despite the evidences, the still mean comfort and some mysterious form of satisfaction.

In certain contexts it is more than an individual choice: it is a certification with ethic purposes. Divine threat still keeps many of us from doing simply as bad as we can.

So, everyone may be somehow comfrontated with a situation of pressure related to someone's concepts. I remember once the company I was working at to be visited by a priest, to give a kind of bless to people. Imagine a fat, old drunk piece of crap, that the priest was. I standed up with no laugh in the meantime.

Later, it turned out to me to discover a keylogger operating in my station.

Besides I went pissed off I still realized that, from certain people's ethics, there's nothing wrong with the attitude of stealthy peeking at the employee's screen and keyboard; for obscure reason the same people define as a major lack of respect to not comply with the company regarding to the subject of god.

What should be the positive attitude?

From past experiences, I learned to hide away flamebait opinions. At some moment I always fall into moral disgrace from blasphemy: Threatened by immaginary friends of someone else.

Dog bless you all!

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Is Atheism Intrinsecally Bad For Business...?

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