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Journal alien9's Journal: Hey, I don't Want That Futile Gadget

I hate Xmas. I feel sad at this time because the holidays. I feel people both so naive and hypocrite. I really don't find fun anymore at Xmas. When I was in London I saw the famous trend to greet 'happy holidays' instead 'merry xmas'. New times, when muslims are part of the market and diversity is on the tune. Now Jews are having chanuka peacefully. OK, that's nice. I don't complain about that. I am actually pretty unaware of it all.

The point is, sincerely inspired by Richard Dawkins concept that religion is the great delusiuon and a subject to an attack from clearified minds, I see modern holidays concept as more degradating event than it was before, when it used to be a religious celebration with every sort of religious mockery.

My unfortunated city is collapsing by the rush of its citizens for holiday shopping season, a coletive move which is destinated to provide goods for a maeaningless celebration of welfare, orgy of banalities, empty ceremony for nothing and a really catastrophic situation. The poor ones stalking the riches' tables.

I am actually very close tyo my relatives. I enjoy being together with my wife and my kids. I have that kind of deep respect to ancestors.

The point about Christmas and such things is that they do not improve human relationship the way it is supposed to. Instead, they are a celebration of success to the economy, the industrial apotheosis, a hill of brand new bright toys which end up to the landfill next year. Why is not anyone angry about that waste?

I turn into desperation seeing Jesus The Holy Child turning into Santa the Holy Gift Dropper. That sort of modern mythology we are deep throated with nowadays. I miss the Poor Litle Bastard. Just because the replacing myth is still worst. I don't see any progress.

By the way, I thankfully accept gifts from you.

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Hey, I don't Want That Futile Gadget

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