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Comment Re:What are they gonna do? (Score 1) 477

Refuse to tell us how to reboot our Dells?

When I worked on the Google IT help desk in 2008, I had to walk a newly hired computer science graduate on how to TURN ON his workstation. He actually expected to find someone standing to turn on the workstations like they do at the university computer labs. He was shocked that he had to do manual labor.

Did you have to hold it for him when he had to go?

Comment Re:Critical mass?!?! DAMN that Trump! (Score 0, Offtopic) 201

He got a royalties from books, his money will have been in the hands of some kind of fund manager who was investing it in a blind trust. It doesn't sound implausible, mostly due to the book royalties. At least he is publishing this, unlike some other presidents...

You didn't read the article you are replying to. Here, I'll help sort that out for you: The president received royalties between $35,000 and $115,000 on his three books.

$115,000 != $12,200,000.

From that article that was quoted:

2007: Obama earns $3.3 million off book royalties from Random House and $816,000 from Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Comment Re:Twitter is dead (Score 1) 62

I could have made the same comment vs Clinton had she been elected. This election was Wall Street and establishment vs. Reality TV failed real estate mogul. And I didn't support anyone, nor vote, I don't live in the US. But good luck with your new guy. The devil you don't know, I guess...

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