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Submission + - The North Pole turns into a lake (

alabandit writes: The North Pole may conjure up images of impressive ice sheets and freezing winds, but scenes from a webcam there reveal a different story.
Two weeks of warm weather in the high Arctic have caused an aquamarine lake to begin forming since July 13, according to the North Pole Environmental Observatory’s camera.
The National Snow and Ice Data Centre has reported that temperatures in early July were one to three degrees Celsius higher than the year’s average over most of the Arctic Ocean.

Comment Re:We must stop them! (Score 2) 267

I know how this ends...with a giant sucking sound as the world's oceans drain into the earth's core. Then, as steam builds inside the planet, the earth turns into a giant exploding kernel of popcorn.

Congratulations to NASA on finding away to alleviate their funding problems! Time to buy property on the mars is now!

Comment Worked in Africa (Score 1) 365

Did this in South Africa, and other than making sure you in a good spot for reception (or drops you you 2g), it went quiet smoothly. The local cellular companies have maps of coverage and what to expect through out South Africa, so I made sure I only selected places to stop that had coverage.

Comment Boot from DVD (Score 1) 320

1) Boot from a DVD (Non-Writable Drive) and Backup hard disk, NO APPLICATIONS!!! 2) Then format and reinstall. 3) Reset router Firm Ware 4) Rest any and all passwords from a secure terminal (You Boot disk should be sufficently secure if you force https) 5) Monitor you local Credit Record, Bank Accounts and such, with a fine tooth come for the next 6 months

Comment Documentary Film Maker (Score 2) 223

As a Documentary Film Maker, I am glad that any one is watching my films and happy to redistribute them. But, I don't want TV station taking my hard work and making a profit off them and not giving me a cent. I also often use footaged owned by large productions houses (As time machines are unavailable, I can't reshoot historic moments), and there clause are pretty standard, that for every dollar I make they want a peice; which, as a film make (that cost to produce films) I need to make money so have no problem with this logic.

Comment Re:No one is going to do [x] on a mobile device? (Score 1) 177

correctly designing the content for the target audience is essential. Any editor/director will spend hours on this. If you download "oil changing for dumies" use the fast farward or skip button or download the content at the level you need. i for one hate badly haked up instructional vids because some people are to lazy to skip a head

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