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Submission + - Facebook faces a potential lawsuit for misleading the investors during its IPO (securityresearch.in)

akm1489 writes: "As a result of the current Security Policy or Implementation, Facebook has been notified with a responsible disclosure well in advance but has not replied.Facebook has claimed 845 million MAUs as of December 31, 2011 and 483 million daily active users (DAUs) on average in December 2011 in its filing with the SEC.So this number includes the number of real people accounts, multiple accounts, ghost accounts, virtual people, game accounts and such. Hence this becomes a breach of trust where the management has willfully misled the investors regarding its user penetration, revenue generation on ad policy. This issue led facebook to be notified with a responsible disclosure and may led to potential lawsuit."

Submission + - Is Facebook IPO a scam? (securityresearch.in)

akm1489 writes: "When we last looked at the big datacenters that these top .com companies run, Facebook had 800,000 computers, Google had 600,000 and Microsoft just 350,000. Facebook is just a one trick pony – that just does one thing beautifully – that is Social Networking. Google does that and also so many other things such as search, email, maps and so on. Microsoft even provides virtual labs where huge communities of developers get trained to use its technologies for free. And yet all these companies need fewer computers than Facebook – which means the costs for Facebook are much higher. Facebook attributes it to the higher level of engagement of its users – but does that higher level of engagement proportionally add to its revenue? Judge by yourself weather facebook IPO is scam or not."

Submission + - Is Google cheating on us (blogspot.com)

akm1489 writes: Obviously google is most precise search engine but it is in one way or another giving its user a false impression.Generally people think how google returns millions of result in fraction of second : some people argue that it uses hardware accelerator for comparison,searching,sorting any other advanced techniques.May be all arguments are correct but the theme line is basically google doesn't returns millions of result for any query,it is there in their policy that they don't retrieve more than 1000 result for any query,demonstration is their in http://ananyamallik.blogspot.com/2011/02/is-google-cheating-on-ius.html

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