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Comment They tried that nonsense up here in Alaska (Score 1) 209

A local lawyer bucked the rules on it and posted all the state laws on their website for all to see. A couple of years of many of the other lawyers in the state trying to force them to shut down that part of their website and the state relented. Now the State of Alaska has them posted in a searchable database on the official state website.

Comment Re:What is slack? (Score 2) 68

And why should I use it in place of email or the telephone?

Because keeping up with a dozen team members in geographically, time zone and time schedule diverse places is a pain. More than once I have ended up working with instructions or a document that had been superseded and I was unaware of the fact that it had been superseded.

You end up in a situation with a dozen people hitting "reply all" or calling each other on the telephone leaving messages. While you're listening to one message or talking to one person, three others call and leave more messages and sending emails in between.

Maybe Slack isn't "The" answer, maybe it still needs some work, but it's a step in the right direction.

Comment Lounge area? (Score 3, Interesting) 164

In some of the early 747s the upstairs was set up as a lounge area. If it were practical to have an area like this as something of a business lounge, I wouldn't mind people on their phones there. I don't believe this is practical now. People making normal, polite, business calls in the seat next to me probably wouldn't bother me too much. Letting Aunt Martha know what time you'll be in...OK. Angry business calls and "relationship" calls...No way!! I think people need to be satisfied with a text-based messaging system for communicating while on an aircraft.

Comment Re:Safety first? (Score 3, Informative) 164

No. The reason for originally banning cell phones on aircraft was that when you get some altitude, you're tying up frequencies on towers for 20 miles instead of the usual couple of blocks. You're interfering with the ability of others to use the system. CB radios were banned in aircraft for the same reason.

Comment Reader argStyopa needs some education (Score 1) 260

1) Paper is not readable under all circumstances. You need acceptable light. You need functioning eyes. If it's been wet, it's probably gone (my data is backed up)

2) Put paper in a file and come back in ten years and bugs & vermin have gotten to it, there's been a fire. Your paper no longer exists. I suppose acid free paper might help, but I've only heard about it, I've never seen it.

3) People have been editing paper for years. Look at all the trouble the banks go to secure checks and make sure people don't edit them.

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