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Comment Reader argStyopa needs some education (Score 1) 260

1) Paper is not readable under all circumstances. You need acceptable light. You need functioning eyes. If it's been wet, it's probably gone (my data is backed up)

2) Put paper in a file and come back in ten years and bugs & vermin have gotten to it, there's been a fire. Your paper no longer exists. I suppose acid free paper might help, but I've only heard about it, I've never seen it.

3) People have been editing paper for years. Look at all the trouble the banks go to secure checks and make sure people don't edit them.

Comment Take a page from the NFL's playbook (Score 4, Insightful) 188

The NFL invests thousands of dollars upgrading connectivity in stadiums hosting the Superbowl and other major NFL events.

They've figured out that people attending these events aren't going to take anybody's broadcast revenues by sharing on social media. It's about sharing the experience with their friends and family. A picture, or video clip, that shows...I was here!! This helps build up the hype, viewership, and attendance overall.

Comment Why buy a PC when most don't need it? (Score 1) 314

Most people don't need the complication and headaches of a PC, be it MS or Apple. I realize a significant percentage of people here are gamers, programmers, & IT people, most of the population isn't.

For most people, a smartphone and an "ultra portable" like a Chromebook is all they really need. We are already seeing sales of new iPhone decline, I think because most have gotten a phone as powerful as they are comfortable with now combined with few significant new features. Chromebook sales is the only market segment showing an increase.

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