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Submission + - Mobile Carriers Use Firefox OS To Fight Google, Apple (

jfruh writes: "The first Firefox OS phones are arriving, and the fledgling mobile platform is getting a surprising amount of backing from mobile carriers. One reason: those carriers believe it provides a weapon against Apple and Google, which the mobile industry sees as raking in profits for apps and phones that rightfully belong to the companies that deal with government regulations and build out mobile infrastructure."

Submission + - SDA gaming marathon raises 100k for charity with 4 days to go (

Radix37 writes: "Speed Demos Archive is running a charity gaming marathon, "Awesome Games done Quick", to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Come watch dozens of games be played live with blazing speed. There are various donation incentives and prizes to help raise money. Over $100,000 has been raised so far, and we're only on day 3 out of 7!"

Submission + - Corpse-Seeking Flies Uncover Hidden Species (

sciencehabit writes: If carrion flies have one enviable talent, it's finding animal carcasses in the wilderness, something they surpass even the most systematic and intrepid field biologists at doing. Now, researchers may be able to capitalize on the insects' gruesome gift to survey biodiversity. Capture the flies, a new study shows, and DNA from their last meals will tell you which animals live in the area. In addition to scanning an area's biodiversity, the technique has the potential to reveal species that are new to science.

Submission + - QuNeo Stress Test Video Going Viral: Just Add Beer (

An anonymous reader writes: A stress test video of the QuNeo MIDI controller featuring a beer shower and a precipitous fall, is going viral on YouTube. Conducted by, the test evaluates the durability of the latest product from Keith McMillen Instruments. The QuNeo is a totally sexy and disruptive music controller for digital DJ/EDM/Producer types, and was the #1 most funded music tech project in KickStarter history (backers included Herbie Hancock, Richie Hawtin, Matt Black of Ninja Tune, and even Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones).

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