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Comment Do we really? (Score 1) 382

We need carbon based fuel in the now.

Don't know about you, but gas is under $2/gallon where I'm at. Natural gas is holding steady over the last 5 years. Hard to justify any desperate we-need-it-right-now measure.

Let's produce it here. Make jobs here.

The Keystone pipeline takes oil from Alberta, Canada and moves it to Port Arthur for sale and shipment. Apart from building the thing, how would this make jobs here?

Global warming is a far more pressing problem. We don't need more oil, we need less. Any money put to this pipeline would pay far greater dividends in renewable energy sources. Wind, solar, tidal, hydroelectric. Oil was great in its day, but just like coal - it's rapidly becoming unnecessary.

Comment Which makes more sense? (Score 2) 382

Even if all electricity were to come directly from coal, which do you think would add more pollutants to the atmosphere? A million cars, each with a little dinky catalytic converter on them, or a few coal plants with gigantic industrial scrubbers that are not limited by size/space/weight constraints?

Comment games (Score 1) 611

init strings
modem connection sounds - and what they meant
DOS memory management
wiring pin outs for serial, parallel and Ethernet cables
null modem cables
IPX/SPX and how to tune the daylights out of it
dip switches

Mind you, many of the above were necessary to do things like play games with your friends. Thinking about it, I learned a lot about networking and hardware because I wanted to play games with my friends and network games were only for the brave. We would hack games that were only supposed to work at the LAN level to work online so we didn't have to haul our computers over every time we wanted to play.

Comment Re:TIL (Score 3, Informative) 309

The packaging for the product described in the OP looks no different from five similar and safe products that are on the shelf at your local drugstore. The word "homeopathic" is in small type compared to other marketing words - which are the same words used on much safer products - and many people have no idea what "homeopathic" means in any case.

So yeah, no. This is a clear case of misleading packaging and marketing; whether it is a criminal case remains to be seen.

Comment No kidding (Score 3, Informative) 203

We have electronic locks at work, and they are on the Internet. They are VLAN'd and firewalled off but they are still on the Internet because the company that administers them is remote. You can argue we should do it our self and I'd agree, but that is the arrangement. However every single one can be overridden on the inside the the handle. The locking mechanism is just that it basically unlocks the door frame so you can push it open from the outside with the electronic lock. Inside, you can always use the handle to override.

The reason is, as you say, fire code. All our doors always open towards the outside, no matter what. Old lock and key doors are the same. You will find a door with a Medeco lock on the outside that can't be permanently unlocked, only turned to move the bolt, but on the inside ti is just a bar you push to open it up. No matter where you are in the building, you can always get out just by following the doors that will open manually with no key/code. The locks are for locking people out, not in.

Comment No, just get a good charger and good cable (Score 1) 152

I mean one option is just to stick with old chargers. Your phone will work fine, it'll just charge slow. If you want a fast charger, just get a good one that is certified to work with it. Anker is a great choice, their chargers are well built and Qualcom certified for quick charging. Likewise get a good cable that is rated to handle the voltage/current. Being a phone it isn't going to be a ton so it really won't be an issue.

Comment What's the solution though? (Score 1) 152

If you are going to have power adapters that can provide 100 watts, in the form of 20v 5a that are on the same setup as devices that might draw 5v 100ma you have to have some kind of communication.

It isn't the current draw that is the only issue, it is the voltage. New USB specs allow for higher voltages. That's a problem if the receiving device can't tell it what to set it at. The charger I have for my phone can do 5v, 9v or 12v. My phone wants 9v. Somehow, the phone has to tell it what to send.

In terms of current, that has to be communicated but not with the device, with the wire. USB-C cables that can do high current have to have chips in them to communicate that they have that capability. The reason is easy to see: Look at a standard USB2 cable. Do those wires look like they can handle 5a? Ya.

So the only way to make a standard that remains compatible with the ports and devices we already have and can provide high voltage and current is to use communication.

Otherwise, you need a clean break to a new standard that requires higher gauge cables and uses a higher voltage.

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