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Comment Re:Good counter-argument, but I think it won't hap (Score 1) 114

A law to the extent that "no autonomous vehicle shall be used to transport passengers or cargo for hire within the limits of the city. Violators shall forfeit the vehicle and pay a $250,000 fine" still supports the autonomous car, and would make the unions happy. Most big cities are deeply blue, and deep blue areas are the places where unions still have any kind of foothold and still exercise power.

Again, I think you're just being unrealistic in your assessment of how easy it will be to displace things like taxi unions.

Comment Re:Careful Seattle, payback is coming (Score 1) 114

If I were building a giant fleet of autonomous robot cars, guess which markets I would absolutely flood with them as soon as they were ready? Any markets that tried to block my human driver efforts today...

There's a gaping hole in your logic: governments that can block your human driver efforts could (would) also block your autonomous vehicles.

Comment Re: Ditch AT&T (Score 1) 88

ATT is gone, the company bearing the name today is southern bell company, SBC. ATT split itself up and sold all the pieces, SBC bought the name.

Someone else noted that you got the particular baby bell wrong, but seriously, how can you say "this isn't AT&T." It's a bunch of AT&T successor companies that merged back together.

"It's not the Empire, it's the First Order. Sure they've got stormtroopers, and TIE fighters, and Star Destroyers, and evil jedi/sith with their red lightsaber blades, and yeah, they've got an even bigger death star and they're blowing up planets, their Vader analog is running around with Vader's fucking head in his sock drawer, but they don't have Bell Labs and Verizon, so it's obviously not AT&T."

Comment Re:Startups (VC funding) should make $1million mes (Score 1) 408

For example, I worked for a company that was growing 80% per year, becoming a leader in a new business segment. They would quickly duct tape together some software that would allow them to expand into another chunk of the market, a chunk that will be worth $20 million in four years. Later, they can spend $1 million to go back and fix the duct tape mess. They net $19 million that way, incurring $1 million in technical debt to quickly grab $20 million of the market before competitors do.

While I agree the above is completely logical, the difference between technical debt and financial debt is that there is no one holding you accountable for paying back the former. There's also the problem that technical debt has its own interest expenses... you'll find that your initial shortcuts have been built upon, and those things have themselves been built upon, and you can't simply fix the original problem without incurring FAR more cost. Even if the costs to fix the problem haven't ballooned, the money people have no desire to "waste" that million dollars to retire technical debt. They'd rather spend by investing in another new market, or paying bonuses, or dividends.

Comment Re: Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 2, Insightful) 495

You are simply mis-reading what is stated in that document. The US citizen parent had to be resident in the US for ten years (prior to the birth). How can I be so certain? I am in a similar category, but was born outside the US to a US mother and a father who had not been ten years resident in the US. I had, since birth, US citizenship until I renounced a few years ago.

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

Being transgender doesn't grant immunity from being mentally ill.

Being mentally ill, on the other hand, often leads to various misguided ideas concerning own sexuality, often driving one to the gender change operation.

And it's quite close-minded, to think mental illnesses are only a problem among straight cisgender people, and never touch the LGBT community - and so is thinking no mentally ill person will ever have their mental illness lead them to gender-related confusion.

Blanket claim that no transgender is ever mentally ill is just as bigoted as transgender is a mental illness.

Comment Re: How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

Except you're missing a fairly broad margin of "professional victims" whose lie was NOT exposed - or at least, they managed to cover their tracks well enough, that whoever exposed their lie, didn't manage to gather enough rock-solid evidence to make their case.

If you look close at many of the "victim cases", there's very often something stinky, something dodgy, something suspicious - but since "they are the victims, they are suffering", any attempts to dig deeper are seen as most despicable carrion-eater activity, attempts to harm the poor victims! That way a lot of fraudsters can get by with total impunity, safe in their conviction that their lies will never be exposed.

Seriously, step out of your echo chamber and google "[name] is a fraud". You will only very rarely find any solid proof - but you WILL find suspicious activity - which you will not be able to trace down, neither prove or disprove, due to the "victim protection" atmosphere.

Comment Re: How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

Still need Anita Sarkeesian to lose her position. She's been shown as a fraud, she's been shown as totally ignorant in the field she claims to be an expert, and she has a devout following of rabid fanatics who happily swallow every her lie and attack anyone who points out how she keeps stealing their money, keeps blatantly lying in her videos, and how she blames every single complaint against her on misogyny.

Comment Re:A clear preference (Score 1) 732

"Excellent president"

Sure, if you ignore the fact that:
3) Waco and Ruby Ridge happened under Clinton's DOJ, which led to the further rise of insane right-wing militias. Those incidents also led directly to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

I wasn't aware that Bill Clinton was already in office in 1992.

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