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Submission + - Hypoallergenic cat a scam?

airuck writes: Designer pet buyers beware! Some investigative reporting on the founder of Allerca Lifestyle Pets reveals a criminal past and time served in England. It also reveals some questionable activity around the source of the "hypoallergeic cat", which may in fact be a Savannah, a previously existing cross between a domestic cat and a wild African serval, Leptailurus serval.

Interestingly, Allerca has claimed that the allergy inducing gene and protein product are not detectable by their proprietary PCR test or Western blot. Since the gene, Fel d 1, has never been sequenced from the African serval, this may explain why their systems do not detect it. It is well known, however, that these African servals induce allergies. One competitor has stated that "if you wash a cat, you can remove almost all of the allergen from the fur, and that will last for a day or two". Allerca used to sell shampoo for this very purpose.

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