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Comment federally funded research (Score 1) 105

While I agree whole-heartedly with open science/open access, most public research in California is federally funded, not state funded. Although some institutes, like the NIH, require publication to journals, the journals themselves can and do have commercial policies. This is where real battle is currently being waged.

Comment Linux got me into bioinformatics (Score 1) 739

I had a boring job at a contract lab in Switzerland. It was the middle of winter in 1998. I installed slackware on a laptop and learned C and Perl. I moved back to California to another boring job, but kept up. After two years and a lot of work, I became the head of bioinformatics at a startup biotech company. I taught Perl and bioinformatics courses at the local universities, but have stayed in industry ever since. I picked up a lot of skills along the way, from building HPC pipelines on clusters, RDBMS (postgres), serving up information through LAMP, and building novel pattern recognition and visualization systems.
Linux is now second nature and my whole family uses it for computing and on various devices around the house. I can't imagine going without it

Comment no pirate bay, no vinyl sales (Score 1) 1

I recently built out an all analog stereo (turntable, tube amp, and delicious folded horn speakers) to justify inheriting my fathers LP collection, which is mostly jazz and classical. I typically hunt for new music to add to the collection by reading on line reviews, listening to samples, downloading albums by the same musicians that I find on Pirate Bay, and then depending on what I hear, deciding to commit to purchasing on vinyl. I buy about one LP album per week and that is mostly due to Pirate Bay.

Linux Business

Submission + - World of Goo ported to Linux (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Lovers of both games and Free Open Source Software will be pleased to see that the popular World of Goo has been released for Linux. Designed by a small team of two ex-Electronic Arts developers, Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, who used their entire combined savings of $10,000.00 USD to create the gooey game aimed at guiding goo balls to salvation. The developers built their goey world with open-source technologies such as Simple DirectMedia Layer, Open Dynamics Engine for physics simulation, and TinyXML for configuration and animation files. Subversion and Mantis Bug Tracker were used for work coordination. Blogger Ken Starks points out that the release of this popular game for Linux could be a big step toward ending the chicken-and-egg problem of a dearth of good games that run natively under Linux."

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