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Comment Quick Charge (Score 1) 208

QC works exactly as advertised. I bought a car version on Amazon for ten bucks from Aukey. It literally fills my Turbo approx 1-2% for every minute on the charger. I go over to my girlfriend's, my phone is up 30%; random small trips during the day keep it nicely topped up. It's a game changer.

Comment Pebble (Score 1) 381

Lasts three days or more on a charge, perfectly readable in any light. It's incredibly valuable since my phone is on my belt in a pouch at work, and I sometimes don't feel the vibrate but I can't have the ringer on all the time. Apps let me respond to text messages with short choices, and control my music. All I want is the price on a Steel to drop a little and I'm there.

Comment Netbook + Toddler Keys (Score 1) 302

I have an Asus netbook that works pretty well for this situation. Cheap enough that I don't give a damn about it, really, and it's held up reasonably well to my 2 year old daughter. Install Toddler Keys so that she can bang away on the keys without it doing much of anything, and disable the "close lid = standby or hibernate" feature because that'll cause some hangups. After that, you're pretty much golden, and at least in my case my kid is more interested in the Skype session because she can move the whole computer whereever she wants and sit down to talk to Mommy.

Comment At-Will (Score 0, Offtopic) 340

I'm at an organization where a similar situation is proceeding through the HR hell.
The unfortunate part is that as an at-will employee, which we all basically are at my job, they have to do something highly illegal to actually get sued for firing you. You can show up and pick your nose and get fired for it, and it's just "at will."...

Now, if they actually said "Because of this" you might have a better case, because then they're stepping on first amendment stuff. But if they said "Because we want to" you'd be SOL. People don't get that your first amendment rights protect you from jail time, not protect you from any consequence at all.

Comment Pain Scale (Score 1) 617

I work as a nurse, and we use the 0-10 scale for pain. 0 is no pain, 10 is the worst, most horrible pain you've ever had. Most people claim 8 while on their cellphone, eating a sandwich, or laughing with friends. At least a few times a shift someone will say "14" or "20". This marks them as idiots.


A Genetically Engineered Fly That Can Smell Light 111

An anonymous reader writes "It sounds like a cool — if somewhat pointless — super-powered insect: a fly that can smell light! Researchers added a light-sensitive protein to a fruit fly's olfactory neurons, which caused the neurons to fire when the fly was exposed to a certain wavelength of blue light. Adding the protein specifically to neurons that respond to good smells, like bananas, makes for a light-seeking fly."

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