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Comment NOT a waste of time (Score 2) 197

Short and Sweet: YES, do take the time to clean your electronics. Below is my own subjective experience. YMMV

When I was 17 I owned what was arguably the best laptop available to consumers in the whole world. It had the first edition of Pentium 4 mobile processors, a dvd burner and a 32 MEG (!) GeForce 4 mobile video card. I was the envy of all my friends. (I got it from the make a wish foundation after having cancer, they envied the laptop, not the cancer)

A year later the CD drive seemed to stop reading any media that I put in. It was intermittent for a long time but eventually it wasn't able to read anything. This made was a pain because bios' back then didn't support booting from USB and when I wanted to re ghost the thing the CD's were useless. I tried booting it over the network but that was a huge pain in the ass and didn't go well. I continued to use the laptop for another year or two.

I got a new desktop computer and the laptop went to collect dust in my desk drawer. A few years later I was cleaning out my desk and brought out the old laptop, wondering if I could get the OS reinstalled somehow. CD ROM drive still didn't work. I took a Q-tip and swabbed the little laser lens thingymabob just for shits (it didn't look dusty or dirty) Magically, Every CD I put in suddenly worked. The lens was just a little smudged I guess. I didn't use a perfectly good computer for years because of some stupid dust. (I forgot to mention, the computer was at a point where I reformatted but hadn't put any os on it so it was useless even for simple tasks)

I also had a desktop computer that use to freeze occasionally during times of intense rendering / cpu usage. It was pretty old and when I opened the case there was a lot of dust collected in the proc's cooling fan. I just blew on it (no canned air) and got most of the dust out. No more over heating problems.

Comment Re:Foreskin (Score 1) 544


I think you really don't give a shit about the politics of this. This isn't about Israel or constitutional rights.

This is about you being a terrible father who is incapable of protecting his own child. That's what you're angry about. Don't kid yourself, you don't give a shit about any other child but your own.

Annoyingly callous and presumptuous, true, but at the same time I was only trying offer some kind of comfort from one human being to another that 'everything is going to be ok.'

And it will be.

Comment Re:Foreskin (Score 0) 544

I have read your argument and sympathize. I was circumcised when i was born without my 'consent.' But for fucks sake dude who gives a shit? You can argue this until you're sore in the throat. I'm sorry you weren't able to control your son's circumcision but I can promise you that I have no memory of mine and the fact that my penis looks the same as my fathers DID have an impact on my sexual identity. I absolutely believe it's the parents right to choose.... but it's just that... the parent's right to choose... we have children because we trust ourselves to be able to make the right decisions for them... (if you don't want the child you can have an abortion, even in states where it's illegal there are ways to end unwanted pregnancy) Having a child is a choice, circumcision can be a choice of the parent or of the child later in life... but i hold no grudge against my mother and father for choosing to have my foreskin removed. I don't remember it and as far as I am concerned it never happened and I was born this way... I hope in earnest that your son feels the same way. If he doesn't then there is plastic surgery as well as natural ways to regrow foreskin. Your son is going to be fine... In 30 years, i promise you, if there is anything holding him back in life it will not be his lack of foreskin.

Comment Finally someonein psychology101is paying attention (Score 2, Interesting) 220

I found that the thing that kept me investing time into two types of games (fps and mmorpg) was the camaraderie of my clan and guild (respectively.) I was absolutely substituting my lack of friends in the real world with faceless avatars of the digital. When I came to this realization about 7 years ago, I almost completely quit playing games except for the occasional single player campaign. Since I've cut back, my life has blossomed in countless ways, I have a stable career, a girlfriend I always have time for, and a multitude of hobbies ranging from sleight of hand to martial arts, to sketching and foreign language, to writing fiction and beyond. There will be those who quickly dismiss this article. There will be those who claim the author has only taken one psychology class and thinks he knows everything. But I think a lot of you are just afraid to admit how much your personal gaming holds you back in life. There are countless arts to master in this world. Ancient traditions that hold wisdom and have been passed on through countless generations are all around you and ready to be learned. Maybe I was born in the wrong generation, who's to say? I just know that the accomplishments I've made in the 'real world' far outweigh anything I've done in the digital. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against video games but yes, people play them for the wrong reasons and they could be putting their real life time towards things like curing cancer. You want to master the art that is artificial? Say it to my face that this is your heart's desire and I will beat you until you decide it would be better to invest more time in self defense classes. (I tried to put a less than sign and a 3 here to make a heart but I couldn't get past the filter so just pretend this comment was lighthearted and we'll all get along)

Comment Work with them individually (Score 1) 634

Don't try to get all of them into it at the same time. Most likely people will be socializing too much to pay attention and it will all be for nothing. Instead sit each of them down with a tng episode you think they would like. If their into drama and emotional stuff start with season five's 'the inner light' (some of Patrick's best acting) if they're into mystery watch the one where the crew is being abducted in their sleep by an alien race from another dimmension. If they like action then watch the two part borg battle. Just don't try to make a party out of it. The Next Generation should be shared as a deep and intimate experience and treated with the same respect you would have for love making or a religious experience.

Comment Productivity vs. Creativity (Score 1) 405

This is just my own subjective observations. I've been a sushi chef for some time now and I can safely say that ten years ago, if you had been caught wearing headphones in the kitchen you would have been fired or reprimanded immediately. Nowadays it's unusual to see dishwashers and prep cooks without at least one ear bud in. What I've noticed is that personal music definitely slows down productivity in the kitchen environment. The dishwashers and prep staff slow their pace down and are often fumbling to keep their buds in their ears and I frequently have to stop what I'm doing and walk over to them to ask them for something rather than just being able to call out what I need when I'm in the middle of a rush. It can be incredibly frustrating at times but the boss says they can listen since they're not front of the house. If I'm trying to crank out 100 rolls before we open for a catering event I can't let anything distract me, especially when I'm having to move fast and there are other people with knives moving behind me. The way music has benefit me though is in my creativity. When the right song is playing and I'm in the "flow" I find myself discovering new and cool presentations for rolls and sashimi that had never occurred to me before. Music has even inspired a few rolls I've created and they've been appropriately named after the songs. Just my two cents. If anyone's in the Seattle area and wants to try a 'paradise city' roll send me a PM and I'll tell you where to go.

Comment Re:Not just Eel (Score 1) 63

Interestingly enough in japan they eat farm raised salmon more than wild caught. Why? Farm raised salmon can be eaten fresh without risk of parasites. Wild salmon needs to be frozen because of all the time spent in fresh water, it's at risk for contracting worms. A lot of sushi chefs still check their fish for worms the old fashioned way (by eye) but a lot of restaurants and chefs don't want to bother with the risk and just order farm raised salmon so they can serve it fresh every time.

Comment the price of eel (Score 1) 63

The price of eel has gone up drastically in the past 18 months (from 200$ a case to almost 400$) I'm a sushi chef at a restaurant in seattle so for once slashdot has a story relevant to my work (somewhat.) While I'm sure this testing has contributed to the rise in price the real reason behind this is the unsustainability of current farm raising methods (eg, dig a hole in the ground, throw the fry in, raise them, dig another hole etc) it just keeps getting more expensive to find new land to dig new holes to grow them in not to mention they're catching less and less wild fry to raise in the holes. I've seen a few comments here about the taste of farm raised fish vs wild caust and I'd like to set the record straight on eel. (Salmon is a whole 'nother ball game that you could probably write a thesis on) Farm raised and wild eel taste the same. The misconception that wild eel tastes 'better' has nothing to do with how it grows and everything to do with how it's cooked. 98% of sushi restaurants in america all use farm raised, pre cooked, frozen eel. The difference in taste with these typically comes from the sauce the company uses to grill it in and the grilling method (grilled on a stove or roasted in an oven) if the eel looks thin / flat it was probably grilled in a skillet. If it looks thick and plump it was probably broiled. After its cooked in sauce it's packed and frozen and sent to sushi restaurants everywhere where it only needs to be heated a little bit and seared to be ready to eat. Typically when a restaurant orders wild eel they order it frrozen but uncooked. The 'better' taste simply comes from each restaurant using their own unique sauce and grilling method in house. If you were to grill the wild eel using the same industrial methods as the typical farm raised stuff it would taste exactly the same. Mostly all pre cooked frozen brands taste about the same, there are a few brands that are slightly higher in quality (I couldn't tell you which, all the packaging I see is in japanese) but they all cost about the same. You'll know if your restaurant is cooking their own eel because you'll be paying about $5-7 per piece of nigiri vs. The average 3.00 per piece for farm raised. (Your prices may vary depending on your location in the US)

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