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Comment Re:Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru (Score 1) 437

Or perhaps for some purposes, we'll eventually dispense with real vocalists altogether -- Vocaloid. A few quick examples of Miku Hatsune's work:


BTW, if anyone has any other examples they're particularly fond of, please link below.

Perfume is a good example. I know they are completely synthetic, but as an aging lech, I like them.

Comment Re:Congratulations, America (Score 1) 1656

I agree with your sentiment. Forgive my cheeseball reference, but a singer once said:

"... Mr. President I hereby pardon you of your crimes, for they are just as much mine..."

"...Selfishness and separation have led me to believe that the world is not my problem. The world is not my problem. I am the world. And you are the world..."

Certainly a ring of truth to that.

Comment Re:I am already so tired ... (Score 1) 1656

Then you clearly forget the esteem in which Clinton was held by the black electorate. People participate in a system in which they believe they are represented. Some forms of Democracy enforce representation for all constituents - our competitive "winner takes all" system does not (exactly). In any case, voter participation for people who feel (or are) disenfranchised is a long-term struggle. A well-educated and well-spoken man of Obama's ilk is compelling to more than just the minority electorate.

Comment Re:The Naivete of Hope (Score 1) 1656

Do you intend to be an anchor against full sails unfurled with the gusts of hope? Some are not prepared to give the 44th a change under any circumstances. I can't accuse you of this, but it is my hope that this is not your intention. I've never voted on the right, but I gave each man a chance no matter what stripes he wore.

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