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Comment The early bird gets the worm, (Score 1) 156

but the second mouse gets the cheese. Uber may survive being one of the early distributed ride hailing services, but the danger is that the spend so much money in the process that they go bankrupt and only the name will carry on after someone buys it in a fire sale when the company assets are liquidated.

Comment Bomb researcher not impressed with IED (Score 4, Insightful) 179

Expert: I mean, look at it - it's a bunch of nails and duct tape around a low explosive core which doesn't have nearly the proper confinement for even 50% of the maximum shock wave capable, much less the ability to transition to detonation. And this wiring - that's just disgraceful - the solder didn't even flow properly here, and this is entirely unsheilded - anything could set this off accidentally, even a cell phone. If you were in my training program, you're fail miserably.

Terrorist: We used one of these yesterday to kill 25 people and injure another 70 in a market in Aleppo.


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