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Comment EnvironMental Glee (Score 1) 712

It is amazing that in all their glee the environMentalists mentioned in this story forgot about the actual customers who are using the power the coal plants are producing. In case people have missed it, a huge amount of America is powered by coal plants and would need to be put on some other type of power. We are a bit limited at this point in time if sci-fi authors are to be believed for how power is produced in the future.

Comment Network Solutions, Isn't (Score 1) 405

I once used Network Solutions for my domain business but after a snafu on their part where I lost a domain for a couple years, switched to directnic.com. I pay the extra US$5 for Direct Privacy, which does all those things Network Solutions scam, er real email says it does. I don't understand why people are paying so much for a simple domain name every year either.

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 120

Amazingly enough, a friend and I were talking about very odd weather in our areas just last week. He lives in Reno and I am about three or four hours north of him, in Oregon. Back in the summer of 2003, I had seen four mid-air plasma balls during a huge thunderstorm. I had even spoken to a meteorologist friend who worked for ABC Medford (Oregon) after the storm passed by, who told me I had seen a very rare event. I only wish I had video.

What had happened was a bunch of thunderstorms had merged in to a super-cell and according to radar, was moving north and would pass through the valley I live in. As I was home anyway, decided to go upstairs to view the approaching storm. My home sits up a bit higher than the rest of town so I get a good view of storms coming up the valley.

As the storm arrived, the late afternoon light went to pitch black night. Lightning, thunder, lots of rain, wind, typical thunderstorm. But then I saw a ball appear in mid-air, maybe eight blocks south of me. It floated there for I have no idea how long, seconds. I did see colors on it of white, yellow, blue. Then it exploded with a huge noise. It sounded like a bomb, not a lightning crack, and it shook the house.

I have seen a lot of goofy storms over the years but never a ball of lightning in mid-air that exploded. Over the next few hours, saw three more balls, though much farther south, all of which exploded. After the storm was over, I called the friend who worked for ABC News and found out just what I had seen.

Comment Hello Japan (Score 1) 628

Your policies suck, seriously. In the past ten years, you have killed endangered species under the guise of "whale research," NUKED the Pacific Rim's oceans, air, and land, something people here in the Pacific Northwest should be very nervous about, and now we find out you are killing intelligent species because it is "tradition." Isn't time you rethink everything?

Comment Oh Please (Score 1) 846

Americans have a collective amnesia when it comes to the weather. Actually, world-wide that amnesia is present, how else can you explain one hundred year floods happening every other year.. People seem to block out that the weather in their location is stranger today than it was ten years ago. Where I live is far warmer, in January, than it should be. For example, yesterday had a high temp of 60.3F at 4:20pm but started out at 22.1F. Ten years ago, we were ass-deep in snow and lucky if the temp was above 0F.

Comment City Slickers Shouldn't Drive (Score 1) 635

If you live in a city, it is possible to "ditch the car." However, some of us live in rural areas and still need a vehicle, especially when a larger town is 100 miles away, one way. Although, if fuel prices rise and the economy continues its stall, I see a future of co-operative shopping happening soon.

Comment Oddities (Score 1) 692

A couple of years ago, I sat in on a few interviews for a non-profit and was stunned on the type of questions asked. It was very odd to hear questions about things not even remotely related to the actual job. I was under the impression you interviewed people interested in a certain job to see if they knew what they were doing, at least vocally. The person they eventually hired "worked smarter, not harder" so I guess it met their expectations because nothing got done.

Comment Fix The Brick (Score 1) 698

If China was behind the BIOS plot, aren't most all of the motherboards and their BIOS chips made in China anyway?

If a computer is "bricked" because the BIOS is faulty, have people forgotten that in the old days we could physically remove the BIOS and replace it with another. Looking at a new PC motherboard, BIOS chips are no longer replaceable. Maybe it is time American companies made the BIOS chips in America and made it so we can once again replace as needed.

Comment Seemed like a good idea, at the time.. (Score 1) 174

"The organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has proposed destroying at least 1000 tones of the confiscated Syrian chemical weapon stockpile out at sea, which some fear will destroy delicate eco systems vital to sea and human life alike. The OPCW claims the plan is 'technically feasible' ..."

Oookay, am sure it is "feasible" but if you have made a mistake, 'sorry you just killed everyone in the region.' Drop the mess in a volcano along with the Syrian brainiacs who thought chemical weapons were a good idea.

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