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Comment Re:Before you get your knickers in a bunch (Score 1) 360

Build 1511 was *intended* by Microsoft to be a refresh, not an update.

We were warned of this by our Microsoft reps over a month ago. I gave them shit because I told them "what happened to Windows 10 being the last version of Windows you'll ever install?", they said Build 1511 would be.

I'll believe it when I (don't) see it.

Comment IT work in South Korea (Score 4, Informative) 218

As someone who did IT work in South Korea this year for couple of weeks, I never felt so defeated trying to upgrade 15 computers from XP to Windows 7. We basically had to give everyone admin rights just for them to do their job. Bank sites that had 11 (!) ActiveX plugins with 3-factor security (password, token, plus USB key with a cert) just for them to log in - and they routinely "update" their controls, which of course, require Admin rights.

The branch manager didn't understand at first why we were having so much difficulty. I had to explain to him that if we adhered by our security standards, we'd have to close the branch because there wasn't a single operation they did which would otherwise be allowed.

Comment Re:That's one heck of a "long goodbye" (Score 2) 356

Almost all new corporate laptops now have display port (Lenovo, HP, Dell). All AMD-based corporate desktops now have DisplayPort as the "2nd monitor" on the onboard motherboard. (e.g. HP Compaq 6005)

However - it is ironic that "display panel" makers are "anxious", because if you look at most display makers' LCD offerings - maybe 1-2 models out of 15 or so will actually have a DisplayPort port - and you'll be paying a hefty premium for that. We have to buy adapters with every computer we buy for users who want dual monitor, because we're not going to pay an extra $150-$200 to get a monitor which has native DisplayPort.

You want a bargain basement monitor? They probably won't even have DVI. Many still are VGA-only to save on costs.


Comment Re:XP = Vista for upgrade pricing (Score 2, Insightful) 821

64-bit execution that works. XP-x64 has poor application compatibility compared with Vista-x64 and Win7-x64.

I call FUD. XP x64 is just 2003 x64, its the same kernel. 2003 x64 is rock solid, and so is XP x64.

Maybe you had a few things that didn't work, but it doesn't mean everyone did. It simply went by the wayside right away because Vista came out shortly after.

But in terms of speed and stability, nothing beats XP x64, in my opinion. I'd really challenge anyone to come up with a significant list of applications that work on Vista x64 that don't work on XP x64.

Star Wars 3D And TV 311

Master_of_Tumbleweeds writes "Rick McCallum, co-producer of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, appeared at a press conference in Japan earlier today. He spoke about the future of Star Wars, specifically about the 3D updates of all six films and the upcoming TV series. McCallum said that the 3D films would be released within two to three years, and that the TV shows would take place during the 20 year time period between Episode III and IV. He also mentioned that one of the shows would follow the adventures of a young Luke Skywalker, and reveal how certain characters ended up together. The show starts production next year."

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