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Comment Re:Norway isn't a member of the EU. (Score 1) 350

The company (Bergsala AB that distribute all Nintendo games in Scandinavia is situated in Sweden.
After someone posted ( link in Swedish) that he was thinking about trolling a resent legal ruling
that classify drawing of nude children as child pornography and see what the law say about DoA.
This post on a well known Swedish forum resulted in some media attention and that Nintendo chose to take the safe road and stop the sale of the game in Sweden
and because the storage and distribution point for Norway and Denmark is in Sweden they ain’t getting the game.

To clarify some things about the laws in Sweden.
Nudity isn't considered pornographic (except in sexual settings) and mostly mildly indecent.
It is legal to sell sex but not to buy.
The age of consent is 15 years.
The law about child pornography say that all nude images and images of people below 18 years of age is considered child pornography.
In reality are vacation pictures of nude children playing on a beach or things in the same category legal.
Most artistic images example "Virgin Killer album cover" artistic panting containing nude children.
Swedich police say that DoA is legal and when locking at the characters and judging their apparent maturity it don’t look like they are the age the game say and that makes is more legal ( link in Swedish).

The big problem is that the law is written in a strange way and have never been tried except in a active court case about a professional manga translater (Simon Lundström)
that apparently had an number of pictures that some part of the court system thought was illegal and higher courts didn’t at present a request have been filed that the Swedish highest court looks at it.

Comment Re:Troll. (Score 1) 1307

Funny my first thought was that sound exactly like my dad. He is the head for a department in a hospital and is somewhat good with computers he had to learn how to use em in the 1980s and he learnt some programming then but he hasn’t really stayed on top of the game and don't know any BSD at all. If he needed a computer with access from the outside he would probably put it on the unsecured parallel university network that he have access to (He have to have two computers one on the secure hospital network and one on the insecure university network). Some time ago I had to stop him from deploying a old home wireless router to get easier internet access to his smart-phone. P.S. He had a run in whit the IT department some time ago about the wanted to get 100$ for every 100mb extra to store emails on do anyone know is that is a ok price to extend a email inbox in a profesional network?

Comment Re:Nokia has amazing hardware, but not software (Score 2) 318

I have also been using Maemo the last year and it is a vary good linux/mobile system it is lacking in overall mobile phone performable it is still using the n900 like laptop wasting performance and battery. that could have been used better.

My next telephone is going to be a Android whit full qwerty keyboard if Nokia don’t make a new Maemo or a good Meego phone within 6 months.

Comment Re:A nonstory (Score 1) 495

True the requirements for nominating someone is:
* Members of national assemblies and governments and members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union,
* Members of the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the International Court of Justice at the Hague,
* Members of Institut de Droit International,
* University professors of history, political science, philosophy, law and theology, university presidents and directors of peace research and international affairs institutes,
* Former recipients, including board members of organizations that have previously won the prize,
* Present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and
* Former permanent advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

The funny thing is that it is a secret who have been nominated so it is impossible to check it it is real any way and seriously I would be be surprised it not George (H. W. AND W.) Bush and Saddam Hussain have been nominated in the past. Confermed infamous nominees included Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. However, since nomination requires only support from one qualified person, nominations do not represent the opinion of the Nobel committee.

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