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Comment Re:Surely (Score 2, Funny) 73

we already ruled out the sun as a driver of climate change, so the only conclusions are that the people of Saturn have been producing too much greenhouses gases, and thus destroying their planet. ipso facto, there are Martians on Saturn.


Submission + - What economists know about Open Source Software (

agent_blue writes: From the abstract:
For a decade, economists have been fascinated by the phenomenon of open source software (OSS). OSS is marked by free access to the software and its source code. It is developed in a public, collaborative manner by thousands of non-paid volunteers as well as profit seeking firms. Today, OSS is well established in the ICT sector and represents a new intellectual property paradigm. This paper provides an introduction into the topic OSS versus closed source software (CSS, also called 'proprietary' software). After a brief history of OSS and CSS, the differences between the open and the closed source principles and the basic logic of OSS business models are explained. Next, the paper presents what economists know about the OSS phenomena, i.e. gives an overview of the motives of the (non-paid) OSS developers, the institutions of OSS, the effects of OSS on competition, the incentives and role of firms, and finally of open source principle beyond software.

Comment Re:Evidence and Explanation (Score 1) 596

What Google demonstrated is that MS is watching what you search for in other search engines via the bing toolbar or IE toolbar addon thing.

Google's Honeypots were designed so that a very specific search returned a very specific result that is totally unrelated to the search. The only way that MS could return the same results as Google is if MS is watching what a user searches for in Google, and watching what they click on, and then using that relationship as a ranking factor for their own search engine.

This behavior is copying. MS should not be watching what their users are searching for in other search engines to determine their own search results. What's the difference between that and MS having a fallback Google search if Bing returns 0 results?

Put it another way:

Under the guise of delivering the "best user experience" you decide to inline pictures from a major image-hosting website because your own servers wouldn't be able to handle the load. The images always load fast and the users never notice, but is that right? The image-host could always poison your images, but Google cannot poison it's search results.

Comment Re:Ummm Personal responsibility? (Score 1) 520

I agree with this. You don't get to be a nurse without some kind of training, and presumably the training includes something about tubes and how connecting the wrong tubes could be deadly. If the nurse knows that they could kill someone by connecting the wrong tubes, then it would be negligent manslaughter for them not to double check.

We should not replace due-diligence with color codes and connector gimmicks.


Submission + - Army Buys Macs to beef up security

agent_blue writes: The Army is integrating macs into their IT network to thwart hack attempts. the Mac platform, they argue Mac are more secure because there are less attacks against macs than there is against windows based systems. Story Here

Submission + - Renewable energy wrecks environment? (

voidstarstar writes: Renewable does not mean green. That is the claim of Jesse Ausubel of the Rockefeller University in New York. Ausubel argues that the land use incurred by wind farms, dams and biomass fields are going to wreck the environment. On the other hand, "Nuclear energy is green," he claims, "Considered in Watts per square meter, nuclear has astronomical advantages over its competitors." So should we start building lots of nuclear power plants?

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