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Comment Re:This is odd (Score 1) 99

I think it has a correlation on how much funding the project gets through oatmeal users, because I think a person who donates will usually like it too. I said that do debunk the hypothesis that oatmeal posting was the reason I thought it grew so fast. However, it has been stabilish that I probably experienced a glitch or bad memory.

Comment This is odd (Score 1) 99

Just a few days ago (when it was published on theoatmeal.com) I visited that campaign and it was a few thousands of dolars (around 15k, if I recall correctly). Now, Not more than a week later it reached 1,1 million? The number of people who supported it hasn't grown that much from that time. I don't recall the exact figure, unfortunately. I don't know, it just seems kinda fishy. They started the project may, 29 and they've got a little over 10k. Now, after a few days, they got to 1,1 million? Maybe oatmeal public really generous. However, there were only 2.5k likes on that particular comic. Something is not right.

Comment Re:Git is fine for independent devs or small OSS. (Score 1) 378

Small OSS like linux, GHC and more? What are independent devs? Rebases are done in local repositories to make the changes cleares. If everyone uses it properly the history is actually a LOT easier to audit. You can use software like gerrit to help enforce such things. SVN is worse than git in every sphere. I can't think of a good reason to use it instead of git. If you want to checkout only parts of it, there's git submodules. If you want to add large binary files to your repository, maybe you want to use git-annex. The only reason svn is still used is due to legacy. Migrating to a new VCS may be very expensive.

Comment Re:I don't get what the developers are thinking (Score 1) 334

When you're doing something you like doing, then you always want to add one cool new thing. Or you want to fix something that really bugs you. The developers probably don't care much how long things take, as long as everything is done right. That's different from a corporate environment, when you really want to write as little as possible and you hope to be at the office the shortest amount of time. Moreover, you want to deal with the least amount of problems, so you need the least amount of features.

Comment Re:Captive audience (Score 1) 229

They'd need to steal your email too, because the download links come by e-mail. If they have your email and facebook accounts, I don't think being able to download your wall posts is the biggest issue. Moreover, they could still download your messages, which probably contain more sensitive information, since it's private as opposed to wall, which is more or less public.

Comment Re:Centralization is risky (Score 1) 55

Well, it's more delegated than it is decentralized. In the end you still have an authority dictating the rules. Anyway, DNS has a very simple query and a very simple and straightforward answer. However, if you want to find some content on the Internet, the query and the answer are much more sofisticated. When you take into account spam, algorithm improvement and so on. It looks very hard to think of a decentralized index that could possible work and provide better results than google.

Comment Re:Centralization is risky (Score 1) 55

Some centralization is required, though. There must be at least an index, like google, to find the IPs of relevant servers with the information you need. How would you solve information retrieval problem without a server-client platform. I think it's likely to be the cheapest solution for the problem. That been said, there is really no need for everyone sharing the same email server, for instance. I agree with you that there are more client-server designs than needed, but they are needed. They can also be the simplest technical solution, which is good by itself. A social network, like facebook, for instance. Didn't need to be centralized, and it would be a lot better if it wasn't.

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