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Comment Re: Yes (Score 1) 566

But the average person would hire someone to do it, while these days the average person could probably set up a wifi network by themselves, or have the neighbors kid do it.

No the average person would ask "the guy next door who knows about computers" to "pop round and help sort out the network". In return for a cup of coffee. ;-)

Comment Re: Apple is leaving money on the table here (Score 4, Funny) 242

Not really. $600-$800 phone every 2 years plus the contract which can easily cost you $800-$1200 a year. You can afford to buy a cheap used car if you cancelled your phone for a few years.

Comparing a new premium phone with a cheap used car is like comparing apples with.... oh, wait!

Comment Re:It's not discrimination if people aren't applyi (Score 2) 362

If your number of women employed is 10%, and your number of women applying compared to men is 10%, what's the problem?

If a company isn't attractive to a significant group of potential job applicants, it may well be that sooner or later the same group will be less interested in buying it's products. It's just bad business.

Comment Re:But surely... (Score 3, Interesting) 309

Not so different...

As I understand Siri, the phone only activates the voice command function (and thus sends what the phone hears to Apple HQ) when the home button is long pressed (unless "hey Siri" or the older "raise to talk" IIRC is activated). If you want voice commands on a Smart TV, it seems they are eavesdropping all the time. Together with what seems to me to be a bit of a luke-warm statement on privacy of this data from Samsung, this seems to be qualitatively different, IMO.

Comment Re:They avoid epileptic frequencies, right? (Score 2) 235

Sure fella, or your fucking epileptic ass can TRY A DIFFERENT PRODUCT.

I think it's pretty obvious he meant an epileptic would be driving a car and get a seizure due to passing by a biker with this. Use your brain, asshole.

In most online discussion of cyclists vs car drivers the use of brain seems to be frowned upon.

Submission + - Author Iain Banks has less than a year to live (

afc_wimbledon writes: The man who invented The Culture has announced he has less than a year to live. With typical dark humour he also announced that he has asked his partner if "she would do me the honour of becoming my widow".

Comment Re: What the fuck is a GPA? (Score 4, Funny) 441

calling them human is a bit much, there's at least a few billion bug people and then you have the indians (dot not feather) who are at best going to kindly ask you please sir to do their homework for them on stackoverflow.

Don't come to the UK (or many other civilised countries) because I think you've just committed a criminal offence here (under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006). Then again I'm guessing you don't get out of your trailer park often.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 267

Hear, hear. Also I suspect "Alcohol" would be the desired treat of choice of most of the "children" roaming the streets here. Hope it rains, Bah Humbug, bloody Yank import *, etc.

* Yes it is, regardless of what Wikipedia says. Trick or treating was vanishingly rare or unknown over here before Buffy and the other high school programmes popularised it (and High School Proms, gawd help us).

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