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Comment Spotty 3G on Android over Verizon? (Score 1) 146

This happens on my Droid with Verizon as well.

3G coverage seems to fluctuate wildly just sitting at my desk or at home.
I can try to download email and it will timeout, but while surfing the web, different websites will load immediately or sometimes not at all.

When I'm at home at least I can hop on the wifi and things improve somewhat.

I'd really like to have a network quality feedback app for Android like AT&T has for the iPhone. Actually I'd like to have a feedback app for a lot of the things on Android, including the Google Maps driving directions BETA won't be replacing my TomTom anytime soon.

I sign up for BETA programs, I've been a real QA tester, I don't mind using BETA software, but give me the ability to provide feedback right there when I'm using the phone.

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