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Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

Not just that. Some games and products use Facebook as their contact/login system. If you want to report a bug, get support, even post on their forums? You best have a facebook account, even if faked details and never used but for this purpose. Granted that's a statement more on the companies involved than any malfeasance on Facebook's part, but still a point towards having to use it.

Comment Re:Culture (Score 2) 201

'other factors' like the improvements in car safety in the last 30 years. Or regular targeted checkpoints to remove drunk drivers from the road. Or the aging population bringing a shift in driver mentality. Constant campaigning commercials to raise awareness of the risks of driving under the influence. Bar tenders being forced to cut off and/or take the keys from drunks. Homeowners being liable for their drunken guests' actions, etc. I mean hell, that same website states "The rate of drunk driving is highest among 26 to 29 year olds (20.7 percent)" - and even if the drinking age is 21, it isn't like kids as young as middle school have trouble getting access to alcohol, must less late teens.

Personally found this to be an interesting read on various factors. Brought up a few things I hadn't thought of before reading it.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 467

Is it Steam tracking the time? Because they have many cases where the patcher/launcher is what's being tracked. You can have 20 hours for a game you have never even loaded.

Add in persistent patchers that sit in the tray to grab updates for you, you can easily get THOUSANDS of hours for a game you have really only played 10 hours of.

Comment Re:Milo a Troll ? (Score 1) 637

Pretty much why any screencap 'reportedly from their twitter/paper/blog' you verify. I don't care if it's Milo, Trump, God or my dog that gave me the shot..if their is no archive link or active link? Yeah, no, not biting. You want nibbles, archive it so if it does get deleted or marked private the proof is still there.

Don't care what the Milo defenders say (and I adore Milo), the 'glorious faggot' is a narcissistic troll.

Comment Re:Milo a Troll ? (Score 1) 637

It's hard to counter argue when their respond with blocking communication, closing the venue to let you speak, refuse to debate, plug their ears on any facts, refuse to stop using any 'fact' that was disproven regardless of the source of the disproof, talk about feelings trumping facts- but if you have feelings or a story you've either 'internalised it' or are '____splaining it', cling to hypocritical theories like punching up vs punching down, and shriek about the invisible hand that is 'systemic'...

Basically, you can't reason with crasy.

That said, crasy exists on both sides.

Comment Re:trolling for clicks (Score 1) 637

Besides the things the AC noted, I've found it useful for catching various indie bands' plans to release new albums or appearances - in between photos of their dinner or latest cat antics. While not the greatest in signal:noise, it is at least better than the never-updated webpages or blogs whose last entry was 4 years ago.

Disclaimer: I don't have a twitter account, find it rather pointless for my own personal use [What, did you want to know the brand of OJ in my screwdriver? Thing the carton was white...]

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