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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 920

If you go far back, doesn't everyone's true homeland come from the same area? It's rather arbitrary to claim 'this is the starting point and only from this point things matter'. As irrational as calling the 'First Nations' of north america 'natives', when 'First Migrant' is more apt.

Though that one video puts it into a darkly amusing perspective.

Comment Re: Death To All Jews (Score 0) 920

It's totally the Jews fault. A seven day war? That wasn't even remotely enough time for the hashtag groups and special interest groups to start lobbying sentiment and politicians. Isreal should have drawn it out, maybe shown some poor drowned kids on a beach or creatively edited some child soldiers to appear bystander victims. But no, they had to do it quickly, so now all people know is 'bad jew bad, homestealing child killers"

Comment Re:about 25% uses them (Score 2) 52

I use CC even in languages I understand. Sometimes it's the background noise or multiple people talking (in the movie, or kids running around irl), sometimes the speaker mumbles, sometimes I have the volume low/muted, and sometimes they just speak so damn slow and I'm feeling impatient. I also like when the CC is in another language so as to give to alternate impressions of the dialogue (though if the 'sub' is bad it drives me nuts 'that isn't what they said!' :P ).

So by all means, continue doing CC. Some need it, and some just enjoy it.

Comment Re:Too quiet?? (Score 1) 382

That said, a noisy intersection makes it irrelevant. We were nearly hit by a bus that ran a red light while we were mid crossing...only the premature laughter of some hobo gave us a heads up (and the bus wasn't running the light 'that fast'). In retrospect it was rather hilarious.

Comment Re:Too quiet?? (Score 1) 382

Parking lots and idiot drivers that reverse out without looking. With some noise you can be aware that that stationary car you just walked past, is no longer stationary. Double this idiocy in xmas shopping, bonus level if part of your attention is also on bratlings with self-preservation skills of lemmings.

Comment Re: lets look to the past (Score 1) 340


Ask Anything: 10 questions with NAACP President Rev. William Barber

"If the term "colored" is considered offensive, why is it still part of the NAACP's name?"

"Great question. To be quite honest, there has been some internal wrestling with the name, but one reason it hasn’t been changed is out of respect for history and the founders."

I'll take the opinion of the President of the NC NAACP over an AC. And for the record: I'm anti-PC. I'm just recognizing the dissonance of the views some hold.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 328

Your confusing culture and language, they don't necessarily dovetail in the class. I have 6 years of French from various schools and not a drop of 'french' culture from it. It's been remarkably useless (already speak two other languages), and would been far better served with having the option instead for coding.

At least here, the point of learning another language in school is to make Quebec be less whiny, somehow.

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