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Comment Re:Hmm... familiar (Score 1) 75

Or the comment is moderated. Here's to the +5 insightful "Frist Piss" comment (originally something smart).

Just grant the user a 5 minute grace within which to edit - I've plenty of occasions I'd spy my error right as I hit save. An immediate edit would fix that, without allowing trolling posts to switch out content.

Twitter would need to extend that to retweets though, and probably a few other conditions (I don't use twitter, so no clue)

Comment Re:Missing in summary... (Score 1) 160

Huh? It was original Kraft Dinner, they just renamed it for american audience. Cheese is on the ingredients.
Spoiler: they have on the box advertising 'more cheese' 'extra cheese', and 'three cheeses'. Be a bit hard to have that if there weren't any cheese by some legal metric.

Sauce: have a box beside me

Comment Re:Rare earths aren't all rare, and not necessary (Score 1) 192

The point is if the largest majority of RE is coming from China, and China is horrid for polluting while extracting them, then how can anyone claim green tech that uses such is 'very cost effective including externalities'. Start getting RE from non-China sources with better standards - 'rare earth' elements are not actually rare, we just currently find it cheaper to look the other way and buy from China. After that, revisit costs.

Never bought a smart phone. Never plan to either. Entirely separate issue :P

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 220

Heard all mine from independent artist events, events that have been happening for the last twenty years. Maybe RIAA was of extreme importance in the 70s? (Dunno, underground tape exchanges were how I got mine then), but sure, 99% of music people got from the radio were got from the riaa putting it on the radio. Inertia and laziness on the listener keeps that going, but eventually as it gets easier for an indie to get found and STAY indie... rather explains how frantic music industry has gotten.

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