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Comment Re:Milo a Troll ? (Score 1) 637

Pretty much why any screencap 'reportedly from their twitter/paper/blog' you verify. I don't care if it's Milo, Trump, God or my dog that gave me the shot..if their is no archive link or active link? Yeah, no, not biting. You want nibbles, archive it so if it does get deleted or marked private the proof is still there.

Don't care what the Milo defenders say (and I adore Milo), the 'glorious faggot' is a narcissistic troll.

Comment Re:Milo a Troll ? (Score 1) 637

It's hard to counter argue when their respond with blocking communication, closing the venue to let you speak, refuse to debate, plug their ears on any facts, refuse to stop using any 'fact' that was disproven regardless of the source of the disproof, talk about feelings trumping facts- but if you have feelings or a story you've either 'internalised it' or are '____splaining it', cling to hypocritical theories like punching up vs punching down, and shriek about the invisible hand that is 'systemic'...

Basically, you can't reason with crasy.

That said, crasy exists on both sides.

Comment Re:trolling for clicks (Score 1) 637

Besides the things the AC noted, I've found it useful for catching various indie bands' plans to release new albums or appearances - in between photos of their dinner or latest cat antics. While not the greatest in signal:noise, it is at least better than the never-updated webpages or blogs whose last entry was 4 years ago.

Disclaimer: I don't have a twitter account, find it rather pointless for my own personal use [What, did you want to know the brand of OJ in my screwdriver? Thing the carton was white...]

Comment Re:B-b-b-but GUNZ is SKEEERY!! (Score 2) 331

Hm... should also remove the knife. And the fist. No hammers or golf clubs or such. Lots of potential weapons to threaten with, going by FBI homicide stats.

While we're at it, remove that nuclear family one, that's harassment of split families and orphans. Might accidentally send it to a kid with two dads and it taken as homophobia. Or a mixed race kid and be racist 'purism' taunting. Remove the sun emoji too, that's a threat to torture albinos. Think the cookie emoji might contain nuts...that's a death threat and a half there to peanut allergy sufferers. Might want to remove the fruit for that citrus one some suffer. Dagnabit, we'll make sure nothing could be taken wrongly or interpreted as a threat or harassment, even if we have to remove all the emoji!

Comment Re:B-b-b-but GUNZ is SKEEERY!! (Score 2) 331


I get far more asinine emoji shit from older people than younger ones. The kids just don't care while the adults find it 'cute'.

This makes as much sense as putting in a censor to replace the WORD gun with ***. Because you know, all the major terror threats and such were emoji filled, and if we banned emoji those threats could never be made.

Parents get upset, parents sue? Simple solution: toss the case out without merit, and nail the family with costs of both sides and the court. Seriously, if you want to whine about children being granted the ability to make threats DO NOT GIVE THEM A PHONE. If you don't want to prevent them having a phone, instead don't teach them to read so they can't write threats. That still leaves them able to make calls and speak words that are scary though. Want to stop teachers calling the cops on kids pointing a french fry at another student and saying 'bang'? Fix the idiots that overreact and hide in safe spaces.

What's next, blocking the non-letter characters to prevent gun ASCII? This solves absolutely nothing but generates media about appearing to 'care' and be 'doing something'

Comment Re:Again with this? (Score 1) 177

I'd happily sacrifice Trump if it means all the "Kill all cops" "Kill all men" etc were taken as incitement to violence, attempts to hire hitmen, and accessories to any murders that occurred of the targeted group. Until then, I'll take his rejoinder as humour.

Takes a lot of spin to turn "If Russia or any other country or person has Hillary Clinton's 33,000 illegally deleted emails, perhaps they should share them with the FBI!" to 'hack please'. First off, that nasty present tense.

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