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Comment That sound wrong (Score 1) 171

The maximum allowed concentration in the table I see is 190000 microgram of 1,1,1âTrichloroethane per liter. That's 190 mg.Liter - 190 *grams* per cubic meter of water. Stay away from that water.... I hope i read that wrong or somebody bungled that. That seem way too high. Heck the PEL (although it is in gas form) is around 350 ppm, or about 1.9 mg per liter of gas (1900 mg per cubic meter). Somebody knowing the vapor pressure (100 mm Hg at 20ÂC) fancy calculating how much would go in the atmosphere near the river at such high quantities ?

Comment It depends on the number of backups (Score 1) 80

It really depends on how often the backups are done, and how long they are kept. I remember for an old mainframe system they were done hourly, but with only 7 days kept. Other will have a lower frequency. But usually they are not kept forever, are usually overwritten as a sort of rolling backup. Now I could be wrong and yahoo could be saving a few terrabyte forever on regular basis but it sounds dubious as there is no commercial interest for this, this is why most ISP and firms fought plans to be forced to keep backups of some data , including logs, for a long time. It cost a lot of money. So yes delete are not committed retroactively, but after a while they become a de facto reality.

Comment if you got nothing to lose (Score 1) 1140

Then you got NOTHING to lose. On the other hand those who have something HAVE soemthing to lose. tritte isn't it ? But it reflects that once a huge part of the population get rationalised away by automation, well guess what ? Assumign you are one of those "not mediocre not abusing" folk (already holding that kind of thought is all kind of wrong for a variety of reason but i disgress), then suddenly you will become a prey for those who have nothing to lose. Societal network will debgrade and it will end in blood and revolution. You can't have a huge part of the population left dropped and hope they will go lie in the street die for you.

Comment Reflash back to factory ? (Score 1) 141

I am not used to tablet OS, but I am assuming that they have an EPROM for the "current" OS and a ROM for the original one. I could be wrong. If it is the case cannot you simply reset back to factory build with factory OS and still exploit the vulnerability ? If it is the case why is there outrage ?

Comment multiverse isd not a theory (Score 1) 387

It is the interpretation of the mathematical measurement of the wave. There are many different interpretation and the Copenhagen one is the one I use (parsimony does not need multiple universe - wave function just collapse). until falsification through experiment of one or the other it is all a question of taste and how uch you want to use parsimony in your interpretations.

But again : all those are multiple interpretation of a mathematical artifact, the measurement. That those guy in with their book do not seem realize that and place it on the same level as string theory shows they are themselves "out there".

Comment " thus rendering relocation unnecessary" (Score 1) 621

Unfortunately for some firm (financial or engineering) some institution/testing/financial processing have to be done on EU soil. So retaining some EU market access would not be enough as per law they must be in an EU country. You would have to change that law first, and you can bet that this would be vetoes by country which have to win by having those institution forced to move.

Comment Exactely (Score 1) 170

I bought mine because I wanted to browse a few stuff on travel, watch a few youtube outside my computer room, like browse in the park, and a small use taking note and maintaining RPG characters (yes paper and pen is better but I can't read my scratches anymore...). Very limited use, but also pretty much I knew what i wanted to do with it.

Comment Hu. No. (Score 2) 202

"Jones' videos have been thoroughly debunked. The test cycle way in Europe exceeded expectations and proved that the technology is viable."
It produced HALF of the energy produced by the same surface taken as a rooftop or side panel.
"They just have to pay for themselves and then some over their lifetime."
There is no way such marking pay themselves over a such time, when really self reflecting paint do the same job, and repainting is far far easier than a trench or electronic. What happens if it cracks or have a small hole due to winter/summer changes ? Well it slowly fill with water. Is that electronic water proof ? because that paint sure is. So far only test were cycle way which are not too bad. Now try an 18 wheeler.

Comment It is more than an engine thing (Score 1) 162

This can be a texture problem, models detailing problems, lighting problems, and even physic problem. All of that cost money to configure, develop, and test. If the money is justified , people will do it. If there is not many scorpio at the start , forget it, unless microsoft PAY them to do it.

Comment Here is why scorpio won't look good (Score 4, Insightful) 162

When you develop for console you develop for the lowest common denominator. This IS the advantage you have. Now you have two console with the same targeted environment, one slightly better at throughput than the other, and initially with lower numbers. Would you target that, add millions of dollars worth of development in bell and whistle , only to have barely a better sales, and risk the ire or their "lower" console brethen because the screenshot presented were only for scorpio ? And if you develop *for* scorpio you will miss on xbox one 1.0 player.

I know that some hold that console generation should be shorter or whatnot (e.g. totalbuiscuit on youtube argue that that the last generation was too long) but the splitting ehre will make it so probably nobody with a sane mind will invest into getting more power out of scorpio and having different config and development on an already expansive console development without real benefit sales wise (at least initially). And if nobody is adding bell and whistle, why should people buy the new one when the old one less expansive does as well ? Remember console fit one niche : the one where you get a hardware with known spec and develop for it. Scorpio break that. It will add confusion on buyer, reviewer, developper side.

Comment Are you for real ? (Score 1) 197

Yes the pound stabilized. For this week. There is not much on week end. let us see next week whether it drops further... Or climb back up. But this is taking the crown : "There are a lot of people trying VERY hard to scare you into thinking the Brexit is a disaster, when in fact it is a blip." It has not even started. There has been NO brexit yet. There has only been a referendum and the 52% leave vote. taht is it. It has not yet been officially announced, negotiated, and done. So before declaring victory and think that all those egg head economist had it wrong, maybe you should wait a few years. Now while you fire your victory and "there is no sky falling" you'll excuse me will I prepare the welcome mat for my city of Frankfurt : we are already starting to think of how many from the financial sector from london we'll be able to grab.

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