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Comment I concur I saw a similar effect (Score 1) 359

Not only if you put a lot of people from Muslim country concentrated in the same place their culture will tend to dominate, but my (french catholic) family living in a dominant Muslim area of France (banlieue of Paris with HLM) was influenced back by the culture. We ate couscous with merguez , and in fact sometimes my mother was saying "Inch'Allah" in place of the equivalent french expression. We were all born in other palce... But after living there 20 years some aspect imprinted onto us. I don't find that negative either to be frank, I am happy I had aspect of the muslim culture imprinted onto me.

Comment Then why increase the military budget ? (Score 1) 649

Did you not see the news ? The military budget will be inflated , but the science one take a dive. Does this not tell you something important ? Please explain us in careful term why the budget of the first country military worldwide, need to be increased by so much, while science is asking to take a dive ? What do you think is more propitious to help us in the future : a bigger military then it already is, or advance in science ?

Comment He weas acquited of all charges (Score 2, Informative) 397

Furthermore while there was allegation ,, none were really proved. So while I find Clinton abhorrent, you can only say about what is really proved : the sexual harassment lawsuit and the admitted sex with the 2 women. As such the GP is correct.

Comment Serious answer (Score 1) 300

Because most of them labor under the impression that the free market solve everything better than government. Under that theory if you have two isp, one selling your browsing habit the other not, if the free market (consumer) decide they want to protect their privacy, then they will flock to the one not selling and the other one will have to adapt or die.

Naturally the clever reader will immediately see the flaws in that. There are captured market which are not free (like isp) therefore it is illusory to think the free market will be better at handling such situation, practically this means once they (any politician) relax the law, it will be used by ISP and you will have no recourse (either you go offline, or you accept the violation of privacy, most folk in the US don't have a choice of ISP).

Rinse and repeat with other free-market-is-better mantra. Like healthcare where it is very obvious the free market system cannot work (every actor except consumer wanting their slice of the pie, captured market as you often not have choice, additional intermediate useless actor like insurer, impossible to negotiate in bulk like a government of reasonable size can etc...).

personally I think the politician are well aware that it will only profit firms and the folk which lobbied them for it (you don't think the idea comes out of good heart or from study of the current situation, right ?). But they do NOT care. They are in for the power and money, not really out of good heart. Yes I am cynic, comes with age and length of observing such behavior (it is not a specialty of the US, it is just more obvious with the GOP).
Unfortunately there is a sizeable amount of folk in the US which still believe in such crap tale, and still vote GOP, (possibly because they can't stand the opposite side, or they can't stand those uppity colored folk or can't stand women having a right to decide to abort etc...). Then there is gerrymandering , while it is used by both side, is far more used by GOP to protect entrenched politician. Finally there is the historical stupidity of the EC and winner-take-all...

So expect more and more of such nice laws as long as senate/president/congress are mostly republican.

Comment They are not made to handle traffic (Score 1) 469

A highway and a public road have different way to be constructed, various layers, which use up at different rates, depending on the traffic. If you reroute a highway traffic, in a sizeable manner , through a smaller road, it will suffer, and generally will require maintenance far more quickly. I can't be sure for this specific local road, but usually they are in the budget of the city. Then you have additional problem like having the passerby or local resident having to endure far more traffic than the road should have, possibly lowering significantly the price of the house they bought.

So no it isn't as simple as you push it.

Comment I have lived 20+ years in germany (Score 1) 155

Other outfit MAY do that, the Deutsche post does not. I have been in many post office, small city, but city, big filliale, small one, big deposit place. And all have one thing in common : they tell you to do your package yourself. And i would bet it is a rule to avoid liabilities like in the case the package is done wrongly or damaged.

Comment She is not wrong (Score 1) 642

If we have anything which travel between earth and the moon and a colony premanentely built, THEN it is safe to assume that kinetic bombardement is possible. The energy requirement to take off the moon are not that much compared to earth: escape velocity of the moon is only 2.4 km.s-1 or thereabout and without atmosphere it is far far easier to do that than on earth, you can imagine a gun like contraption which would work on the moon (no atmosphere so no aerodynamic break) or much smaller rocket.

The reason why this is stupid is because it would takes a long time to travel between the moon and earth, and so the retaliation or countermeasure would be ready. But if we HAVE a colony on the moon, then it is certainly a consideration to have knowing the beligerent nature of man.

Comment Deutsche Post does not do that (Score 1) 155

They sell you package if you do not have them, sell you tape, but they do not tell you or help you make your package, when there is usually 10+ persons behind you fulminating that it is taking so much time to be done. There is on the other hand small outfit , usually at bar/tabac/dry cleaner/etc which are handled by the local shop owner and prominently state that you can leave post there. The personal there is not Deutsche Post personal. So yeah , I rather doubt the explanation is complete.

Comment Actually the data show it does drop (Score 4, Informative) 1149

The buyback scheme was 2003, and 1996, there is certainly a drop there. You conveniently mention 1996, where there were still a lot of gun, but not 2003 the second buyback. I wonder why. Maybe because that woulds not support your contention I guess. Murder rate 2001- 2003 :310 , 318, 302. 2004 and following years : 263,259, 280, 255 ,263. What other stuff happened in 2003 beside the buyback ? Nothing.

Comment First amendment ? WTH ? (Score 5, Informative) 117

First amendment does not stop human from having to go trial as witness, at worst you can invoke the fifth, to not incriminate yourself (in case you are the criminal). Standing to trial has nothing to do with the government making law saying your opinion must be squashed, otherwise human would keep taking the first to avoid delivering data on a search warrant .

Comment Age onset is 10 to late teenage (Score 2) 249

While it is true that *some* patient will have an age onset of psychopathology later in life (e.g. 40 to 50 is the number I see most popping up as secondary peak), the majority will have an age onset between 17 and 20, because that's the period of growth of the brain where it is vulnerable. Usually later in life it is poorly understood , as it seems to come from a different etiology. e.g. See here for onset statistic for example of schizophrenia as one psychopathology : (A typological model of schizophrenia based on age at onset, sex and familial morbidity. Acta Psychyatric Scandinavica 89, 135-141 (1994).)

As such the study is not flawed, since the onset for most psychopathology is early age. Now if you were talking for other pathology, senescence related, like dementia or Alzheimer , you would have a point, but this is NOT what the study is about.

Comment Supreme court disagree (Score 2) 193

It has long been a standing point of the supreme court that when the word citizen is used, it refers to American citizen only, but when people is used, it refers to everybody including and not limited to visitors and illegals. Which is why illegals still have rights, even if it is not all of them.

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