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Submission + - Courageous Blogger Wins 1.5 Year Legal Battle! (fixyourthinking.com)

FixYourThinking writes: "After nearly one and a half years of harassment from a relentless attorney, it seems that quietly a blogger in South Carolina has won a monumental ruling in favor of bloggers. In a summary judgement requested by the Defendant Philip Smith was able to obtain a special sanction after the Plaintiff attorney put a "notice of lien" (called lis pendens) on Smith's residence. The judge also reprimanded the Plaintiff attorney for abusive deposition and court procedure. The case set forth the following; "It's not the format; it's the content and intention that make text journalism / reporting""

Submission + - Will I Be Able To Print From The iPhone? (fixyourthinking.com)

Rus writes: "Since taking a job with AT&T (specifically focusing on iPhone support) the most repeated question I have received other than, "Can I get on a reserve list?" is; "Can I print from the iPhone?" I say there is a good possibility that the iPhone will be able to print via Bluetooth. If Apple advertises this as "this isn't the watered down version of the internet" — I say the internet is printable. If they advertise "a phone like no other" — I say the average smartphone is VERY difficult to learn how to print from — if you can print from it at all. This is one thing I loved about the Newton. If you bought an Apple Stylewriter inkjet printer — boom — you were printing with little to no effort. I'm interested in what informed Slashdot readers have to say about this."

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