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Comment Re:Not completely bogus (Score 2, Interesting) 182

"I am fully convinced that Chiropractors prevent thousands of unnecessary surgeries every year. When it comes to neuromusculoskeletal conditions, I don't think other health care providers can make that claim." I am fully convinced that Yoga Therapists with training in Western Physical Therapy do the same, and with less risk to the patient. The hybrid vigor between those two disciplines is tremendous.

Submission + - Video Card Repair Guide

Christopher Lewis writes: "For those with lots of guts and no hope of warranty, this interesting little article may yet save your precious video card . I know how it feels to drop your vid card and lost a capacitor. My MSI 7600GT lost a capacitor recently. It's still functioning but if it does break down, I'll know how to fix it now that I have this guide .

Pitch from the article : If your expensive graphics card ever pops a capacitor after its warranty expires, is that the end of the road? Fear not! All is not lost. Let Empire23 show you just how you can turn your dead card into a fully-working graphics card. All you need are a few cheap tools and some chutzpah."

Submission + - Stolen Nuclear Training Software at Palo Verde

SixFactor writes: From here, it was revealed that software used for training at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station was illegally downloaded by a former PVNGS engineer while he was visiting in Iran. He allegedly took the software from the software vendor, which is based in Maryland. The software contained details of the site, and how it operates. There are a couple of obvious possibilities on why he did this: to provide an example of the training used at US plants, to further the nascent Iranian nuclear program; or, for more nefarious purposes. What is troubling is that this person's ability to access the software remained viable after his employment at the site.

Feed Yamada stuffs seven-inch LCD into HTV-200XU boombox (

Filed under: Home Entertainment, Portable Audio, Portable Video

Cramming Bluetooth, iPod capabilities, or even entirely too many speakers into a boombox are all fair game, but Yamada's latest rendition manages to include a seven-inch LCD for an all-in-one home threatre for the studio apartment set. Sure, we've seen LCDs big and small within sound systems before, but this media-centric conglomerate actually takes the video side of its duties quite seriously; you'll find support for DVB-T, DivX, DVDs, and MPEG4 movie files, while it even provides for a 5.1 output to cap off the "theater going experience." Additionally, the system purportedly hooks up to your TV if the built-in screen begins to hurt your retinas, rips your CDs, and also plays nice with MP3s, JPEGs, and FM radio when your video collection runs dry. The system itself reportedly packs 30-watts of RMS power, connects to your PC via USB, and will set you back around €220 ($300).

[Via CNET]

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Submission + - Sophie - The Future of the Networked Book

Phil Shapiro writes: "So you'd like to know what networked multimedia books are going to look like? Look no further than the Sophie Project, a free authoring environment for all mainstream and legacy operating systems: Linux, Mac and Windows. Looking at the explanatory movie about Sophie reminds me of my favorite multimedia authoring program, HyperStudio. But unlike HyperStudio, Sophie is born free. Free as the wind blows. Free as the grass grows. When you live free, the beauty surrounds you. The world still astounds you. Because you're born free, too. (Via Free Range Librarian)"

Submission + - Blizzard Seeks to Block User Rights, Privacy

An anonymous reader writes: In the overlooked case between Blizzard and MDY Industries, the creator of the WoWGlider bot, Blizzard is arguing that using any programs in conjunction with the World of Warcraft constitutes copyright violation. Apparently accessing the copy of the game client in RAM using another program infringes upon their rights. Under that logic, users do not even have the right to use anti-virus software in the event that the game becomes infected. Furthermore, Blizzard's legal filings downplay the role of their Warden software, which actively scans users' RAM, CPU, and storage devices (and potentially sensitive data) and sends information back to Blizzard to be processed. Both sides have a good case, and it will be interesting to see how this one resolves.
United States

Submission + - Step It Up 2007 has 1300 actions

mdsolar writes: "Step It Up 2007 is a national day of climate action to get the US Congress to enact legislation to cut carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050 (2% a year) to reduce global warming. It is organized by some recent college graduates in Vermont through the Internet and will result in over 1300 actions around the country on Saturday, April 14. Former Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards will be joining one of the actions in Florida. I'll be paddling over to Steny Hoyer's place to show him this map of how deep under water his area will be by 2100 if James Hansen's recent speculation about about non-linear ice sheet melting turns out to be correct. Since mid-January this movement has grown exponentially and may be the largest single environmental action since the first Earth Day in the United States."

Submission + - See! You can make it - without the music industry

davesays writes: "FTO "Acoustic guitarist Kate Walsh has knocked Take That off the top of the iTunes download album chart — but does not even own an iPod." Also, according to the article she did it on her own label and recorded it her friends bathroom. *Now* record execs want to talk to her... 2052-details/Essex+songbird+is+Top+of+the+iPods+wi th+her+homemade+album/"

Submission + - Is this the greatest movie summer of all time?

PrvtBurrito writes: "This could well be the greatest geek move summer of all time. In addition to movies already out, we have Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek the third, a Brad Bird driven pixar movie, Transformers, the next Harry Potter, a Die Hard movie, Evan Almighty, the Simpson's Movie, the next Jason Bourne movie, Ocean's 13, Fantastic four (blah) and, of course, Spiderman 3. Most of these movies come out within a span of eight weeks, from late May to late July. I honestly can't remember a better summer for movies, at least in a great long time. AOL has a list of these and other summer movies."

Submission + - POP access causes gmail account to be locked out.

Alan writes: "Beware: Using pop to transfer messages between gmail accounts can cause your account to be locked out. No access. No response to support emails. Here's how: 1. On gmail account, enable POP for all mail. 2. Create a new gmail account, and use it to access via POP. 3. Give it a few hours. You'll get error messages — and then your account will become disabled for upto 24 hours. Why would you do this transfer? To change email addresses and move mail to the new address. To have a backup. Any number of reasons — the point is that you are simply using gmail services and nothing else, so they should be intelligent enough to implement it without blocking. I understand that gmail may want to put limits on excessive pop access — but if you check "", you'll find that only a 100-200 messages were transferred in that time. Hardly excessive. The most scary part of this is that gmail can, without notice, lock you out of your account. They don't reply to support mails. You can do nothing."

Submission + - 0.57721 to the Max

lugannerd writes: Northwestern University student Alex Yee recently set a world record by doing his homework. Using his laptop computer, Yee earned the math equivalent of an Olympic medal for calculating the Euler-Mascheroni Constant to more that 116 million decimal places, shattering the old record of 108 million. Article in the Chicago trib => 80373apr09,1,409043.story?coll=chi-news-hed

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